God Eater: Resurrection?

  • So, Sony's current flash sale puts God Eater: Resurrection at $8 for PS4. Don't know too much about the franchise, but I REALLY love me some Monster Hunter. Should I grab this? Any fans of the series out there?

    Oh, and there are other good deals to be seen ($5 Banner Saga, for example), so check it out.

  • Is that the port of the 1st game with tweaked mechanics from 2nd? If so then yes. The plot was pretty descent and if you have friends to play it with it feels better. Creating your own bullets was awesome and OP in the original. Enemies might not be as good as in MH though.

  • @Tearju-Engi Yeah, that's what I think it is. Not sure if I can get friends on board, but I'll try! For the price, it seems like a good time to try it out.