Playstation Experience 2016

  • I don't think it's dibs on Marvel games. Sony owns Spider-Man, not Marvel. So, it's easier for them to do a Spider-Man game. Marvel had to pay Sony to get Spidey in Civil War, for instance. DCUO being on Sony consoles for so many years until finally coming to XBO this year is another reason they don't have dibs on Marvel games.

  • Actually Marvel didn't pay a dime to get Spidey in the MCU films.

  • Banned

    Why would Marvel pay Sony when it's TASM2 that bombed commercially and critically?

    Think people.

  • @DMCMaster Yeah from what I understand they didn't get paid for Spidey, but instead used the trade to negotiate videogame rights for Spidey and possibly other Marvel games.

  • I want a new Armored Core and I want it to be pushed as hard as Dark Souls eventually was. give it a budget, give it the stage and get people to fall in love with its depth and complexity

    and yes, give me more Yakuza. I'm sorry, I'm greedy. I once thought that if we could just at least get 5 I'd be happy with that. but then you went above and beyond and said we could have Zero too and I'm so excited, I want to see 6 and the remakes and anything else come over too.

  • @El-Shmiablo
    Never heard anything about the games, although with Sony still holding the film rights its possible that they would at least get a first offer on something.
    However to try and sum up the below videos (its like 2 hours to watch all 3)

    After the anemic box office performance of TASM2 and generally bad reception from fans. Sony was going to hold the "Spiderman Summit" a major meeting between various higher ups at Sony Pictures, to discuss the future of the Spiderman property (with almost 30 proposed films) Also as a note Sony gave up all merchandise rights for Spiderman before TASM1 came out, with the goal of making them more money on the Box Office and eliminating the 60/40 split Sony and Disney shared on all tickets and merch.
    Spidey joining the MCU was actually the last resort Sony had considered (as that would mean giving creative control to Disney/Marvel Pictures, which they have) They did however consider making a deal with Fox and making a Spiderman/X-Men Film (which almost happened in Spiderman 2, as Wolverine was supposed to have some kind of appearance during a action scene in Spiderman 2, only for Fox to pull out at the last minute)
    Then the Sony Hacks happened, fans learned there was even a possibility of Spiderman joining the MCU, and the rest is kinda history at this point.

    Marvel/Disney gets creative control of Spiderman, and can have him pop up in future films, while Sony gets a new reinvigorated Spiderman that can pull in aspects of the MCU (such as Iron Man being in Spiderman:Homecoming)
    Essentially its a symbiotic relationship, Marvel/Disney helps in keeping people interested in the brand as a whole, While Sony gets itself a tent pole film (something they as a studio are lacking), along with getting new life breathed into the Spiderman Film franchise

    Its actually not a bad deal when you think about it, neither studio has to pay to use any characters (outside of the actors salary), Marvel helps give a outline of where they need the series to go, and the brand as a solo entity gets to say relevant.
    Its a shame Fox doesn't seem to want to play ball, although with with Logan serving as the end of of the X-Men series before getting rebooted who knows what could happen, and then there's the Fantastic Four..........They kinda just need to give F4 to Disney.
    Youtube Video

  • Sooo, I will be flying into LA on Saturday morning (but didn't get a Saturday ticket)
    and am planning on going to PSX on Sunday (got a Sunday ticket)

    Anyone planning to meet up?

  • @TokyoSlim I'll be looking out here to see what people are up to. My wife and I are getting there Friday night, we'll see if we're in time for the EA meet-up Friday night.

  • All I want is a Dragon quest XI PS4 western release confirmation.

    Followed up by a ni no kuni 2 release

    Followed by DQ8 ps4 hd rerelease

    Followed by devil may cry 5(yes, I do want "old dante" back)

    Followed by Dragon quest heroes 2 Western release confirmation(are you starting to see pattern here?)

    Followed by Bloodborne 2/Whatever From's been working on.

    Honestly, I think From Software's new IP has the biggest chance in my list of actually appearing.

