Travel - Argentina/Brazil - Iguazu Falls

  • Foz do Iguaçu

    I flew into the Argentinian side and decided to stay in Foz do Iguaçu which was on the Brazilian side. The cheapest way to get over is to get the shuttle to Puerto Iguazu and the pubic bus to Foz do Iguaçu. That’ll cost you roughly 140-160 peso (depending if you’re stopped for tourist tax) as opposed to 700 peso for a taxi. Just make sure you get to driver to stop at the Brazilian border. As they drove past it for me and I had to go back later to get my stamp. You may have to wait for the next bus after but you’re better off.

    I had two full days in the area to check out the Iguazu falls and that’s loads of time. You’ll only spend about half a day on the Brazilian side while the Argentinian side will take a full day. I’d recommend doing it in that order as the latter is that bit more impressive in my opinion. It’s really easy to get to the Brazil side. Make your way back to the bus terminal, pay to get inside and it’s the very first stop on the left, line 120. It takes roughly 30 minutes to get out there. There are a bunch of extra things you can do out here like a helicopter ride, bird park, boat ride, cycle. As I mentioned it doesn’t take too long to go through, maybe 2-3 hours, so don’t worry too much about getting up early for the Brazil side. No matter what time you go, there will be lots of people.

    On the other hand, the Argentinian side will take you the full day. I got a tour as it would just save me time instead of switching so many buses going between the countries. It cost 180 real which includes the entrance fee. Also the first thing we did was go to the three points where you can see the bordors of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. Nothing overly special but it’s nice to see. Once you get to the entrance you can again do extra things like the boat tour. This time I did go for it as it was a bit cheaper (450 peso I believe) and it went to a few extra waterfalls that the other one doesn’t. Plus.. everyone else in the group did it so peer pressure got the best of me! The guide took us straight to the train which takes you to the Devil’s throat on this side and that was amazing. You’re so close to the falls, every so often a huge cloud of water will hit you. It’s awesome. Then we got the train back and did the second mid trial and after lunch finished off by doing the lower trial where you get the boat. Be warned that you will get absolutely soaked on the boat. It’s a lot of fun but don’t go wearing your fanciest clothes or anything. You get a waterproof bag to throw whatever you want in there.

    Didn’t do a whole pile in Foz do Iguaçu itself. Walked around a little bit, went out for dinner with the people I met during the guided tour to a place called Churrasco de Gnaucho which was amazing. This kind of buffet but they also come over with food to you. It was only $8/€6 for that and a drink. Seriously couldn’t believe how good and cheap it was.

    I stayed at a place called Made in Brazil which was pretty nice but also extremely quiet. Only a few people were staying there. Breakfast was only average though. I did stay in Foz just because it was cheaper. If you do have to catch an early flight on the opposite border, you’re probably better off staying on that side. My flight back wasn’t till 2 so I wasn’t in any major rush.

    So that’s everything really. Highly recommend going. I was pretty happy to get my stamp for Brazil too since I won’t be travelling there for this trip.