Red Dead Redemption 2 (PS4/XBO/PC)

  • Yep. Looks like a western.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Second unpopular opinion: Neither have I :-)

    I've been watching Red Dead Revisited as a means to be exposed to RDR for the first time and I gotta say, with it nearly complete, it's not my thing. However, this trailer was really good. Next-gen hardware is in full effect and though it was only 1 minute, I really dug the vibe it was going for.

    I am incredibly happy today happened. A lot of good vibes going on right now.

  • @Brannox I can almost never get into a game by watching someone else play through it. Games are not movies and satisfying mechanics, immersion, and etc. are better experienced first hand.

    Like if I'd never played tetris before, I'd think it was super boring and frustrating from watching Bosman play it because I have no agency, and therefore nothing invested in the outcome. Don't write of RDR just because watching Brandon enjoy it isn't making you want to enjoy it.

    That's not to say, it's going to click with everyone, but I feel like watching a let's play is below the minimum amount of effort needed to know whether or not you like something.

    I can't watch someone else eat and tell whether or not I'm gonna find the dish tasty. Sometimes you just gotta get your hands dirty.

  • @TokyoSlim Quite true, however, please allow me to respond in the order of your points:

    Games' interactivity is what makes them so phenomenal, and in my opinion, the best form of entertainment.

    I think Tetris clicks better for me, even though I haven't played it in many years, because its MUCH simpler than a complex game like RDR. The thing about Bos v. Woz that gets me is when he goes into his bits. Its a fun time, don't get me wrong, but I feel if focused more on convos with chat OR talk about the music that gets submitted, he becomes more focused, the tetrises become more frequent and it provides a more enjoyable experience. I don't have to play the game to see that I like the game for what it is.

    I do not write off RDR not because of Mr. Jones's enjoyment. It is that VERY enjoyment (plus I like to see things through) is why I keep going back to Red Dead Revisited. It's a jolly time. Granted, I can almost never watch streams live because of that irritating thing called life, but when I can grab the archive, it's a real positive to my week.

    I DO write off Red Dead because from what I've seen, the story is one that hasn't gripped me. Some stranger missions have provided a few chuckles, but on the whole, as I'm typing this, the thoughts in my mind when I think "Red Dead" are: A LOT of horse riding, not much in the musical score (in terms of variation, which isn't a bad thing, but I like just a dash more variety. Understandable for the time period, but still), more horse riding, and characters, with the exception of Marston, Bonnie, and the sheriff, that are mostly forgettable.

    I'm not into Westerns to begin with, but (as I often do and it typically ends up biting me) I was curious as to why so many people love it.

    To give you an example, I was HIGH on E3 2015 hype. The year of dreams. Sony, just absolutely CRUSHING their conference with the announcements of a returning Last Guardian, the kickstarter of Shenmue III and my personal favorite, the promise of a FF VII: Remake (And of course Mr. Huber's reaction. Watching that is now a yearly E3 tradition for me :-P ) I was SO happy for us gamers. I thought: Hell, everyone's SUPER stoked on Last Guardian. Let me get Ico and SotC (Games I'm predicted in the top 10 over in the EZA community thread by the way). Bought 'em. Played 'em. Hate 'em. Now I know the Last Guardian will get some love, but I won't be pursuing it. Once again, I had been burned by trying games because other people were so high on them and I wasn't initially into them.

    This is why watching a stream is better for me. I hope one of the Allies does a Half-life or Half-Life 2 stream, or even a full playthrough of Final Fantasy IX: Games held with such high praise, that I've never played, packaged in a format that is more consumable to me. Once again, YES, the essence of it is lost, for the most part, without having the experience yourself. It's just a, (for lack of a more proper term) safer bet for me.

    As far as your food example, I'm not entirely in agreement on, but I do understand your point.

    Thank you for providing me an opportunity for a great discussion! Love and Respect.

  • I know I'm in a minority when I say I don't really like open world games. While I've enjoyed a couple of them, as somebody whose limit on gaming comes from time more than money, I find massive, mediocre games to be not worth playing compared to smaller, tighter games with a greater "quality density."

