Who else is ready to waste all of your time. (Civ VI)

  • @ZyloWolfBane Mine is also not a great example since it is a last year ASUS ROG laptop so I'm running everything on Max at a great speed, and it doesn't seem to be heating up at all, I'm still using an external fan though, just in case, I could try it out on my old laptop, but I''m a bit afraid that one may implode.

    In my experience with my old laptop though a good external fan does miracles. Without one my old laptop shutdown after twenty minutes while playing Bioshock Infinite, and even Crusader Kings 2 needed the fan for extended play, this is for heating problems of course, if the specs are not there well that's another issue, but you could always check CanIRunIt to see if your system should be able to run it.

  • It's been a few days since Civ VI drops, and I'm curious. Like some of the other people in this thread, I have Civ V with the Gods and Kings expansion, and I'm wondering if it's worth it for me to invest in Civ VI.

    One of the things that made me drop out of Civ V a lot of the time was that there was a lack of grandeur surrounding a lot of things. When you take out a civilization in combat, finish a wonder, or even in some cases win the game, the way that information is presented doesn't give me the feeling of having accomplished something. I also got bored and frustrated with setting up turns and then just continuously hitting the next turn button while waiting for my explorers to find something, for a road to be built, or for a new tech to be complete.

    In terms of visceral feel-good moments and pacing issues, do you think the new edition has made strides in the right direction? Does the base game feel like it's complete, or do you think the inevitable future DLC will be needed to make this feel like a truly developed Civ experience?

  • @alexwhiteplays The game feels as if it picked up were Civ 5 and the expansions left it, so while I do expect future DLC, if feels like a complete expericence in my eyes as it is right now.

    As for the other thing I understand what you are saying and I think it is less likely to happen with Civ VI, since city planning has actually made me more active in thinking what actions I'll be taking. On the other hand those things that you are describing weren't much of an issue to me, and considering that the game I've played the most in my life is Victoria 2, in which you can play for hours with anything happening, let alone anything grand, so maybe I'm just not as affected by it, as you would be.

  • If my start location has barbarian problems, (Spawn frequently), I'll almost always go Slinger -> Warrior -> Slinger -> Scout. Giving me 2 Warriors, 2 Slingers-Archers, and one scout. If I'm playing on a large map I'll probably go with a second scout. If I can easily defend my start location then I'll do Slinger -> Scout -> Worker. Higher difficulties the AI will declare war on you 20 or so turns in with a whole horde of enemies.

    Overall I'm pretty happy with Civilization 6. The major complaints of the game come down to balance issues, and the higher in difficulty you play, the more complaints you'll have. I've often found half the AI in the game will expand 2-cities, and then no more. One issue here I think is that the move from Renaissance -> Industrial -> Modern is far too quick for the human player. Because most of the AI has some sort of bug with expanding, their science gain falters heavily and you'll quicky outpace them. They also don't use ranged units, and never use modern ones.

    As soon as modders have access to the SDK, all of this issues and many more will be solved.

    Civilization VI provides a much better platform to build upon than any of the previous Civilizations, but for now, I'd recommend waiting to get the game if you play above Prince difficulty. Especially @alexwhiteplays, because it often feels like you are taking advantage of the AI in a very ungratifying way. It's basically the feeling of finding out someone let you win. Oh, they weren't even trying... - that type of feeling.

    But there's already quite a few mods, and I highly recommend going to www.forums.civfanatics.com - as they are the go-to place for the current non-SDK mods. (These mods are often just simple text files until the tools are out)