Constructive Feedback: Equality, Diversity and Sexualization in Games

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    @Musou-Tensei I'm a big Marvel nerd so their Netflix shows make me diamonds.
    I think they have some of the best fight scenes in recent years across television or movies. Look up the "hallway" and "stairwell" scenes from Daredevil at least.

    Also Luke Cage beating up thugs in a community centre/drug warehouse to Wu-Tang Clan's Bring Da Ruckus made me feel like a giddy little schoolgirl.

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    ...giddy little schoolgirl.

    Oh — schoolgirls! Feminist agenda confirmed. Everyone's a "hardcore," "radical" feminist. (That means they're feminists who don't wear pink — a real departure.)

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    OK let me elaborate.

    Me: "You force you're opinions too strongly"

    You: "What do mean? Please elaborate, all I'm doing is forcing my opinions strongly"

    How am I forcing my opinion onto others? You're not elaborating here, you're again just stating things as if they were facts. Where did I force my opinions onto others?

    I have trouble letting go in a discussion

    Me: "..."

    That's it. Let go sooner. That's it. You ask me to spell it out. That's all I'm saying. Do you read? Come in? Please copy? A single sentence.

    This is because I try to create a discussion. If people for example tell me "You're stupid" I will then ask why they think I'm stupid. I give people the benefit of the doubt. I assume that they're reasonable and functioning adults that can hold a civil discussion.
    Even though I know some people just can't be reasoned with, I at least give them the benefit of the doubt, even when I probably shouldn't. This is because I don't like to handwave people's comments and opinions away. To simply think to myself "Yeah that guy is an idiot" and move on.
    I agree that I need to learn to move on better. I have already admitted this.

    Do you intentionally not read what I type? Here, I'll quote myself:

    Live and let live. But you are missing that second part.

    I'm not aggressive

    You say this as your own passive aggressiveness is overflowing, I hope you're aware of this?
    But I admitted that my bluntness and directness can make people think I'm being aggressive, but I don't actually do anything aggressive. I don't imply people are idiots (like someone else here) or anything of the sort.
    Have I maybe snuck in some snide remark or something? Sure, that's a given when I start to get annoyed when i'm met by clear aggression and a circular argument again and again. It's not like the people I'm arguing with here are innocent.
    Should I strive to be better and never try and resort to snide remarks? Absolutely. But I'm not a robot so it's an evergoing process.

    Tell that to the ten page essay's you send as replies to single line responses. And bolded paragraphs.

    I did that because I'm getting annoyed that my posts can be misinterepreted. Well it's either that or you and the diablo guy intentionally rewrite my comments. How else can I clarify myself? I have already repeated myself countless times already and I've tried to be as clear as humanly possible.

    But whatever, it's apparant that the whatever you can call the thing you, me and El Shmiablo is doing is only shitting up the thread, so I'll just stop. If you want to do the same thats up to you, but I'll stop. Feel free to get the last word in if you feel the need to.

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    In this respect they will be better geared to produce a whole season of content made from a female point of view which is a big part of the core of the show.

    But wouldn't you only really need the writers be female for that? Or do you feel that there is a specific feminine way of shooting and editing a movie?

    @El-Shmiablo said in Constructive Feedback: Equality, Diversity and Sexualization in Games:

    Eagerly awaiting Suplex's reply of "Yeah but I treat everybody equal so whatever".

    Well I'll give this discussion thing with you one more shot since you asked me to.

    I have two viewpoints on this:
    One, from a moviemaking perspective I really don't see how the gender, race or whatever effects the directing. Do you disagree? If so, why?

    Two, female directors are indeed in a minority. The reason for that I really can't say since I don't have a lot of knowledge or experience in regards to the moviemaking business.
    I have heard people describe it as being really bad for women and minorities. However I have also heard that both men and women of different races say that they feel that it's pretty equal. Another factor could be that since women are in the minority there are obviously fewer of them by default. Also to my understanding Hollywood is a very difficult business to get into and advance in since contacts plays a huge part.
    So the takeaway from this is that it varies greatly from place to place, but women being mistreated does indeed happen, but to what extent? I really don't know.
    So is it good to see more female directors? Sure. I'd also love to see more black, mexican, etc. directors as well. So long as their work is good I honestly couldn't care if they're from Venus and have 10 eyes.

    If however a woman would get a directing gig because she's a woman I personally find that offensive since pity got them the position to direct, not their hard work and talent. If I was that woman I would then try to work even harder in trying to make a successful and well liked movie/show to prove the pity votes wrong.

    So to sum up. Is it good to see more female directors getting gigs? Yep. Do I think that gender, race or anything like that has anything to do with the quality? That a mexican midget woman is a better director than a caucasian male? Not at all. They're both people.

    So basically both parties are right in my mind. They both raise good points. But they talk about seperate issues. One is about the quality of the end product while the other focuses more on people's ignorance on how hard it can be for a minority to land a job as a director. I don't really see any conflicting opinions here based on what you posted (since you didn't give a link I can't actually read through the comments more thoroughly).
    But to work through this problem you have to go at the source. The problem are the people in the moviemaking industry, not random people with no knowledge of said industry.