    Despite not liking GTA or open world games in general, I LOVED Red Dead Redemption. Why? The novelty of that Western setting. The superb writing. The tragedy of the fall of the West. RDR was the perfect Western video game, and my main concern for RDR2 is that it cannot possibly be any better. It did everything the West could do. I mean sure RDR2 can be a better game, but can it have that same impact as RDR1? I hope Rockstar takes a different angle on the West, maybe by making your character an actual outlaw doing robberies and stuff.

  • I may say though that one of the reasons the score of red dead redemption may not seem that good to you is that you're not immersed in the gameplay and story as you would be if you were playing . The score in RDR is masterful, in my opinion. First ride into Mexico may be one of the most memorable scored scenes in video gaming.

  • @TokyoSlim Fair point. When he got to Mexico, I was REALLY anticipating the song. As I was hearing it, and watching Marston traverse the trails... I wasn't impressed. Because THAT moment is SO thought of, I went to YouTube to give the song a completely singular experience. Still didn't like it. Less even. Just not my type of song I guess.

  • @TokyoSlim & @Brannox that arrival in Mexico is one of my favourite gaming memories. When I first played through RDR the weather system gave me a massive storm that really heightened the moment. So much so that instead of galloping down the trail I slowed my horse down to a nice gentle trot and took in the scenery and song.

  • I was extremely underwhelmed why this "trailer" - Which should've been called a teaser trailer.

    It felt like such a bad trailer that my hype for the game is pretty much gone for now. I know its going to look good.

  • Well, I called it a teaser trailer.

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    Thought it was a pretty poor trailer for the way they were building up.

    The whole thing just makes me think Rockstar absolutely bottled this. They started off with a blaze. Two images that built up crazy hype.

    Then day 3 comes and things started to fall flat, calling it RDR2, releasing it a year away and day 4 we get a short teaser trailer with 60 seconds of it in 'cinematic mode' and the last 9 seconds of what appeared to be gameplay instantly looking worse.

    I just don't understand why Rockstar announced this now. People say rockstar do what they want, but they really don't. They do the same thing everyone else does. Announce way too early and probably delay the game.

    And this is all before I even talk about how concerned I am about RDR Online and this sony MP exclusive stuff. All pointing to a game not focusing on single player.

  • @tokeeffe9 Why are you concerned with RDR online and Sony exclusive MP stuff?
    RDR online was great in the first game and PS3 had exclusive content too.

  • A teaser trailer is just intended to give you a feel for the world and overall tone of the story, real gameplay and other details will be worked out with full length trailers. They've produced so many high quality games that I would have to institutionalize myself if I started doubting them. Patience, friends!

  • @SabotageTheTruth
    I'm in very much the same boat as you. I wasn't really disappointed in anything besides the title of the game. I would have preferred something like Red Dead Revenge or something along those lines instead of Red Dead Redemption 2, but I get it, that 2 is probably going to help them sell more (but will it need that help really?). Otherwise I thought this teaser trailer was great, basically gave us an idea of how the game world is gonna look but no real details of what the game is going to be about. This seems like standard Rockstar to me, all the newer GTAs have that one trailer where it's basically exactly like this one, gives you an idea of the world you'll be playing in but not much else. Down the road I except we'll get a number of trailers focusing on gameplay/story/mechanics/etc. this was just to whet the appetite for this new game, letting everyone know, yes this is a thing and yes it looks beautiful, I wasn't excepting much more.

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    @El-Shmiablo Just because I prefer single player. GTA Online is huge now and I imagine that's what they'll keep chasing but I don't like GTA online at all.

  • @tokeeffe9 I agree with everything you said. Note, this doesn't even touch my opinions on how disgusting it is they are intentionally delaying the PC release so they can double-dip gamers.

    And I don't want to hear anyone say they "need more time" - GTA5 has made them at least $3 Billion, and regularly making hundreds of millions in pure profit from GTA Online Shark Cards. There is no way you can argue that they can't manage to release a game on PS4 and Xbox One at the same time.

    The path that Red Dead Redemption 2 is on pretty much means that Rockstar is dead to me. At least, the Rockstar that created the Ballad of Gay Tony. Maybe the new rockstar can manage to make a decent online experience, but I simply don't care. There's plenty of cash grab multiplayer games.

  • 2018 game.

  • Revolver was better than Redemption. Yeah. I went there.

  • This thread has taken a strange and unsettling turn.

  • Call of Juarez is the best western ever released.

    Okay, I'm just trying to pick a fight at this point, I'll see myself out.