All Rainbow Six Siege wants to do is take my money!

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    @Galaxy40k pretty much this.
    If Ubi keep supporting R6 like this I can see Seige becoming the new Counter Strike.

  • @Galaxy40k Yes its a great multiplayer game, they did a good job.

    Sorry but i still dont agree about the DLC. I may be possibly biased. I dont care for DLC in this fashion. Expansion pack, great! but not little tiny addons everywhere. However, that's just me and the idea of what an expansion is a whole other conversation as well. But saying it doesn't take long in R6 is relative. Now maybe in a way you could be right. Some ppl cruise through games like its nothing. ppl have already prestige in call of duty a day or two after release. A 6 hour play session is nothing to some ppl. is it grind heavy like other games? maybe not but i have to assume that for those people they are playing a game at an outrageous rate which i cant keep up with. A games design has to keep a player invested even if its just an hour or two a night or every second night. Me? im not that invested because it takes to dam long to unlock anything cool. Which will probably eventually lead to me stop playing the game all together. Ive had the game a for awhile now, and i still don't have all the operators. Maybe i need to just "Git Gud" :lifter_tone3:

    Im honestly sure im not the only one that isnt a fan of it, which in all honesty has probably kept some people away from this awesome game. BTW i never prestiged Black ops 3 and i played that game for a long time. again... i dont get to play many hours at once. I think time it takes is all relative.

  • If you dedicate yourself to the game, you should have just enough renown to get both new operators as they come out. But starting it fresh when most of the new operators have already come out? Yeah, it'll take a while to earn them. This late in the game's life, you're better off getting the season pass since you haven't been playing it from the beginning and saving up the renown you'd need. That or farm terrorist hunts.

    To be honest, it's a pretty fair system. You CAN earn everything important for free just by playing the game. Anything that costs money is purely cosmetic. It'd be your own fault if you wasted renown on skins instead of saving up for the operators. It's not a perfect system but these are NEW characters that the developers worked on AFTER the game launched and yet you can STILL earn them for free AND all the new maps are free for everyone.

  • @Light Yeah you make a good point. Maybe from the start it would have felt less daunting. We are now three seasons in. I agree about the skins, they're just skins. I haven't bought any yet. would be nice, but i would rather get the operators. I actually still think its not a good system. I think they could do something much better. I wasn't a big fan of Overwatch and the loot boxes because it felt like i could never attain skins and such that i see other ppl running around it and that it takes forever with the random loot. However, Overwatches system really isn't a big annoyance for the simple fact that it really doesn't matter at the end of the day. I can play all the levels and have all the characters without worrying about dlc. I am actually more inclined to give them money for loot boxes if i've been playing for so long because they're not trying to nickel and dime me for every new shiny thing they have plus operators. So i can live with that. With rainbow six i constantly play against the characters that are very difficult to attain. I feel like that in itself is bad design. It pressures people into paying. With the booster packs that even more pressure on players. DLC items should be complete vanity for the people who want to put some extra cash into it.

    This wasn't a free to play game, this was a full price game to by the way. I would really like multiplayer focused games that lack a normal campaign to really start thinking about lowering cost. BOSS KEY has said they will charge for their game now, but it wont be full price. I honestly think they will have a better model than R6. Im also afraid for the future, when such models are successful, they push them even harder. Ppl complain, but then eventually ppl accept them and so on. My biggest issue i guess is that ive never accepted these practices.

    oh as for the new character models... im not entirely sure a model is worth more than a few dollars in my opinion. a full game such as the Witcher has more thought, complexity, models, environment put into it. Rainbow doesn't offer the complexity as tons of other games do. Character models are simple copy and pastes with alterations. They will never model a character from scratch. I just think at the end of the day a better balance needs to be found. I understand they need to make more money from higher production costs, but the game industry makes more money than other entertainment industries and they yet cant take proper care of their employees.

    @Light @Galaxy40k @El-Shmiablo
    I think everyone here has made valid points about the game. But for me its an issue and always will be. I would rather see games follow other more positive practices. But to each their own and thanks for the conversation. it always good to here other peoples opinons. Now i want to go play :)

  • @CGamor7 No problem! One thing to note is that you CAN buy each new operator individually for about 5 dollars if you don't want to get the entire season pass. It's not as efficient as the season pass but if you KNOW you want a certain operator above the others, it might be a good choice.

  • @Light Is that Canadian? I could be wrong but i thought it was $10 here, ill have to double check. The CAD $ is another reason why im probably being so upset about gaming these days lol. Everything is just way to much money now. I miss our dollar being on par with the US.

  • @CGamor7 I'm not sure because it's in R6 credits instead of real money because... reasons. THAT'S something I'm not happy with. That kind of system is awful. You'll always have some points left over or juuuuust not enough to get what you want.

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    @CGamor7 actually, taking conversion into account, Canadians pay LESS for games than Americans.

  • R6:S is all about moment-to-moment gameplay. If you need an unlock drip like in modern CoD of BF games where you need to constantly be unlocking new guns, new attachments, etc, then this game is 100% not for you. You need to be the kind of person that will play a multiplayer game purely for the gameplay.

  • @El-Shmiablo Can you elaborate? Because when the dollar changed I went from paying 59.99 like Americans to paying 79.99 for games now. When the prices of everything went up in Canada, none of our wages went up. Things just cost more now. For example I bought my PS4 for 399 when our dollar was equal back at the PS4 release. Just before the slim was released it costed someone more money in 2016 to buy a PS4 then i did in 2013. It costs someone now 379.99 for a brand new slim. So unless im missing something (which i could very well be) im not sure how Canadians pay less. if your talking about the straight conversation from 59.99 to 78.83 at where the dollar is right now, im actually being ripped off over a dollar lol. Thats all due to fluctuations though. but yeah, it is what it is.