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    I caved when I saw Amazon offered free day one delivery last night still, so I do have it now, just not at home.

    The reviews aren't really doing anything for me, having similar concerns as Tokeeffe9. A lot of attention being focused on the attention to detail which fine, helps make a world feel more alive, but that's just icing really whereas the core campaign and where it takes you is the real meat of this thing and not much is spoken if it.

    the thing that save original RDR was wild west setting. no game before that done very nicely. but if you removie wild west setting. it would have become another generic open world action game. not even story was that good.

    Original RDR was good 7/10 game. not 10/10 and best ever.

    so im not surprised by 10s rating.

    I guess max payne 3 always remain rockstar best game. unfortunately rockstars lowest rated too.

    I think its take on the Wild West was extremely generic to be honest, it pulled from so many movies and tropes simply because they knew they could get away with it due to how few Western games were out there.

    I'm not going to speculate on reviewers and their scoring systems. The popularity of Rockstar's games relies too much on their agressive advertising though in my opinion.

    Max Payne 3 sucked though, so no, I highly disagree with that. God, how can you honestly put that ... thing.... above the original two....

    I dont take max payne 3 over original. Original was masterpiece but i find MP3 better than 2.

    Max payne 3 was excellent game. the core gameplay and shooting is easily best in any of third person game. it does have problems like unskipabble cutscenes but when it comes to gameplay. its shine.

  • Played through the first two hours and completed Chapter 1 with its tutorial missions, sort of. Now the world actually opens up and the game begins. What an overwhelming feeling this is! :) I think I'll help around the camp, start to upgrade it, and then slowly start to widen my circle around it. This game'll last till Christmas, at least.

  • I'm very worried about the start from.what I've heard, it seems like that slow walking/talking Naughty Dog syndrome hits it.

  • I have to admit watching the last two Huber Syndromes about red dead redemption was very helpful.

    Chapter 1 was great imo, it set up the story and some of the side characters, it never felt boring to me.

    My 1 complain so far is the bounty system, i finished a mission and some how got a bounty, after that i was riding my horse and bumped into a guy and somehow that was a "crime", in the end i got killed and lost all the animal belts on my horse.

  • Black Cell, you are fixated on the definition of 10/10. Every publication has their own scale and arbitrary system of how to place a score on a game within it. YOUR PERSONAL SCALE means 10/10 is perfect, but we are critiquing art, not an essay so my scale nor many critics agree with you.

    I'd also rate RDR a 7-8/10, but I'm not opposed to somebody giving it a 10/10 on their personal scale. Different people value different things, it isn't that difficult to understand.

    OT, my coworker was bragging about how fast he downloaded RDR2. 30 minutes to do 96GB I think he said. Damn, I wish my neighbourhood has fiber optic internet.

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    Welp, once my raise kicks in I know what I'm upgrading to.

  • Not sure if anyone has heard but Amazon Canada are pulling some seriously disgusting anti consumer moves for the people who ordered the game with the E3 discount. Friend of mine got two copies and was giving me one but they've both been delayed to December at the moment... so decided to buy it digitally instead. Looking forward to it.

  • So maybe a good 15ish hours in, and enjoying the hell out of it, was honestly expecting the "survival" to interfere with the game, but it hasn't. Will say I was a bit disappointed by the intro compared to RDR1. Not sure how to describe it just yet, but I feel like it did more in its first hour compared to RDR2's first hour.

    Also great hearing Rob Wiethoff back as Marston as I believe he retired from acting after RDR1 (minus his cameo in GTA5)

  • @b-cell tap x to run isnt bad though

  • @bigdude1
    I mean hell that's been a Rockstar staple all the back on the N64 I believe

  • Just encountered a cameo from a character from another Rockstar game....the one possibly coming out next.


    I found this from somewhere else. if this control like this. it even worse than TW3.

    then holy crap how does it get 10/10???

    you can praise enviroment or world or story you like but atleast criticize a freaking CONTROLS!!!. this is the main thing that can make or break a freaking game!.

    All i hope is if PC version have modify controls on keyboard and mouse..

  • @b-cell I don't see a problem here. Arthur moves where he is supposed to. That's a style chosen for the game. Not every game needs its character spinning 360 on a coin, so to speak. It's clear you're speaking as a PC gamer, an FPS player even more so. This is something very different to those kind of games. After two days of playing this now I don't have a problem in this area.

  • @b-cell you're showing everyone that is the issue with review scores. All you're doing is focusing on a number which means different things to different people instead of actually critiquing the game. Instead of focusing on that, just play games and give us an actual discussion on the game.

    As for Red Dead, I'm only two missions in. Absolutely no denying it's a beautiful game so far. My only concern is what I've seen mentioned about the 'immersive mode' by turning off the map. Pre launch, it seemed like this was very much an option but going by some tweets (I'll post at the end) it seems like it's not as well implemented as it was suggested. Sounds like you hit fail states and get harassed by npcs constantly... so that is disappointing but I'll see for myself.

    Gonna really sink a few hours into it now.

  • I've only played a for a couple hours, Im enjoying the combat and the world, but everything is so slow! Looting, walking in camp (cant run in camp), inspecting objects and moving within buildings.

    I get the feel for immersion, but its just so boring to take 5 or 6 seconds to loot a drawer, and then if you're looting 10+ bodies, it just takes so long.

    Otherwise I like it when you're riding and in combat

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    So far that is true, Im not far in it, Im sure it opens up, but things like looting and walking in camp and in buildings is slow and tedious unfortunately

    Out in the wild though is a lot quicker

  • @b-cell Maybe try playing the game yourself before you start criticizing things like controls?

  • The Bastardly Seven

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    I dont own any consoles and i want it on my PC. what i hope is they should improve control for PC port in future.

  • If GTA5 is anything to go on it will be the same weighted MP3 ish feel on PC too.