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  • Hey Allies, I'll admit it, I've never ever played a Dark Souls Game. Not Demon Souls, not Dark Souls, not 2, and not 3. I've not even played Bloodborne. Don't worry, I turned in my Gamer ID card years ago over this.

    Anyway, the wonderful and generous @Sheria gave me a copy of Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition and now I no longer have any excuses. I am about to begin the journey of Dark Souls.

    So my question to you, my Allies, is, what if anything, do I need to know as I begin?

    P.S. I'm not too worried about spoilers, so feel free to comment as you please.
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    Just explore. Don't be afraid about dying or losing progress. That is just part of the game. Evevntually everything just clicks and it becomes one of the most satisfying gaming experiences there is.

  • If you are playing on PC, for the love of God, use a controller!

  • My only advise is to take your time and be patient. A lot of the talk initially was about how hard the souls games are but really it's just a matter of you as a player improving and you will.

    You're going to die a lot but every time you die, you'll improve so don't worry about it.

  • Accept the fact that you will die, a lot. Learn from every death though. And learn to utilize your stamina optimally in combat. And of course, if something seems too hard, ask for ally to help you out.

  • Aww, I hope you enjoy it!

    It took me a while to take to Demons Souls, but once I did, it truly did click. As others have said, don't worry about dying. Losing souls at the start is inevitable but also inconsequential. It can really wear you down at times when you have to fight your way through the same enemies, but once you start to find shortcuts and understand the world, it suddenly feels very satisfying.

    There's a very good sword you can get which can really help beginners for the first parts of the game. It may be some help if you struggle, but i'd try without it first and see how you get on. Oh, and take the Master Key as your gift!

  • Download DSFix to fix issues relating to resolution (the game renders at a pretty low resolution regardless of what you set your display resolution to by default, DSFix fixes this, among other issues) and DSCM to fix the "Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't" matchmaking.

    Link to DSFix: http://steamcommunity.com/app/211420/discussions/0/846940249121202471/

    Link to DSCM: http://steamcommunity.com/app/211420/discussions/0/364039531220008335/

    And some tips: Stay away from the graveyard for a decent while. (wait until ringing the first bell) Unless you don't have a lot of souls on you (a fair bit less than what you'd need to level up) in which case can't hurt to make an item grabbing rush and hope for the best as you don't have much to lose and a pretty good (albeit clunky and heavy) sword to gain.

  • dont take the master key starting gift, and also just explore what ever you can and enjoy the world design theres no better blind blowing experience when you see the areas overlap each other

  • I can't think of anything else to add other than to emphasize exploration. There's tons of items that will help you and hidden paths that make things much easier.

    I'm kind of playing Dark Souls for the first time as well. I didn't get very far my first time but after playing Bloodborne I decided to give it another go and I can't put it down. Though Blighttown is certainly living up to its reputation of being pretty miserable.

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    @FF7Cloud I am still to this day blown away at how beautifully designed and connected the entire world is in Dark Souls... which just makes me all the more angry that they MASTERFULLY fucked it up in DS2, and to a lesser extent 3.

  • @El-Shmiablo dark souls is probally the closest we'll ever get to 3d metriodvania game (besides metriod it self) thats why i think fromsoft should try to get the castlevania ip

  • Don't be afraid to restart your entire playthrough if you get to a point where you think you've royally screwed up your leveling, character or equipment choices. It might take you 10 hours to get both bells rung on your first time playing, but on a second attempt where you know what you're doing you'll do it in 2-3 and laugh at how bad you thought you were before.

  • @Mr-M Ok, this is why I'm here asking questions. How do I not screw it up?

  • @Faaip Nice. I'm gonna make a point of trying out as much stuff as I can.

  • @Sheria @FF7Cloud So one said take the master key, and one said don't. What are the benefits or problems with both of these?

  • @Fridge-man Noted.

  • @FF7Cloud

    I'm imagining a From Software and Sony Japan Studio (their best/most innovative work was when these teams joined) collaboration on a Castlevaina game. Art direction of BB applied to this series would be amazing.

  • @Av8orGamer it's hard to answer that haha, since really the only way to find out is to play it and just do what you think is natural for you to be doing in regards to what stat you want to level. Things to really take note of are the weapon scaling rank (S is the best because japan), the strength required to hold a weapon is halved if you two hand and leveling strength like crazy isn't going to make gigantic weapons swing faster. Oh and HP for the love of god level up HP early, and "Resistance" does nothing at all. Try not to kill NPCs either since the game tends to remember and it costs a lot to go clear that with the faith man.

    As for the master key, you may as well grab it but it's not life changing if you do or don't. Benefits are that you can explore (and be murdered) by things out of sequence in some cases and get some loot that's alright (actually "bloody amazing" if you can kill Havel early) if you do survive. Cons are I guess from a sentimental point that you'll be doing the early part of the game with some things that you'd normally get about 3/5ths of the way through. I'd personally get it since the other "gifts" are rather meh.

  • @Av8orGamer if you take it it opens up areas you couldnt acess till late game kinda messes with the difficulty curve

  • This picture is a very old, community-accepted new players guide to Dark Souls that I'm surprised nobody here has posted yet. Not all of this will make sense to you at this moment, but I strongly recommend bookmarking it and checking back at it as time goes on.

    Other tips I would add here:

    1. Do not, I repeat, do NOT take the Master Key as your starting gift. The key is designed as an item that allows experienced players to break the game. You are neither an experienced player nor should be wanting (or able) to break the game.

    2. Avoid using the internet aside from this thread. Dark Souls is really satisfying if you learn everything on your own aside from the very basics (which you get from the in-game tutorial, and this thread).

    3. For your first playthrough, you are going to want to do either a Strength or Dexterity build because they are simple. Basically, you want to focus on leveling up three stats: Vitality (health), Endurance (stamina), and your offensive stat of choice (strength or dex). As a point of reference, all of these cap at 40 for your purposes. If you level up theses stats you will never back yourself into a corner with your build by which you would be unable to complete the game at a reasonable difficulty level (although as a point of reference, I've done the game without leveling at all multiple times, so it IS possible even if you screw up). You can use basically any weapon to carry yourself through the game that isn't obviously bad (like the Broken Straight Sword Hilt), so don't worry about picking the "best" weapon. Just pick one with a moveset that you like and that scales well with your offensive stat. Speaking of scaling.....

    A quick explanation on scaling: on the weapon stat screen, you will see icons for the four offensive stats (strength, dex, intelligence, and faith) with either a letter or a --- next to each icon. That letter designates the scaling of the weapon (C < B < A < S). A weapon's damage consists of two components: base damage, and scaled damage. In the late game, scaled damage is typically very important (while in early game base damage more so), so your mid-late game weapon of choice should preferably have B/A scaling or higher in your offensive stat. The reason for this is if you have a weapon with S scaling in Dex, but only 15 points of Dex, you aren't going to be doing that much damage compared to a weapon with higher base damage but lower scaling. In the late game when you have 40 Dex however, that weapon with S scaling will most likely overtake the other weapon in damage output.

    If you have any other questions just ask here. I've played Dark Souls 1, way, way, WAY more than I should have (it's the only game I speedrun), and have walked through the "new player cycle" with ten of my friends I convinced to try the game, so I'm used to this haha

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