Kyle Bosman Guest Spot Masterlist

  • @jifw52 so Kyle is just a punching bag for Keighley XD

  • Not a guest spot and pure speculation, but I think Kyle might have gotten a shout out of sorts on the Taco Bell episode of Doughboys with Gillian Jacobs. Nick mentions he has a friend from "his video game industry days" that used to eat Taco Bell pretty much exclusively, to the point where he got scurvy. Given that both Nick and Mitch (the hosts of the show) are members/alums of UCB in LA, my gut believes the mystery friend is Kyle. Either way thought it was a pretty funny story from a pretty funny podcast that people might like.
    "If I can pass with a C, why bother with an A? In the same way, Taco Bell gets me through the day"

  • Bosman latest or maybe last appearance on Keighleys E3 show. Starts at 7:23:22.
    Youtube Video – [7:23:22..]

  • "Maybe last" seems accurate, lol.

  • Ouch that wasn't great :(

  • I feel like every year Bosman brings his worse to Keighley, but I'll applaud Kyle for having way better body language this year over previous years. Also, knowing Kyle, I wouldn't be surprised if Kyle bringing his worst ideas to one of the places with the most exposure was a meta bit he can't stop himself from doing.

  • While Kyle was/is in Germany he had a super cool surprise by visiting the lovely Anne Wernicke. :) They streamed Mario Maker 2 for almost four hours last night. The two of them went well together, I enjoyed this a lot.

    Mario Maker 2 with Kyle Bosman from Easy Allies / KyloAnne
    Youtube Video