Red Dead Redemption 2 (PS4/XBO/PC)

  • Final moments in this pre RDR2 gameplay world of ours. Brandon will be watching the reveal if anyone's interested, he'll go live 10 minutes before the moment, so very soon. I'll watch this first alone (a number of times) and then check his reactions and comments a bit later. Exciting times!

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    Youtube Video

    Need to watch it properly later as I'm in work but what I saw and heard seemed really good.

    Also seems like we'll be getting more of these gameplay videos.

  • Those environments look so calling to me that it's unreal! So freaking beautiful. So much space around you, and that lighting and all. Oh man, I'm in love.

    Really cool that you can now interact with a lot of people, it seems, in different ways. Antagonize or let it be, threaten someone silent etc. A ridiculous amount of new info in six minutes, this is how it's supposed to be. And yes, a good number of similar videos are still on their way during these last month and half.

  • The environments look absolutely fantastic. The details within the store are great, and the particle effects... damn the game look beautiful.

    The gameplay on the other hand looks mostly similar to the original, for good and bad. Though I loved seeing people get all salty after the trailer. Worth it just for that alone.

  • It's gonna be a real purty game

  • I really hope they announce PC version soon.

  • @black-cell It's gonna be a couple years. This is Rockstar.

  • One hour+ of Jones reactions.

    Youtube Video

  • Breathtaking, this moment.

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    @black-cell said in Red Dead Redemption 2 (PS4/XBO):

    I really hope they announce PC version soon.

    I'll probably just get it for PS4. I recently finished putting together a home theater system. I can use my computer from the living room with 65 feet of HDMI and a wireless keyboard and mouse (The dongle is connected to a long USB repeater cable stapled to the wall.), but the lag is slightly too great for PC playing. I mostly use the PC from the living room to watch movies and listen to music without headphones. I could PC game in the living room by moving the computer over there, but I really don't want to. I'm not expecting a great shooter anyway. Rockstar is more concerned with realism than efficiency and fun. GTA V was so sluggish. It tries to be authentic at the expense of animations. You just know the default movement is gonna be walking. Even accelerating from a walk to a run or vise versa takes a slow moment. It's just poor. Their open world design is a jack of all trades. The core mechanics are never that good because they have to do so many different things, appease so many different fans. Which makes the mouse and keyboard benefit not that important. Might as well make full use of my new entertainment center for this one, which I spent far too much on not to see/hear this wild west on. What's the point of better graphics if I'm looking at them through a 27 inch screen with no HDR and no surround sound?

  • This looks to be going in the right direction. I felt like RDR didn't need to be in the west. The gameplay was essentially just a typical shooter. RDR2 suits the theme a lot more with the bar fights, and roaming the varied wild environments. It doesn't look like GTA in the Wild West and I'm happy about that.

  • @dipset RDR wasnt GTA in the wild west though.....

  • @bigdude1

    GTA IV and RDR are very similar games. Especially the cover system, shooting mechanics, and mostly mission structure. I felt like RDR could have been a lot more than it was and so could GTA V for that matter as each game has only marginally introduced new ideas since GTA IV. RDR2 already has addressed my concern that there will not be new ideas. It looks a lot more fresh than I imagined.

  • Rockstar's been busy: so far they've tweeted 22 character posters like this today, every 30 minutes or so.

    Check them out on their account, no sense copying them all here. I don't know how many there'll be, but I need some sleep now and check the rest in the morning.

  • @sentinel-beach Aaaand.... I still hate Uncle. Even when he's younger.

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  • Jones just uploaded his hand-on preview. Haven't watched it, it's pretty long (40 minutes).

    Youtube Video

    Also, there's this. Man, i forgot that GTA V had FPS mode so i didn't expect this at all. I'll be playing in first person the whole way through, this is a dream come true for me lol.

  • First person mode confimred. YAY!!

    its also indicator that it may release on PC.

  • Is it too early to call this Game of the Year? Cause, I mean, sorry God of War, Yakuza and Spider-man, but this game is just exceeding my already high expectations at every turn.

  • @b-cell
    How is a first person mode a indicator that it might release on PC