• @Art you're right but it's funny that the Pokemon crowd has been doing that all along. And this iteration will be loved because now they can enjoy it on the big screen at home.

  • @Stephleref I looked through the Mario Kart gameplay and see no sign of a Double Dash like feature.

  • It looks like a step in the right direction for Nintendo, but I see no reason to make the switch, not just yet at least.

    Really though, Nintendo Switch? The name is the only thing I can say I actively hate. The rest looks fairly jolly.

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    Nintendo's next console should be named the Super Nintendo Switch.

    That way we'd have the Ns and the Sns. BRILLIANT!!

  • @Art said in NX REVEALED TODAY:

    Nintendo's next console should be named the Super Nintendo Switch.

    That way we'd have the Ns and the Sns. BRILLIANT!!

    You mean Nintendo's next next console.

  • Its been a while since I've been able to be here, but now I'm in a position to add my thoughts:

    I was floored by this video. I think they did a real wonderful job at showing the hardware's utility and teasing the software for it. I'm not the biggest big N fan out there as I have owned a home console from them in over a decade. I was interested in the Wii, but there wasn't enough compelling games on it for me to buy, and that is something I will argue for until the end of time: No matter how cool, innovative, or compelling your product is, if you don't have the games, you can't have my money.

    PSVR is working its way for me with Batman: Arkham VR and the X-Wing mission from Battlefront, but the three minutes from this video today has done more, again for me, than I thought it would. The on the go aspect does appeal to me, and playing a home game on long car trips (I take more of those than necessary) is really cool. And I agree with @Faaip, the plane portion is the biggest sticking point in my mind.

    Onto the new video itself:

    The home unit looks slightly weird, but with an extractable unit, this isn't a dealbreaker for me.
    The combined handheld portion (no screen) of the controller is a little more jarring. I understand the need to put them somewhere when not connected to the portable screen, but I'm not a huge fan of that design.
    The handheld in full (with screen) looks like a nice size. I don't own a 3DS, so I can't speak to that, but the Vita is nice to hold. This looks like an even better fit for me. Super sleek, thin, and the controllers, aren't half bad.
    Carts don't bother me, so not having a CD isn't a big deal personally.
    Again, the plane portion. Holy. Crap.
    Skyrim? Huh. That should make waves as a launch title.
    While it is a good idea to have a fundamental controller, a straight 360 rip-off is a little on the nose. I would've liked to see something a little more unique, but shoulda, woulda, coulda.
    I'm not concerned with multiplayer functionality because I'm not going to be in a position to play with others in the first place. The sides may be small, but in the end, for me, its better that way.
    Good lord Mario looks good.
    NBA 2K17? Third party support is A MUST. Let's see what this console will have in its first year on the market.
    So Splatoon 2 right? Not a port, but a full fledged remake? Right?

    Now for what matters to me: Whats your price point and your launch lineup? I might get this, and that stuns me. I actually might get another console. But games and budget trump all.

    Also, MAJOR Thanks and shout out to @DMCMaster for providing the video!!

  • @matt said in NX REVEALED TODAY:

    Looks ok. Not too interested in the hardware or its features. Mostly interest in their game lineup. No backwards compatibility is a bummer.

    IMO handheld games are best suited for handheld devices. It was always an intriguing concept to have high powered console games on the go, but this was the premise for PSP and Vita. And look how those turned out.

    Nintendo is delusional if they truly believe people will go play console games socially in public. People get out to get out. Most people play online. Local multiplayer is mostly dead.

    I get where you're coming from with this but a lot of the dedicated handheld market has been dominated by console style gaming of late. The 3DS is basically JRPG machine at this point and the Vita* has a similar niche-core appeal albeit with more of an indie slant. Mobile has eaten up the casual short play session games. So the Switch seems like a good move in that it is making an actual attempt at giving you console like experiences with presumably a catalogue of smaller footprint games to play on the go instead of pulling out your phone. That's Nintendo making an effort to appease the core while also potentially winning back the casual audience they've lost to mobile games.

