Who else is ready to waste all of your time. (Civ VI)

  • @thenerdtheword Play some Civ 6 Co-op with her

  • Disappointed they haven't announced what the DLC that comes with the Deluxe edition entails.

    I want me some Poland.

  • @sonmi There better be Poland, if not those Hussars would just be a mean tease

  • @bard91 Poland, Persia, and Isabella are what I'm expecting... with the two other DLCs included probably being scenarios.

    I think I'm being a bit too optimistic though. I certainly hope we won't have to wait too long.

  • I love Civ but right now I'm fine with V.
    I will probably wait for the complete edition, I expect to be much better than the vanilla game.

  • @LordBaztion If TotalBiscuit is to be believed, VI is worthwhile to look at even in vanilla form.

  • @jipostus said in Who else is ready to waste all of your time. (Civ VI):

    @LordBaztion If TotalBiscuit is to be believed, VI is worthwhile to look at even in vanilla form.

    Ben seemed really hyped about it as well, so I'm.....cautiously optimistic. 2K is on thin ice this past couple of years for me.

  • Preloading it right now, so pumped. PCGamer gave iot a 9.3 already....still 6 1/2 hours until it unlocks though! :(

  • @Exist-2-Inspire How dare you complain about 6 1/2 hours you damn Euro!!!!! :P

    PC Gamer's review is really encouraging, probably not sleeping tonight.

  • This is amazing <3

    Youtube Video

  • @Exist-2-Inspire It is, I'm 3 hours in, and loving it, but I have to call it for tonight, tomorrow it's gonna be a long day at work.

  • @bard91, You saying that means that Civ VI isn't as good, as you are not still playing it for "one more turn", or you have amazing talent to stop playing these games, no matter how good they are.

  • Oh man, loving everything about this game. the menus are all nice, the graphics look outstanding, the music is relaxing.

    The new system for handling your government policies makes it much easier to manage perks you need WHEN you need them, city-states feel a lot more important.

    Only thing I'm having an issue with is now with the way you have to set up districts it makes barbarian attacks much more costly when they destroy everything, so you can't always play passively, which...I'm kind of bad at.

    But otherwise this is by far one of the best sequels.

  • @jipostus I may well have a new found superpower

  • @jipostus I'm sure they did a terrific job with this one but I'm still going to wait. As I said, I'm fine with Civ V by now.

  • Managed to play a grand total of 15MINS over the weekend. So far so good even if it runs like crap on my laptop.

  • Finished first game, playing as China, on King.

    The AI is completely freakin' insane. They go from warning you, to praising you, to denouncing you, all in the space of a turn or two.

    While the base mechanics are extremely solid, I think the agenda system is broken at the moment. Having both Trajan and Peter denounce me in the first freaking 10 turns because I haven't expended enough or focused enough on culture/science is insane, I've only had the time to create a scout and they're already getting mad at me.

  • @sonmi Yeah the AI can change very fast on how they perceive you from what I've seen, but I gotta say that the agendas are a great way to help the player make decisions, based on who they want to keep happy, but I do agree that they are not working great all of time, like having Kongo denounce me for not spreading my religion, a turn after I found it. Hopefully it is something they'll tweak and improve so that it works as expected.

    I've really enjoyed my time with the game until now, I was barely able to go to sleep last night.

  • Anyone else finding Barbarians are overly aggressive? I abandoned my first game because I was having to fight of countless waves of them from all sides of my starting city. It sucked up about 20 turns and got far too tedious to carry on. I was only playing on Prince difficulty too!

  • After about 30 hours of starting new games and playing the first 50 turns over and over with my friends online I finally won a singleplayer game.

    I won via tech as Trajan on Emperor. Ghandi was the only person on the continent with me and he and I got along swimmingly the entire game. The other Civs were so far away that they never declared war on me. The others certainly hated me but they never tried to kill me or anything. I ran into the same problems as Sonmi with the agendas. As soon as I meet certain Civs they just hate me or like me depending on how much I have expanded or if I have declared war or some other nonsense reason.