Diagnosis: PSVR Turns You into an Insane Person

  • Hello Allies,

    I want to tell you about an experience I had last night. I went into this experience all in good fun, and now that I'm on the other end of it I want you to know that for a few hours I was literally an insane person. The type of person that people in lab coats put into isolation.

    The situation: Just me, an adult man, alone in his apartment with his cat
    The game: Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

    Right off the bat, this game warps your reality. You're sitting in a little rollercoaster car and you have virtual arms holding guns. Immediately these feel like they are your arms, thanks to the motion tracking of the Move controllers which do follow your actual flesh arms quite well. The subject was reported sitting in a chair in the middle of the room by himself flailing his arms around saying "these are my arms!"

    After a leisurely section of testing your aim through a carnival section, the rollercoaster car approaches a door which creaks open and then all of a sudden the atmosphere gets quite a bit creepier. I don't want to just tell you exactly what happens in the game, but I think that the subject's reaction to the following section really exemplifies that of a mentally disturbed person.

    In the following moments, the subject was reported as sitting alone in his apartment in a chair in the middle of the room curling himself into a defensive fetal egg position loudly yelling "Clowns! No! No! Not Clowns! Get the F&^% away from me you F*&^ Clowns!" This outburst also included the subject flailing his arms around attempting to shoot imaginary things around his empty apartment. The subject was further reported waving his arms around saying "No no no no. Just no. No no no no no no no. Not clowns. No no no no."

    Diagnosis: this is the behavior of people who are wearing straight jackets in padded cells.

    You guys. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is a game for insane people. If you are a regular, sane human being with spouses, jobs, children, etc. and you value your sanity, do not play this game. So if you're thinking about picking up a PSVR headset and you have a copy of Until Dawn: Rush of Blood in your hands and you're about to purchase these items, I would highly suggest you think hard about it. Once again, if you value your human sanity, I implore you to put the game down. Playing this game literally turns you into a mentally insane person.

    Your good pal Dave

  • Thanks, Dave.

    Sounds like a grand time!
    Will pick it up per your recommendation.

    Your fridge, Fridge.

  • I just bought one this morning, sadly I skipped over that game. I'm regretting not getting it now...

  • Played this the other night with 2 of my brothers. We had a great/terrifying time! Multiple times each of us screamed and convulsed with terror. Taking turns is imperative! This game, while fun is very stressful. Every time you become used to the insanity of what is happening they throw something new at you and it nearly makes you evacuate all bodily fluids at once. The shooting is fantastic and is only limited by your imagination. I love this game. I can't wait for the future of VR. If this is the Atari 2600 of VR I can't wait for the NES.