Scary games for Halloween 2016

  • Dead Space is one of my favorite games of all time. Dead Space 2 is also freakin' amazeballs.

    Shame they never made a third game.

  • I'm really picky with horror in general. Personally, I hate "jump scare" and "gore" horror, but I love tension horror. Aside from classic RE, the only horror game that I personally can recommend is Alien: Isolation (although the game is a roughly 20 hour investment). It has flaws for days, but what the game does well (the tension) it does so damn well.

  • Kholat. A beautiful little treasure that is based on real-life event, but still requires you to have an open mind.if you're looking for the vibes, it's there.

  • I'll always recommend Silent Hill 2 & 3 (avoid the remasters if you can) for its psychological impact and they really don't focus on jump scares quite as much as a lot of the modern contemporaries.

    I haven't played Amensia: The Dark Descent or Layers of Fear, but I've heard good things about both, so they may be worth checking out.

    Finally... SOMA. It's not exactly horror but it builds a great amount of tension and atmosphere while mixing in a stellar sci-fi story.

  • @SabotageTheTruth I would second the SOMA recommendation as well. While it isn't really horror (when it tries to be a horror game it falls flat), but the storyline is definitely worth playing for if you're into "hard" sci-fi

  • I have the perfect answer: Neverending Nightmares. The game is about a oppressive and psychological mood. The game is two hours long, cost 15 dollars and is available on GOG and Steam.
    Others allies already gave the other correct answers :)

  • I've never played a horror game before so I might try one of these out for Halloween this year.

  • Youtube Video

    I've been dying to play the first one on this list.

  • Girlfriend and I are replaying Until Dawn for Halloween. Love that game. I can only imagine how frustrated David Cage is that two brothers did with their first game what he's been trying to do over four.

  • Ill definitely be playing some of your recommendations, thank you! :D

    If I had a PS4 that's the one I would be playing, I'm really looking forward on getting it when I do get the PS4.