• I'm happy to take a graphics and stability hit when playing on the go providing it isn't too detrimental to the gameplay.

    Any word on if the screen is a touchscreen? Would be weird if it wasn't.

  • @thenerdtheword I'm pretty sure i saw that it was, but I think it was on The Verge or something, so may not be official.

  • It's everything I wanted! The name is stupid, but it wouldn't be a real Nintendo console without a stupid name! We back!

  • While I like NX (I prefer the codename) as a gimmick and its design, I have no reason to get it. I have no nostalgia for Mario and I'll play Skyrim on PC where I can have all mods possible. Only Zelda intrigues me, but I won't spend 300$ (presumably) for it. I'm happy with the expanded 3rd party support and I like how it looks, but (so far) it has done nothing to bring me in, as a new customer. If anything I'll probably get Wii u on the cheap, and have that as a Zelda machine. But I would really like to see the final launch lineup.

  • None of the situations in the video are realistic. I'm going to get it simply because of how much I'm into games, but if they honestly think your average person is going to take this around with them, especially when so many are already carrying a tablet, I don't see this doing well at all, regardless of how good the system is.

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    @Sheria said in NX REVEALED TODAY:

    None of the situations in the video are realistic.

    You mean you don't play basketball with your friends on your Switch after playing a game of basketball in real life with your friends?

  • So it's not NX but NS... NS... cough, dunno about other countries but here in germany NS is used as short for national socialism, OH SHIT THE NINTENDO NS!!!

    Well... I dunno, the handheld part is absolutely arbitrary to me, the only reason I play on Vita and 3DS are games I can't play on consoles. The D-Pad on the NS pad looks horrible, but at least the Pro Controller is now a complete 360 rip off, that is a positive thing as I still think that the 360 pad design is the best, the Wii U's Pro Pad kinda sucked imo, I realyl don't like using it, I even prefer to play Bayo 2 with the Wii U Pad.

    I really hope the Mario game is more like Mario 64 and not like Super Mario Sunshine, well I see no FLUDD on his back so this might be good.

    I see Platinum on the support list so I have some hope for a Bayo 3 or TW102.

    The trailer itself was fantasy world, all the cool things you can do but in reality barely anyone will.

    I really wonder how long the batteries last, thinking about the Wii U Pad and 3DS, they need big improvements on this part.

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    @Musou-Tensei said in NX REVEALED TODAY:

    Well... I dunno, the handheld part is absolutely arbitrary to me, the only reason I play on Vita and 3DS are games I can't play on consoles.

    You realize that 3DS game devs will more than likely drop that handheld and immediately jump on this, right?

    This kills the DS.

  • @Art That only goes for future projects though, the games I already have and are still coming to 3DS exclusively won't disappear.
    Something dawned on me though, the next main Pokemon games after Sun and Moon could be for NS, which means finally a main Pokemon on the big screen again (again because playing GBA games on the GC's Game Boy Player). That would be pretty cool actually.

    Also just looked at the support list again and realized Marvelous is on it too, which could mean that there might be a NS exclusive Senran Kagura or something else from Righteous Boobage Producer Takaki, then I'm 100% sold :3

  • @Art said in NX REVEALED TODAY:

    @Syran The human eye can't see past 15 fps anyway. Movie makers in the 1920s' knew this.

    Anything beyond that is extravagance.

    That's... not quite how that works. ^^'

    15 FPS is generally cited as the minimum required for our brains to interpret an object as moving. A lower frame rate would just be a succession of still images. But pretty much anyone can discern the difference between 15 and 30 FPS, and obviously most people can also see the difference between 30 and 60. According to the study linked here, 45 FPS is the average humans can perceive. 15 FPS would make most games pretty much unplayable.

    In case you were only trolling to begin with: Well, you got me!

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    I can't wait to see Sony's portable console next gen. You know it's coming.

  • @Syran i think you need to adjust your sarcasm detector. :)

  • @Art said in NX REVEALED TODAY:

    I can't wait to see Sony's portable console next gen. You know it's coming.

    This thing is basically a vita+vita tv already.

  • @TokyoSlim You'd be surprised how many people are convinced that 24 FPS is the maximum human eyes can perceive. But I guess this forum is a more sophisticated environment, so you may be right. xD

  • Can't wait to hear Kyle talk about this

  • Getting pretty hyped for this! I was nervous about whatever gimmick Nintendo was gonna add to their next console, but this is something that I can deal with and actually get more excited about the more I think about it. Looks good, glad to see some big 3rd Party names there, nice to see Nintendo putting themselves back into the name of the console, and I'm excited for a new 3D Mario game!

    Hoping we see Nintendo follow up soon to answer questions like prices, battery life, all that jazz. But I'm definitely very optimistic.

  • I will never undertand people that want all consoles to look the same,play the same and play the exact same games.

  • Wow, came back from vacation and it's NX/NS reveal day! I'm liking what I'm seeing. But I share the same sentiments as Don. I'm excited for sure but also kinda bewildered about the system. It's cool but at the same time I'm going, "Whaa...? Why? Oh... okay?" So many questions left to answer, especially the specs...

    One thing I did notice was that the Joy-Cons do seem to have shoulder buttons (more like a see-saw switch?) which double as the slide lock when docking.

  • Did anyone realize that there seems to be no manual camera movement in the Mario gameplay and basically all she does is going in one direction? This has me worried actually, please don't be like Crash Bandicoot.

  • Looks ok. Not too interested in the hardware or its features. Mostly interest in their game lineup. No backwards compatibility is a bummer.

    IMO handheld games are best suited for handheld devices. It was always an intriguing concept to have high powered console games on the go, but this was the premise for PSP and Vita. And look how those turned out.

    Nintendo is delusional if they truly believe people will go play console games socially in public. People get out to get out. Most people play online. Local multiplayer is mostly dead.