Your Favorite Adventure in Gaming?

  • I forget if it was on the EZA Podcast or Frame Trap, but last week Huber mentioned that Dragon Quest 8 is his "favorite adventure in video games." I never played DQ8, but I love games that are just about going on an adventure in a new land. Yes there is still some overarching narrative, but the real focus is the sense of wonder and exploration as you go on an Odyssey style quest from town to town, meeting new people with new stories. There aren't enough games like that, and I want to know what are your favorites.

    For me, I'm torn between Zelda OoT and WW. OoT has a special place in my heart as being the first Zelda game I've ever played, and no single game's soundtrack can hit me so hard as that one. On the other hand, sailing the open sea in WW honestly the single best time I ever had exploring a game world. You really felt like you were charting this unknown land.

  • I was gonna keep this post for when the game inevitably shows up in our Top 100 list (right??)

    For me it was hands-down the Baldur's Gate series. I wouldn't single out a particular game, because just like Mass Effect did years later, this game allowed you to keep your character throughout the saga (not really story choices though), and that's what made it feel so grand and epic.

    Just thinking I played this entire trilogy (I'm counting Throne of Bhaal as a third game essentially) over the span of several years, traveled to so many places, met so many characters, fought so many battles... That was without a doubt the biggest adventure I've had in gaming.

    But the one thing that makes it stand out even more is that as I grew up playing this series, my role-playing evolved too. I started out as a goody-two-shoes paladin, always picking the good option because I like to see myself as a good person. Ah, the innocence of youth.

    And as I progressed through those games over the years, I found myself responding a lot more cynically to NPCs, accepting a lot less bullshit from them, etc. To the point where I was still a "good guy", but not a carpet anymore. So just like in any good story, my character followed an arc and was changed by the end of it. But it wasn't my character, it was me. Realizing this in retrospect made a huge impression.

    And I honestly don't think there's ever going to be another game that impactful in my life.

  • The first to generations of Pokemon really nailed that feeling of adventure for me. No plot to end the world, and no obligation to encounter mythical beings unless you want to. I love every game in this series, but those RBY and GSC are perfect.

    I have more that I like, but that was the first that jumped to mind.

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    There are so many nice adventures Im having in mind. Both online and offline.. so it is really hard to just pick 1

  • A few that stand out to me:

    Pokémon, any of the mainline games I've played. Each of them have their unique flavour but there is something about that core loop that gets me every time.

    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, is just, WOW! a true adventure that puts you through the full gamut of emotion while telling one of the best Star Wars stories there is. My young teenage mind was blown away in awe by the twist. I actually feel in love with Bastila Shan, it was a weird but very informative one way love between me and a digital character.

    Final Fantasy IX, it is a Shakespearian epic full of fun, frolics, love, loss, drama and action. Nuff said!

  • The funny thing is that a couple months before Huber mentioned this, I came to the realization that the greatest adventure in gaming that I ever had and ever will have is Dragon Warrior III. The reason why I believe that nothing will top it is mostly due to the age I was when I first played it. My imagination and sense of wonder was at its prime and I filled in all the many blanks the game left. The world was so much greater because I made it that way. I could see all the plains and forests in detail and even though the game took a top down perspective, I could see the mountains that blocked my path tower above me. It was incredible.

    The world was huge and it felt so alive. Each party member had no back story, you created each and every one of them. I came up with stories for each of my allies and we explored every inch of that world. There was as much of me in that land as their was the developers that created it.

    If they made a full blown remake of this game, I might explode from nostalgiac excitement

  • I honestly have a number of them and they came at stages of my gaming life. Both Final Fantasy VII and VIII are the big ones and I could honestly write a huge essay on both of them. I'll mention instead though a game that bought about the whole "adventure around the world" thing before either of them and that game is Little Big Adventure.

    LBA, also known as Twinsuns Odyssey I believe, was my first ever, true "epic adventure". It has a similar progression to a standard JRPG in that you starting off relatively low key and then branched out into an epic trek around the world to save it from a mad tyrant. It had sea, land and even air travel later on and it was memorable as hell.