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    @Galaxy40k Dat number 20 tho

  • no 20 is best advice lol

  • @Av8orGamer I would definitely take it. Everything else it pretty useless and if you do by any rare chance stumble into an area that's better left for later, you'll soon know.

    The access to shortcuts and certain bonfires makes the key priceless in my opinion, especially that allowing you to the back entrance of the worst area in the game.

  • Since were discussing Dark Souls.. I ended up in the Demon Ruins too early, but wanting to find some loot I went exploring and came across the Ceaseless Discharge. I killed him in one hit, whats the deal with that? I just did Sif and it took me like 7 tries

    Good to know RES is pointless.. the leveling system can be overwhelming at first. Also what is poise?

  • @Faaip if you get ceasless to follow you to the fog wall and hit his hand he'll fall of the cliff killing him instanly

  • @FF7Cloud Oh nice, that's what happened haha

  • @Faaip Poise helps you tank attacks without your actions being interrupted, man.

    It pretty much breaks the first game by making it easy as hell, hence why it was extremely nerfed, even arguably removed, in the sequels.

  • @sonmi Ah makes sense! I guess I'll keep my poise ring equipped then

  • @Galaxy40k This is exactly the information I was looking for! Thanks for much for a such a great post! I didn't take the master key. I'm running a Dex based guy right now.

  • Such great information here folks! Thanks so much! I started up DS yesterday for "a bit" after work and ended up playing an hour and a half. So far, 3 deaths, and I'm needing to take down Asylum Demon now. @BeatenDownBrian has been giving me some strat pointers, but my controller is messing up so I'm gonna try again later today maybe with a different controller. :)

    I'll be live tweeting sometimes, and maybe posting screen shots or short clips over on Twitter @Av8orGamer if you want to follow my progress more than I post here.

  • @Av8orGamer No problem! Enjoy

  • You know that thought you have in the back of your head when you play a game? That whatever happens, the game devs have given you all of the tools you need to overcome the challenge. That it has been designed for you to succeed.

    Yeah that's not true in Dark Souls.

    Don't just rush into rooms thinking you'll adapt to whatever happens. They'll set traps for you, they know how you think as a gamer, and they'll exploit that to kill you. They will ambush you, they will lure you in with promises of items, they will position enemies in plain sight to make you rush in and attack them, only to have hidden enemies pop out on your flanks to surround you.

    Dark Souls doesn't fuck around. Get a shield that blocks 100% physical and keep it raised at all times, walking slowly into rooms, checking every corner, and even the roof, before proceeding forwards. Remember that discretion is the better part of valour. If you find yourself in an untenable situation, flee.

    Also, kill the dogs first, and don't forget to praise the sun. \[T]//

  • There's lots of good tips here, though I haven't read them all I don't know if this will be repeated by my advice is don't give up at any point. I know one too many people who do this out of difficulty. It can be done. Giving up out of genuinely being disinterested in the game is fine. But it's a really good game no matter and don't let lot's of deaths get you down.

  • So I'm out of the tutorial area, and already working my way into the Undead Parish. It's so weird how certain enemies die super fast and others seem to just have the knack of killing me. I cannot for the life of my figure out how to kick regularly, and so the spear/shield carrying mobs destroy me. But the Taurus Demon went down on my second try. One thing is for sure, I see what the hype is about. The challenge is exciting. I thought dying over and over would be annoying, but with no load times basically on my PC, the penalty seems reasonable. In a way, I've almost come to not be afraid of dying, and just accept that it's part of the process for me to git gud. :)

  • @Av8orGamer I don't know M+K controls, but assuming you are using a controller, to kick you need to flick forward/up on the analog stick from a neutral position, and hit R1/RB at the same time. It's pretty awkward, not gonna lie, so just practice for a bit in a safe area. Aside from those hollows with the shields you never really need to kick though so it's okay if it becomes a bit much.

  • @Galaxy40k Yeah... i did just that. Went out and practiced.
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  • And since we are talking about building skills, here's a milestone for this noob. A first successful riposte.

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  • I'm good sometimes. Other times, not so much.

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    I love this. I'm living vicariously through you, OP.
    Please keep us updated. I would love to hear more about your adventures.

  • Haha, the "kicks" I'm dying! xD