Kill Your Babies!: PSP Edition

  • Ok, lets just rip off this duct tape shall we? X-D

    @SabotageTheTruth If I remember correctly, after a healthy chat about that, it was decided that, while nonsensical to normal logic, it was and is and will continue to be, a vaild reason for playing. As far as outrage, let's just say that 1.) We all learn from each other and try to understand other people's views. 2.) That was a HUGE list you killed from, not a PSP list in which there is a far more narrow focus. 3.) Bioshock dying doesn't phase me. Killing off Crisis Core does (How my heart hurts you wretched hive of scum and villainy :-) ). And 4.) Really appreciate the exaggeration. That's really funny. And you forgot to say you were being blacklisted off the Internet :joy:

    @BlazingBahamut This is such a blast. Hurts every time when I game I like dies, but that comes with the territory.

    @TokyoSlim Now you know how I feel! And YOU'RE the one who killed off MY top contender!! ;-)

    NOW onto the main portion of the post:

    After surprising kills and forever-lasting blood feuds beginning (KIDDING!!), we've got our final two, and like most of the time, there between two entries no one really saw coming:

    Jeanne d'Are
    Ys Seven

    Please vote for the one you want to win by clicking the link below. I'm giving this 24 hours, so the winner will be decided at 1 p.m. EST tomorrow (Sunday). Thanks to everyone who kills and posts! You make this a lot of fun!..... Even though SOME of you (not naming names :-P ) are just crazy.

  • ...>_>...

  • @Brannox Your instructions were to be vicious and remorseless. Therefore I'm not even sorry for killing Crisis Core! You did this to yourself! lol

  • The votes are tied 3 - 3 at the moment between Jeanne d'Arc and Ys Seven, I really think this could go either way, how exciting :) !

  • @TokyoSlim True, and Kill Your Babies! IS designed for that. HOWEVER: Ya call us bastards, don't be shocked yourself when yours get taken down. :smiling_imp:

    BUT this is all been bringing a smile to my face and I appreciate the back and forth. ;-)

    Love and Respect <3

  • In an unprecedented move, both Persona games become zombies and eat the other two candidates. Who could have seen it coming?!

    Thanks for playing everyone! Zombie Persona/P3 have been determined as the best PSP games ever created. They're also working on learning necromancy to resurrect their comrade, Final Fantasy Tactics.

  • Don't worry, I'm only burning my half of the money.
    alt text

  • On a more serious note, are either of the remaining two games available for download through the PS store? Thanks to sir Bradly Ellis, I plan on picking up Tactics Ogre when I finish Persona 4, but I wouldn't mind scoping out these two if they survived the list.

  • @SabotageTheTruth I know Jeanne d'Arc is available on Vita!/en-us/games/jeanne-d'arc/cid=UP9000-UCUS98700_00-JEANNEDARC000000

    Ys Seven, I think you can get it for Windows... but not sure.

  • The votes are still tied :), 4 - 4 at the moment, this is going down to the wire :see_no_evil: !

  • @BlazingBahamut how dare

    at least I can vote for my second favorite.

  • Time has elapsed and by the slimmest of margins, your winner for the PSP above them all is...

    Jeanne d'Arc!

    As always, a heartfelt thank you to everyone for your input. This list round of KYB was astonishing. Killing off a great game because its great... I won't ever understand you people :-D

    Anyway, give me several minutes and I should have the next thread up and going!

  • I've not played either of the remaining two so I'm abstaining from the final vote.

    Never mind the final results have already been tallied >.<