    With the local multiplayer aspect I will have to totally disagree with you. Every few months or so I get together with my closet friends for a weekend of hanging out. We're pushing 30 so time is precious and when we get together we want to share experiences. We mainly play board games but I usually bring a console with me too and we play a lot of local multiplayer titles. If the ease of use for local multiplayer is as smooth as the trailer shows then the Switch is on to something in my book.

    Support for 2 players no matter what, wherever you are is a big thing. Then having two Switches next to each other connecting and supporting 4 players just makes it so accessible. So while the video showed a lot of less than realistic situations of people coming together to play on the Switch, I think there is the potential for stuff like that to actually happen. But instead of hanging out by the basketball court, think more 30+ year old people attempting to relive their youth by playing Bomberman on tiny controllers while drinking.

    For me and my situation though it is perfect. I have an hour or so public transport commute in and out of London each day which since having a baby has become my prime gaming time. Knowing that I can play a full NEW Zelda game on the train and presumably the next Gen of Pokémon titles while also still being able to enjoy new Mario, Animal Crossing, Metroid (plz nintendo it is time!), StarFox, Smash, etc. all on the go has me really excited. Hooking it up to the TV when I get the chance is just an added bonus. Then the multiplayer stuff works with being able to share it with my friends when I see them.

    I'm pretty much sold on it but I need to see more games.

    The poor Vita, it truly is the handheld space's Dreamcast...*
    **The poor Dreamcast, it truly was the best console if you were into a certain style of game...

  • @thenerdtheword Mirrors my outlook entirely. I couldn't be more excited!

  • Now that Nintendo has the official reveal of the concept done, I can't wait for their next Direct (or however they chose to give the next info drop). Hopefully it'll focus on games. Basically all they need to do is formally unveil that Mario game they showed, then have a segment talking about the WiiU ports, then their 3rd party partnerships (complete with teaser trailer for Switch exclusive BG&E2), and then they end with BAM Metroid Prime 4 teaser........okay a man can dream can't he!?

  • @thenerdtheword whoa whoa whoa, let's not get carried away with the Vita here. I recognize it's got a lot of good JRPG games, but it's no Dreamcast. I have a lot of consoles and handhelds. Most of the important ones anyway. So I'm not being biased. I only really use my Vita when I travel by plane. Other than that, I usually can't be bothered enough to take it with me for short trips. And the best things I play on it are PSX and PSP games.

    Lately I've been playing 3DS and GBA SP for handheld gaming. Yoshi's Island is great because you can pull it out and play level by level. I do play Zelda Ocarina of Time on 3DS, but only when I'm on a long enough trip that I know I can complete a dungeon. I prefer not to jump in and out of long epic adventure games. But that's my personal preference.

    And I'm not an online gamer. I just notice that's where most of the multiplayer attention has gone. I'm more of a Bosman, I usually just play solo because I don't have any online services or friends that play. Nintendo seems to be probably the best first party to consistently support local multiplayer, but still, the scenario you described where you bring a console to a friend's house to play isn't entirely logical. You can pretty much do the same thing with any other console. Especially now that PS4 and Xbox One both have slim models now, it's not that difficult.

    I'm not trying to hate. I'd love to have more great consoles and great games to play. But the reveal trailer didn't do anything for me. Console gaming on the go is all I'm seeing and I instantly get reminded of being been burnt by the PSP and the Vita. Well, not so much the Vita because I was a late adopter and knew what it was when I got it. Like Huber, if I'm going to play a big epic solo campaign like Zelda or Mario, I'm going to want to enjoy it and most of its moments at home where I can get cozy and set the tone.

    Congrats on the baby btw. I don't know how long since you've been a dad, but I just had my first baby last week. Such an awesome time, but I'm with you on the gaming platform priorities.

