Franchises gone awry?

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    Same, although it seems like Sega is always trying to find a gimmick, but they never come back to revist or refine it, with Lost World being the only exception. Although with Sonic team having taken a extra year for the next game it gives me some hope the 25th Anniversary game, Which is being announced sometime this week if I recall from Sega's Facebook.

  • The Shining series. I loved 1 & 2 on my Megadrive. Never got to play 3. The others I didn't care for much except Wisdom on my Saturn which was a bit of a Zelda clone but pretty good.Still waiting on Sega to return with another grid/turn based entry. I can't see it though.

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    @DMCMaster said in Franchises gone awry?:

    Same, although it seems like Sega is always trying to find a gimmick, but they never come back to revisit or refine it, with Lost World being the only exception.

    Never revisit it or refine it? Generations improved on Colors and Colors improved on Unleashed.

    Lost World is just another Unleashed. The first in a new line to change up the gameplay for the mere sake of change. Whatever they have planned for the next entry it's probably gonna play like Lost World too. I just hope they get rid of the cylinder like level designs.

    Overall I'd say the Sonic franchise as a whole is slightly above average at the moment. It could be so much better. They don't need to make games that play EXACTLY like the originals. They just need to make it fun to play.

  • This might not count but I'm gonna put it out there: Xenogears > Xenosaga (not exactly the same franchise but spiritually close I guess).

    I really enjoyed Xenogears despite its weak second half and when I heard of Xenosaga, I was all ready to jump back into that sweet mix of mecha + eva-esque pseudo philosophy wierdness. It was from the same creator (IIRC), but Xenosaga just fell flat for me. Maybe I had a lot more tolerance for JRPG exposition before, but Xenosaga really pushed it to the limit. It was supposed to be this huge 6 game saga, but it ended up drowning in its own hyperbole. I'm willing to give the games another go, but man, at the time, Xenosaga was a big letdown.

  • Sometimes, franchise going away/awry can make other franchises appear. So while it would be nice to see all kinds of franchises return, it's nice to see some fresh franchise trying to pick up where others failed. Also, not having all these franchises can also mean that you might find something completely new to play, which can lead you to some amazing games you may have missed altogether.

    So while you're sad for not having x franchise back, why don't you search other, older games, or check what indie devs are cooking up, you might find something to your taste. Summer sales are starting soon, and you might find plenty of fun to be had. Actually, I challenge everyone to find at least one interesting looking game during summer sales, and try it out.

  • The list is endless. Maybe I've just grown up and don't want to see change but it feels like all the games I loved as a kid have been dragged through the mud. Or that their good name has been slapped on a half baked game to get people's attention.

    Resident evil - 2 was my favourite game on ps1. 1 and 3 were classics. Code veronica was good but got bad reviews, was the worst out of the four which forced a change. Resident evil 4 was good but by the end of the game you had enough of that play style, resident evil 5 comes out and is exactly the same.... Never played re6.

    Tomb raider - tomb raider was the most awe inspiring game I've played. The new ones are okay but the exploration and discovery feels lost. Uncharted do it well, tomb raider wants to hold your hand to the next action scene that just involves Seeig how badly they can hurt lara. I miss strong, roundhouse kick you in the face lara.

    Final fantasy - I miss Atb. Would rather see a triple a version of bravely default then ff15.

    Dawn of war - I personally didn't like 2 but I know others did so I will just say that it is such a drastic change from 1 it felt like a different game and killed the franchise before it got started. Luckily dawn of war 3 is coming and looks more like 1.

    Honourable mention to franchises still going that I like.
    Diablo - I like diablo 3, I think it's perfectly similar to two while keeping up with the times.
    Dmc - I liked the new Dante.... He was a douchebag but so was old Dante.
    Halo - haven't played 5 yet but got to appreciate a franchise that knows why they have fans and sticks to its roots.
    Pokemon - same reasons.
    Most Nintendo games.- Nintendo knows how to hold onto its franchises. I Wish Sony did.
    Deserts of kharak (homeworld)- they did well to capture the atmosphere of homeworld considering one is a space game and one is planet based

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    But they want you to feel bad for Lara because that makes her a better character somehow.

  • Great list @Ellis I agree with all of them except tomb raider. I dig the new franchise over the past ones.

    Would really like to see Final Fantasy go back to the gameplay and story telling of the 16bit era.
    Pokemon has become a mess to stay "fresh".

    The new Dawn of War is supposed to go back to base building so it might return to its former glory.

