Red Dead Redemption 2 (PS4/XBO/PC)

  • Just beat it and......damn.
    Now on to the Epilogue that's apparently about half the length of the main game

  • So, uhh... I was riding my horse up to Rhodes and saw a glowing yellow spot on the ground. I was naturally intrigued by this, so I went over to check it out. After hovering above it for a short while on my horse, I figured it was just a glitch and was about to leave. Right as I was leaving, my horse bucked me off and proceeded to spontaneously combust.

    I quit and reloaded a save, which lost me about 20 minutes of progress. It could have been worse, but it still sucked. I have no idea if it was a glitch, or just a weird Rockstar thing, but damn it was odd. So, word of warning, if you see a glowing yellow spot on the ground, avoid it at all costs.

  • I came across the same thing in the middle of the day once, actually lost "Jim the Horse" the 1st because of it.

    Also I don't want to spoil it, but that last 3 missions is probably some of Rockstar's strongest stuff to date, especially since it has one type of mission I thought was severely lacking from RDR1.

  • I've stopped playing unfortunately. It's got a lot going for it, but it's all just killed by how much of an unnecessary chore the game makes everything.

  • The credits have rolled.

    My God, this was a strong one. Left me speechless for such a long time after everything.

    The story and the characters were the best I've seen from Rockstar, absolutely phenomenal execution. The game's simply so all-encompassing, I'm going through so many emotions, feels in my stomach. This is an extremely intensive and also intimate game, you got so deep in so many senses. The focus remained sharp, and the whole journey feels right. The couple this forms with the original! Remembering and knowing its happenings. These two complete each other so well, and that makes it so much more than the sum of its parts. The world and all of its details and interactions were perfectly harnessed into a set that hasn't ever been seen before. Into something that enabled all of this to simply work.

    I'd have so much to say about the story and Arthur and everything, but I don't even dare using spoiler texts here yet. Go and live that story. Feel it.

  • Ok, there's a song in the Epilogue that I need to find.

  • Hunting small animals is a real pain in the ass, i want to upgrade my satchel but it doesn't seem to be worth my time.

  • Some ass just spoiled the ending for me, so that sucks. I guess that's what I deserve for browsing Twitter.

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    I've been meaning to post thoughts on a few games I've been playing/completed but always get distracted. Fortunately Mark Brown essentially posted my thoughts for me.

    Before I link it, I do want to say that I'm not as disappointed as Mark however I do totally agree with him. I'm towards the end of chapter 3 and really enjoying the game. The main thing I'm actually enjoying is just the conversations and slow build of a lot of things but it is a bit disappointing to see that so little of that actually matters to the main narrative (so far anyway).

    GMTK Patreon - Thoughts on Red Dead Redemption 2 (No spoilers)

    The biggest point he brings up is just how restrictive the main story is and how that contrasts to the side content and other games. We see a lot of other games where they embrace the systems they have created like MGSV, BotW, Far Cry etc. Whatever you do in the open world, you're pretty free to do in the main missions but in RDR2 you have to follow a very strict path the majority of the time.

    And my other main issue is something I think I mentioned where the combat just isn't that good, it's a minor if any improvement over the previous Rockstar games and therefore offers very little in any real challenge and negates any incentive in actually upgrading anything.

    But with that said, I'm definitely enjoying my time with the game. I look forward to playing more of it, seeing where the story goes, having a random encounter or seeing a bustling town but the gameplay itself is mostly fine.

    And I don't believe this is spoiling anything but please let me know if you think it is. My favourite mission so far was pretty recent, a bank robbery mission. Without going into detail I just felt like the whole arc of that mission was excellent and really made you think about the character you are. The tone throughout the whole piece was just great.

  • Great game, incredible open world that resulted into a lot of hilarity and unexpected crazy things happening. Disappointing combat/shooting. The controls felt so off that I started to just use the auto aim which made shooting super simple and boring unfortunately. Press L2, rise the aim a little, head shot, repeat.

    The story and especially the story telling was top notch. Lost some steam as it went along but I won't go into it here as it's somewhat spoilery stuff.

    Strong nine for me and the online stuff might raise even that.

  • Ok something odd I think I've noticed in the Epilogue

    Spoiler Is it me or is John's face all wrong, I swear he looks completely different from RDR1, and how he looks in earlier scenes in the game

  • And done, well almost, 77%, not sure if or when I will get around to finishing the compendium, but the Epilogue is complete and damn is it good.
    I hope we see more Epilogues like this out of Rockstar for whatevers next.
    Now hopefully we get some single player DLC and not just a flood of multiplayer stuff, like spinners for horses.

    Also I'm curious as to where they can take Redemption next taking back to the golden days of the wild west could be interesting, or maybe do another Revolver that doesn't take itself at seriously as Redemption.

  • I bought today The Complete Official Guide - Collector's Edition. What a beautiful book. So. Much. Info. This is honestly perfect now in the post-game world for collecting all the stuff, seeing info about animal whereabouts, and to just realize that there is a ton of secrets still just waiting to be discovered. Unique individuals and secret places etc. I'm not gonna look all those up, at least immediately, as this just encourages me to explore the world even further.

  • Only 6 hours in, and i have been spending 200$+ on nothing but weapon parts. Now my six shooter's made out of blackened steel with gold art nouveau engravings, and i have a shiny silver double barrel shotgun too. Hoping for more cool guns and customization down the road, i can see myself sticking to the Schofield when i get it (just like in RDR1) but i'm betting there's some revolvers that only obtainable after a side mission or something, that would be too good of an extra content to pass up.

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    I imagine I'm near the end of chapter 5 now. My opinions haven't changed much from earlier posts but as I said I'm very much enjoying the story. I came to post just to say that some of the tracks used in chapter 5 are pretty wild. They feel a bit out of place but I'm kinda okay with it.

    I've basically decided to just stick with the main story now as I've found a lot of the stranger quests to be pretty disappointing and I'm glad that there have been a few standout main missions now.

    Edit: oh, actually a mission into chapter 6, did not realise that.

  • @tokeeffe9
    There's a handful of really good ones in chapter 6, I dont want to spoil them, but it's the one set of stranger missions that almost feels like a cut main story mission that they didn't know where to place it with all the other story missions.

    Also I need the RDR2 OST badly

  • Finished chapter 6, i love the characters developments through the story, after i finish the epilogue and maybe %100 the game i really want to play RDR1.( i played it but never finished it)

  • I really want to blast through this game just because i dont have much time to play games recently, but i just can't. This is easily the most invested i have ever been in a Rockstar game. The amount of detail in everything just makes world feel so alive. There's so much interaction too. Being able to greet random people while visiting the towns is one of the highlights of this game for me, honestly. The time period also makes exploring the world so relaxing, there's so little distractions here, most of the time it's just you and your horse galloping through a nature-dominated landscape. It eases me to the game's slower pace pretty quickly. I can't see myself beating this game anytime soon, and i think that might a good thing this time around.

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    They say the game camera adds about 20 lbs