• I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm kinda excited for the switch. I'm glad they're bowing out of the console business and going full handheld.

    And inb4 "But you can play it on your TV, it's not handheld."

    You can play PS Vita on TV too. Make no mistake, this is a handheld device. And I think that's better, for Nintendo, for gamers, for everyone. Now I can stop expecting something from them, and consequently stop being disappointed when they fail to live up to the same standards as the other two.

    As opposed to an underpowered console, we're now getting a high-powered handheld from Nintendo? Hell yeah! That sounds way better. It's like a Vita, but with games.


    @Musou-Tensei most of them arent happy that they make video games

    i always like investor meetings for shit like this

    “I do not understand video games and I even feel angry because, at Nintendo’s shareholders’ meetings, the shareholders always discuss things relating to video games or such childish topics as “what the future of video games should be,” while I, for one, was flabbergasted that Mr. Iwata continues to hold his position although he had said that he would resign if the company’s performance were bad.”

    I hope that Nintendo’s shareholders’ meeting will become an opportunity where the shareholders discuss the company’s business operations from the viewpoints of capital gain and dividend”

    I hate these people so much.

  • If I'm an "oddity," than y'all nerds is deplorable as sheeeeet!

    Anyway, @Bigdude1, what tech doesn't exist for gaming at the moment? Everything else is open world, so Rockstar and Bethesda's used-to-be-really-hard technological feat is relatively easy now. Virtual reality — specifically VR controls and consumer-priced high fidelity VR — are what's missing.


    And sorry to burst bubbles, but Elder Scrolls VI ain't gonna be on Switch. Howard has been quoted as saying that game is years away, as well as "not possible with current technology." So not only will it probably fall after the Switch's timeframe, but it's probably trying to do high fidelity VR for a mass market, which won't work until at least PS5.

    Targeting VR is an assumption. I took his usage of the word "technology" to mean "our new engine isn't ready yet" - clearly, Gamebryo can be pushed no further. They're not going to just sit on their arses waiting for something that's out of their control in regards to their biggest franchise...

  • @Haru17 i think it's all a marketing ploy, he has no idea what tech he is actually looking for.

    its probably just a ploy to way for scorpio or something.

  • If the Nintendo Switch means that Nintendo will drop making new dedicated handheld devices, this is brilliant. If Nintendo tries to make new handheld (I doubt they will), this is insanity. I have never owned any handheld console (or Nintendo console) but this is something that interests me. Upgraded WiiU+3DS games with single machine = Win.

  • I am already 100% sold. They should have consolidated their console and handheld lines years ago. Like Bloodworth said in the reaction stream, Nintendo not having to split development between 2 platforms will be great. We'll see if 3rd parties stay on board.

  • @Bigdude1
    Could be a enhanced port
    Dragon Quest might be a launch title in Japan, but I highly doubt a Western release

    Going to take my stab now at possible Wii U ports, as to be completely honest, I suspect most of the big Wii U games to be ported over
    Splatoon Enhanced
    Mario Kart 8 Enhanced (notice King Boo and the two item slots)
    Smash 4 Enhanced (All DLC, Most of the stages from the 3DS version, and Possibly a few new characters, along with balance changes)
    Hyrule Warriors Enhanced (towards the end of the launch cycle)
    Xenoblade Chronicles X
    Wind Waker/Twilight Princess HD Dual pack (probably releasing towards the end of the launch cycle)
    FExSMT Enhanced (Will probably be called "Uncut" or "Directors Cut" in the Western release)
    Super Mario Maker
    I also foresee a few 3DS games getting enhanced ports, although the only thing that springs to mind now is Pokemon and Monster Hunter

  • @Bigdude1 If it was a marketing ploy, wouldn't they have to reveal the game first?

    Aaaaanyway, Bethesda isn't shilling for the Scorpio now, they're shilling for the NX.

  • I'm so hyped, can't wait to get this with BotW on day 1!

  • @Haru17 it just doesnt make sense for it to be vr, because its really not taking off

  • @TheHorsecockexpress they might make a smaller one more designed for portability but i think they will try to make it all uniform so all games they develop are for the switch family of games

  • New fully fledged Zelda and Mario on the go you guys. That's all we need any other games are an added bonus. I can't wait for my fellow commuters to pretend not to be interested* in what I am playing on this bad boy!

    *We're British it wouldn't be polite to actively watch someone enjoy a thing!

  • Banned

    @thenerdtheword said in NX (NOW NINTENDO SWITCH) REVEALED TODAY:

    New fully fledged Zelda and Mario on the go you guys. That's all we need

    Boy, I sure do wish Nintendo created a brand new IP for a brand new Gen. That'd be swell.

    Not that jumping on Goomba's or cutting grass with the Master Sword isn't fun. I'm just Super Saiyan.

  • @Art new IP would be great but sadly Nintendo are trapped in having to cater to people like me who just want the same thing from them every gen!

  • @thenerdtheword said in NX (NOW NINTENDO SWITCH) REVEALED TODAY:

    @Art new IP would be great but sadly Nintendo are trapped in having to cater to people like me who just want the same thing from them every gen!

    Well the Wii U did get Splatoon, so new IP from Nintendo in a new gen isn't unheard of.

  • http://www.usgamer.net/articles/nintendo-switch-launch-date-price-to-be-revealed-on-january-12

    Looks like we'll know everything on January 12. While I'm ot a fan in general of the "announcement of the announcement" it's nice to know when details are coming.

  • Especially when Nintendo gives a stealth announcement for the following morning. Now we have two and a half months to prepare. At least we know when we can expect details.

  • @Cypher
    At least its better then Square Enix announcing a announcement about a future announcement to announce a announcement for the real announcement.

    Either way, ill be sure to take that day off so I can watch it.

    One thing I both look forward to and dread is how many games will we see from the 3DS and WiiU ported over?