  • Only Fallout comes to my mind at the moment. Bethesda makes well reviewed games that sell great. But Fallout 3 for me was a huge let down. It was a decent game but as a Fallout title it really didn't know what made the earlier ones so great. Then we got New Vegas and it felt like Fallout title, but again Bethesda doesn't understand the games strenghts as an RPG but rather do Fallout 4 as more of a open world shooter.

    And what makes this even worse, Fallout was not dying before Bethesda got the rights. There was already a sequel coming. There are so many studios that could do better job with the franchise. For example Wasteland 2 is so much better "Fallout game" than Fallout 3.

  • There were two very different games that I played when I was young: Neverwinter Nights and Tony Hawk. Both of these games have gone awry, one more than the other.

    The story of Tony Hawk we all know now. I had hope when that cheap HD Tony Hawk game came out, that the next games would be better. But no. Definitely not. Maybe, just maybe Activision will let someone else make a new TH game for next gen? Otherwise I don't want to see a new TH game.

    And Neverwinter Nights 1 is still one of my favourite games of all time. I immediately bought the sequel and I thought it was horrible. Clunky, slow, and incredibly demanding for my PC although it didn't look very good. I really hope that someone will make a NN1 HD remake or a new game. That game deserves it.

  • @Art It's so that players "will want to protect" her!

    If she's not getting beaten up constantly by the environment it's a failure of the game designers.
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    It's a livin'!

  • The Elder Scrolls games, if you look at how ambitious Daggerfall was and where they are now it makes me sad.

  • @OneBagTravel I buy new tomb raider and do enjoy them. They have got better everytime since legend. It's just the hand holding, you can turn most off, it's the "survivor sense" that highlights everything around you. I don't see why it's needed. Maybe make it an option if someone gets stuck in a room for too long.

    And final fantasy is a strange one. It's stuck between trying to be new but clinging on to the old. It's always been about a party of heroes you control to save the world. The new ones are following that route but the gameplay doesn't give you control of the group. They feel like they are just there for the sake of it in battle. I sit there begging to let me fight the fight on my own or give proper control of the whole

  • @Ellis I feel that a lot of the setpieces in the Tomb Raider Reboot felt almost like they were 'on rails', which really kind of deflated the sense of urgency for me. Also having the final boss be a QTE felt like a weird decision to me.
    The mechanics and gameplay are really good though! So I do feel there's lots to like in the game as well.
    Would you recommend the sequel at all?

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    If you liked the Tomb Raider reboot you'll enjoy its sequel.

  • @Art I guess not then haha

  • @ThatMartime this one has more open areas then the previous I will say that much. I haven't completed it so I don't know about the final boss but there was a mini boss that I fought with just my arrow and grenades, little QTE. I sounded like I was talking it down but there is moments where you walk into a room and stop and gaze at the graphics. It just seems like your being rushed all the time. I got to a temple that looked stunning and I wanted to explore, suddenly I was being chased by a helicopter while being shot at and the bridge I was on started collapsing haha maybe, hopefully, the game will slow down bit later on.

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    Mario Party.
    Holy fuck what a travesty that series has become.

  • @Mechanoid YES! Xenogears still ranks as one of my favorite games of all time and it never gets the love it deserved. Xenosaga had some great ideas but you're right, in drowned in cut-scene after cut-scene, with so much information being thrown at you with little to no explanation as to what any of it meant. I'm interested in the Xenoblade series as well but from what I hear, it's light on the story... which is one of the parts that really made Xenogears shine.

    Since no one has mentioned it, I'm going to be "that" guy... Silent Hill! Any IP under Konami is literally a sinking ship at the moment but it's a series that seemingly freaked everyone out and pushed survival-horror into completely new territory and now it's just a pachinko machine. Silent Hill 2 still stands as one of the most grim stories ever told through the medium of video games. Sure, we had P.T. but that just led to the cancellation of what may have been the revitalization of the franchise. I honestly don't see Konami doing anything with the franchise (whether that be selling the rights to someone or making a legitimate game) so I'm left here, wishing I had one more opportunity to enter the fog.

  • Final Fantasy - Has been dead for me since IX.
    Power Stone - It's never coming back...
    Warcraft 4 - Will never, ever happen... as long as WoW lives
    Bethesda - Since Skyrim they have "dumbed down" their games to a dangerous degree. Next Elders Scrolls needs to be way more like Morrowind than Skyrim (will never happen)

    Dino Crisi/Turok - Haven't played the newest Turok but if I understand correctly, it's not that great. There has to be a market for dinosaurslaughter. ARK is garbage.