  • Hey, guys? Nintendo made a black console.

    alt text

  • @Haru17 my Wii U, 3DS, N64, and GBA SP are black...

  • @thenerdtheword @matt Congrats to you both on being parents!

    @matt You were burned by PSP? Bummer. That's my favorite handheld system. Oh well. Not for everyone I guess. :thumbsup:

  • @matt Obviously, but the only console Nintendo has initially marketed/released in black was the N64. It's all been purple, gray, and white.

  • The audio in the archive (both Twitch and Youtube) is missing audio at a crucial part, so we can't hear their reactions. This is due to copyright issues since there was music in the trailer, and whoever the publisher of that song is probably automatically muting thr audio (I'm just guessing here).

    Regardless, did anyone happen to record EZA's reactions? If so, is it possible that you could share it?

  • Alright, I've digested everything now, so here's my take.

    So this is pretty much everything I expected based on the various rumours, and very well executed. For me that was an excellent reveal trailer. It ticks all the boxes.

    • The console's name and logo are snappy, catchy, and express the concept. And it was shown several times throughout.
    • The trailer showed what the console was about, what it offers, what makes it unique. Something they never managed to convey with the Wii U.
    • Showed both Nintendo and 3rd party games. There's a promise there.
    • It's something for everyone, hardcore and casual.
    • No kids shown. This is for adults and young adults (and of course kids are attracted to adult stuff, so it will appeal to them automatically anyway).
    • A nod to esports.
    • Overall it's a very "shareable" trailer, made for social media.

    I'm hardly exaggerating if I say that right now, not even 24 hours later, there are more people in the world aware of the Switch than people who know what a Wii U is.

    Now personally, I am pumped! No longer having to split their development teams between home and portable consoles, a renewed effort to attract third-parties, means the console should not suffer from any sort of software drought.

    And this console is all about choice. It pretty much takes the best aspects of the Wii, Wii U and 3DS, improves upon them and consolidates them into one system.

    You want full epic HD experiences on your TV with a classic controller? We've got you covered.
    You want to take those games with you and play them anywhere? You can.
    You prefer handheld-style games like Pokemon or Fire Emblem? They'll be there. (AND you can also play them on your TV!)
    Your friends don't have the console and you want to play with them? Use the detachable controllers and everyone can play.
    You do have a friend who has the console and want to play local co-op? Just bring it over.

    There are still question marks of course, and it wouldn't be Nintendo if they didn't eff up somewhere, but I have no reason to be cynical or skeptical with what they've shown so far.

    I'M ALL IN!

  • Where's

  • @Haru17 Busy making Super Metroid Prime 4, don't worry!

  • @Brannox thanks for the kind sentiments. Don't get wrong, i still have my PSP and I do love it. But I remember getting it day one. It promised high powered handheld gaming. But that also showed me high powered handheld gaming was not all it was cracked up to be. If you were there and remember, the PSP had a nice hype but it took awhile for it to come into its own. They have a lot of great games but a lot of its library consisted of watered down home console experiences. That combined with handheld load times and lower battery life, it didn't evoke the same joy and convenience as gameboy, game gear, gameboy color, gameboy advanced and Nintendo DS. Their game selections were unique and set themselves apart from other consoles and handhelds. It took a but of time for PSP and Vita to achieve that and by the time they did it felt a bit too late, IMHO

  • @matt I've been a dad for 7 months now so we are at the stage where she is beginning to crawl so we have to keep moving obstacles out of her way! We're also already getting her gaming, she gets a surprising amount of joy from pressing the horn button on the gamepad in Mario Kart 8!

    With the Switch I get your hesitation. The PSP quickly became something else than its original intent and the Vita sadly had a much rougher time of it. I think the Switch has the potential to break that barrier because Nintendo seem to be concentrating their firstparty lineup on this one device. No split attention between handheld and home console platforms just one device that does both. Which means we should get a nice steady stream of firstparty games instead of the usual sporadic bursts.

    I could be completely wrong though :D