Was GT's data archived in any way?

  • Besides videos, is there any chance of getting some of my old blogs back through an archive site? I'm pretty sure I've attempted this a few months back but waybackmachine couldn't pull up any known archives. You used to be able to get them by going through the gametrailers unthumb, which is obviously no longer the case because the site has been scrapped completely.

  • I would imagine all of that text is gone. Blame corporate America.

    In terms of videos, IGN has archived most of the shows and reviews on the youtube channel (good luck finding the Nier review). A youtube channel called SomeGameNews also stole and archived a lot of the streams. Finally, you'll find ripped videos and trailers all over the gaming reaches of youtube.

  • I managed to find a few of my old ones once, although someone had sent me the link to them.

  • @DMCMaster Do you remember what archive site was used?

  • admin

    Blogs were probably lost long ago. Not sure which back end techniques might have worked during the Viacom era, but they probably went the way of the dodo when the site moved onto Defy's back-end around this time last year. I remember the old forums worked for a while during the transition, but when they stopped working, I imagine everything on Viacom's end got shut off, and none of that would have been transferred to Defy or IGN.