Titanfall 2 Single player looking better and better.

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    please dont screwed it up. it has tons of potential. it used to looks terrible when they were showing MP footage but SP not looking bad at all.

    Im really surprise a COD developer can put some creativity and puzzles instead of just follow straight line. but those guys also made MOH allied assault and COD1 too which were pretty good.

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    I agree! I didnt have time to play much at all from the technical test they did, but it felt like a cool shooter which I can play for a few hours here and there with friends. I was thinking the SP would just be an excuse so they can sell the game at full price and sleep well at night. Now the more I see from it, the more eager I feel to play through it and hopefully get immersed into the game! I just hope the campaign will last longer than 4 hours.

  • I had zero interest in the first one, expected to feel the same about this sequel, but I agree, since the first footage they showed at E3, I've been more and more tempted by this single-player campaign. But no, damn, I don't have time for yet another game this fall :p