Mobile Posting

  • Hi there. I've recently got a phone (iPhone SE if that matters) that can actually run the forums (yay), but for some reason the reply box isn't showing what I type (boo).
    I took a screenshot to better express what I mean;
    alt text
    That's the only thing I can see while I type so I'm wondering if it's just an issue on my end or if it's something out of my control. Thanks for hearing me out, love and respect :)

  • You have to exit out and enter back into it. It's finicky and kinda sucks.

  • I've done that quite a few times but it didn't seem to work for me. It also sometimes doesn't even let me get out of the posting window so i have to close the page and reopen :/

  • I have to tupe blind as well. It's the GT media player of forums ;)