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    It's confirmed that they have no plans for a PC release. That's pretty depressing, albeit predictable give they were able to sell you the same game three times with GTAV.

    I'm a bit nervous about how much they are focusing multiplayer even in the text on the picture. It seems unfortunate that the talk about GTA Online Microtransaction profit really changing their plans.

    First of all that's kind of unfair, moving it to the next gen consoles isn't a scam to make you buy the game again. And they added a bunch of stuff so it was very much worthwhile IMO. And the PC version was always known, so it wasn't like they hid it for 6 months so people would buy the console version not knowing it was coming for PC later.

    And secondly, the microtransactions you're referring to are harmless. It's just shark cards to get ingame money quicker. It doesn't affect balance. You still need to grind to unlock weapons and level up skills just like everyone else. There's no way to buy a competitive advantage.
    Also, in GTA you have attack jets, that's the only thing you can buy that gives you any advantage. What is this going to be for RDR2? Armoured horses?

  • I am really pumped to the horses again. I'm not a horse person, but man. The horses in RDR is still the best in the business by leaps and that game was released over 6 years ago.

  • @Paper-Lion It's presumptuous to say it doesn't effect balance. The prices of items in GTA Online were very high, and the balance of those prices changed overtime with patches. Although GTA Online largely suffered from the cash exploits inflating the market, so its a bit of a complicated issue.

    I simply don't trust publishers to not push their agenda on developers. They haven't shown themselves to be trustworthy. Rockstar use to be, but GTA Online has really cracked my faith in them.

    On the topic of the PC Port, GTAV is still one of the top selling games on steam. They know how popular it is, but they learned from GTAV that they can sell it on Xbox 360/PS3, then release it on new consoles, then release it on PC. Consoles share the exact architecture (x86) and many other AAA developers are able to release their games simultaneously. (Quick examples being CD Projekt Red/Bethesda)

    (GTA V was released on 17 September 2013 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, on 18 November 2014 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and on 14 April 2015 for Microsoft Windows)

    I don't believe that Rockstar deserves a free pass, when the obvious reason for delaying it is to double dip on customers. I fully expect them to release a Xbox One/PS4 edition, then in 2018 release a Scorpio/PS5? edition, and in 2019 the PC edition. Rockstar has shown to be extremely anti-consumer after releasing GTA Online. They ban singleplayer mods, they sued sent private investigators to modders, GTA5 had micro-transactions, and DRM. They didn't do any of this before GTA Online.

    Outside of my PC-related thoughts, I didn't enjoy GTA Online whatsoever. So the idea of them putting more focus into Red Dead Online doesn't really make me happy. That being said, this just means they will really have to sell me on the online portion. Where as I am 100% sold on the singleplayer.