  • @Michster
    I seriously doubt DQ11 will be at PSX....Then again I sure as hell wasn't expecting Ni No Kuni 2 to be announced at a western event, hell I never thought wed see a Ni No Kuni 2.
    As for Dairy Queen 11, I suspect it will release early next year, and Ni No Kuni 2 sometime in the summer.

  • @DMCMaster im still thinking we're getting a march 2017 releaese for dq11

  • @FF7Cloud
    Possible, although again that probably just applies to Japan. US we might be lucky to see it by the end of 2017

  • Here are some of my bets for PSX 2016:

    • Shawn Layden will have a new t-shirt. It'll be MediEvil.
    • We'll see footage of the Crash Bandicoot Remasters and have a release date.
    • We'll see footage of the Resident Evil 2 Remake.
    • We'll see more of the FFVII remake and have a release date for the first part.
    • We'll see more from Ni No Kuni 2 and we'll have a release date.
    • We'll get a spiel about how PSVR and PS4 Pro are a superb buy for everyone on the planet.
    • We'll get a couple of newly announced games. One will make people tear their hair out and/or eat their hats.
    • Yoshinori Ono will be awesome on stage.

  • @Churchy
    If we see a new MediEvil I will be extremely happy

    1. Shawn layden will wear a much to small spyro shirt.
    2. Ff7 trailer will show sephiroth and aerith will get release window not a exact date.
    3. ni no kuni 2 trailer and date.
    4. Big paragon update
    5. Next toyko rpg factory game
    6. AS a closing trailer and this is unrealistic just a hope legend of dragoon 2

  • I didn't want to pop in here until about a month out because the Game Awards get stuff and news bits come out about games in the months leading up to the Keynote, so what I think at the end of E3 is always different come showtime. Doubt any of the following predictions are going to come to pass, knowing my luck with predicting things to begin with.

    The following is in no particular order, in terms of when it will show up or personal preference. The first list I feel will happen, the second I see as highly unlikely.

    Psychonauts 2 trailer.
    RE 7 details will be announced
    Playstation Network information
    Uncharted 4 Single player DLC name and logo. Nothing else
    PSVR and Vita heavy
    So many new, smaller games for all three platforms
    Ni No Kuni update
    Horizon is touched on. No trailer or new info.
    Celebrating FF XV and Last Guardian being released and to be released respectively.
    FF VII: Remake one or two details, nothing fancy.
    Gran Turismo Sport trailer
    Spiderman update
    Nioh release date announcement
    For Honor trailer
    The gameplay reveal for Mass Effect: Andromeda at the Game Awards will be reshown.
    Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare DLC announced

    Longshot picks (Things I would like to see but positive won't happen)
    Shenmue III update
    Sucker Punch Reveal
    Days Gone update
    God of War update
    Crash Bandicoot remasters update

    As for the Keynote itself, I think they will have learned from last year and their E3 shows: Start strong, end strong. So, I think one will be a bombshell return and the other a high profile IP getting some significant unveiling. The majority of the middle of the show will have smaller games and PSVR. Everything else I listed in the first list will be sprinkled throughout.

    I can't wait. :laughing:

  • @Brannox
    Pretty sure your "long shots" are guaranteed to happen, and im 100% sure Vita will not be mentioned or talked about at all.

  • How do we feel about a Last of Us 2 teaser?

  • @Ringedwithtile
    Strong possibility, I imagine it just being a quick teaser though, like after ND talks about a few things for U4 multiplayer and the DLC they will say something akin to "However before we go weve been hard at work on something we think you'll all enjoy"
    Screen fades to black, we get the SCE logo as the camera passes by a few seemingly familiar rooms filled with overgrowth, as the camera continues to pan the screen goes black again revealing the ND logo on a picture frame. As the camera continues to pan we hear a various voices shouting things like "Run" Barricade that door" among other things. Finally the camera pans to a single lone door "use that damned vending machine to block the damned door" Finally the camera goes thru the door before seemingly being grabbed and pull around to reveal a clicker. We hear more shouting, mixed with crying with only one line being clear "This....This is all your fault Danny"
    Screen fades to black revealing the title "The Last of Us: Ish's Tale"