[100% Spoilers] Pokemon Sun & Moon Temptation

  • So, yeah: everything leaked. GG Game Freak, the rest of this thread is SPOILERS!

    I'm not saying whether or not you should spoil yourself (I've actually recused myself after a few Tasty Treats), just that it's out there.

    spoiler link

  • I gave in too. Saw everything. And... definitely not disappointed. Most of the Pokemon that haven't been officially shown off yet are pretty neat. So, if you choose not to look into the datamined leaks, let me just assure you that the rest is pretty good.

  • I've managed to stay away from the reveals and the trailers (minus spoiler-y thumbnails and a couple headlines). It's so hard, but it's only a month away! I just remember how I watched all the trailers and reveals for X/Y, and how it detracted from the sense of wonder and discovery. You'll have a better time with the actual game if it's all new to you.

    So, if you're feeling tempted, I would encourage you to stay strong and resist!

  • I've dipped in and out of the spoiler stuff I want to keep some surprises. But from what I've seen I am impressed.