Quake Champions - (PC)

  • This announcement has gotten some excitement behind it, but many Quake fans are highly disappointed how they are planning to turn Quake into "Overwatch clone". And for a good reason. What I personally think what they should do, is to add a "True Quake" mode/setting, in which there are no abilities, no specific character traits, just weapons, pickups and your skill. This way everyone could enjoy this new Quake, old school players and those who want the new, fancy abilities and whatnot.

    What do you guys think, is this game already going to fail, as Overwatch is getting ridiculously huge, or will it be worthy successor to Quake Live.

  • Do we even have any evidence of what it is going to be? Or is it just people guessing off of the Champions title?

  • Old Quake competitive player here. If they're actually going to try and compete against Overwatch instead of Unreal Tournament 4, they're setting themselves up for failure. Id can be trusted to make a great arena FPS if that's what they're going for, but there's no way they're going to make something even close to Overwatch based on gameplay mechanics, map design hero design and lore. So I hope they're trying to make a Quake game that's like Arena. The fact that it's a PC only release gives me some hope.

    Also there's this apparently.

  • Digging up this thread so that it can be turned into the "official" thread of this game.

    Anyhow, closed beta launched, and I'm in :D

    Obviously I can't talk about the experience that I have with the game here (NDA), but I was wondering, if other allies are in the closed beta?

  • Really wish the beta wasn't under NDA. I'm an old CPMA player and have a lot to say about this game after spending ~6-8 hours with it.

    I have a spare beta code too if anyone needs one.

  • I've got a code but I don't think my laptop could run it or I've the space to install so if anyone wants in, let me know and you can have the code.

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  • @jipostus apologies, I didn't notice that at all when I posted!

  • @tokeeffe9 It's alright, it's not a massive issue, but I thought to have this on the same place as other gaming related topics would be make sense :D

    But yeah, I would love to discuss about the game in here, but NDA says no.. I guess I can say that it's not for me, as I'm not too much into competetive multiplayer games (Because I'm bad at them). But I still gave this a fair shot.

  • Although it would be nice to have Trent Reznor on soundtrack duty, I'm sure Chris Vrenna will do a bang up job. Also, he was in Nine Inch Nails for a stint so it's not worlds apart.

  • NDA is now lifted, and I can finally talk about the game.

    It's Quake, no doubt about that. It still does miss some features (It's in beta, so no big surprises there) like the one thing I want, which is Classic, no abilities/attributes modes. (Which are apparently coming.) The gameplay is what you expect from 8 player deathmatch, 4 v 4 TDM or 1 v 1 duel, though it's still not fully refined (again, not a big surprise) but it does feel good. I'm not particularly good at it, but I'm having fun. The gamemodes that are currently in are all your basic shooter affair, though I haven't tried Sacrifice yet, so I can't say about that yet.

    What I don't like too much, is that it's going to be free to play, with three different currencies. One you get from playing the game, which can be used to rent champions for a real life day and to get the basic loot bags, which give you random basic gear/skins/whatever. Second one you get from scrapping gear, and is used to get either specific gear, which is fine. And the last one you buy with real life money. You can use the third currency to permanently purchase champion to use, and you can use it to get the mid-level and epic lootboxes, which have the highest chance to give you the rarer skins and such.
    From what I've understood, you can purchase all champions for one fee, but still I feel iffy about this whole ordeal... And you can't choose what champion you start with (everyone starts out with Ranger, which is fine I guess...). I would prefer for the game letting you try out all champions for at least one game each, then give you enough of the premium currency to buy the one champion you like, and prevent you from buying the premium lootboxes until you own at least one champion.

    Also the game doesn't let you host a game, you need to use the in game lobby system to get into games, though you can queue with your friends with it, though I haven't used this feature yet myself. But this is definitely downgrade from previous games. Hopefully this is something that gets fixed in future.

    It's still a work in progress, but I thought to let you guys know that what it's like right now. Also, I have two Beta Keys for those who want to hop in, as the Beta is currently open once again.

  • @jipostus is the game just overwatch

  • @ib0show No, it's definitely more Quake than Overwatch. Though there are some similarities, especially with the abilities, because of course there is, but what is different that all characters have access to all weapons, expect the starting weapons (which there are three (Machinegun, Shotgun and Nailgun) are just worse versions of some of the weapons you can find as pick-ups around the map. (There are Heavy Machinegun, Super Shotgun, Super Nailgun, Lightning gun, Rocket Launcher and Rail Gun + Gauntlet which all characters have) Also it's free-to-play from get go.

  • Now, that I have played the new game mode, Sacrifice, which is basically CTF but you need to capture the soul, take it to your teams obelisk, and then defend that obelisk x amount of time, and then the point is captured to you. Basically CTF but more waiting/defending is involved. It would be alright, but the few matches I played in had people in my team ragequit before even the first round ended (it's best of three). I stayed till the end because I'm not a quitter, or sore loser, and I'll accept my defeat.

    Also, Sacrifice from what I know is supposedly THE competitive mode of Quake Champions, which'll be the mode Bethesda is going to push for E-Sports.

  • @jipostus Thanks for the scoop. I find it rather disconcerting about not having a choice of who you start with, and the different forms of currency sounds a little overcomplicated. But I'm still game to try it.

  • @Churchy There is a Beta open right now, if you want, I can PM you a beta key right now

  • @jipostus I'm not sure I'll be able to run it right now. What I meant to write was I'll be game to try it once I've upgraded my PC! I'm quite out of date on hardware! But thanks for the offer anyway. :)

  • @Churchy
    Here's Minimum requirements:
    Here's Recommended:

    My current PC is 7 years old, and almost manages to get into recommended Specs. And my internet isn't the fastest in the world, but It's more than playable for me.

  • @jipostus Wow, that's a pretty low requirement. In that case, ping it over! Serious thanks for offering it. :)

  • Totalbiscuit did a pretty darn good video explaining What Quake Champions is:

    Youtube Video

    After playing it more, and seeing this vid, I do tend to agree on most of what he said. I do want that Classic mode though...