Red Dead Redemption 2 (PS4/XBO/PC)

  • So... I'm in a bit of a pickle and my searches online haven't proved helpful at all, so I figured I'd ask you all. I'm still early in the game, chapter 2 near Valentine, and while browsing the doctor's office, I found a secret back room. The game immediately gives me a tool tip that I can hold up the storekeep and shut down this illegal activity. I'm certainly not playing as a good guy but I figured the law would appreciate me busting up the activity and I could make some extra cash out of it, so I do my thing, bandanna on and all. Within a few seconds of the shootout, place is surrounded by lawmen shooting at me, I had to kill a few and ran outta there.

    My problem is this - my bounty is close to $300. Since it's the beginning, I've never even had a chance to save up that much. I keep reading online that you can pay bounties off at the post office but I doubt they're going to accept a 1/3rd of what is owed. I've tried changing clothes/hairstyles, no difference. I've let several days pass in game, even going on a hunting trip with Hosea, no change. I've let Arthur die, bounty still stands. I figured I'd just work on doing missions but now a lot of them are greyed out because of my bounty, requesting I come back later. Do I need to just grind killing people or something for money? I feel completely stuck so early on for doing what the dang game recommended I do, it's beyond frustrating.

  • @sabotagethetruth you'll get enough money to pay off the bounty just by doing regular old story stuff. A lot of the stuff is greyed out, but just do something else for a while. Ride around and hunt some animals, or go find some strangers to help or go hunt bounties in another area. Basically the only thing a bounty does to you is makes bounty hunters come after you in the wild in that state.

    Also, don't forget to loot corpses of people you kill. I have like 5k in cash, but probably another 1500 in belt buckles, rings, and watches.

  • Finally made it to chapter 6.

  • @tokyoslim I'm not sure if it's a glitch or intended, but the amount of bounty hunters coming after me is... something else. I had finished killing about ten of them, looking directly at my map and boom... ten more in the north, ten more in the south.

    After about an hour of searching online, I found a video that also said you can turn yourself in at a sheriff's office... but it's best to donate all your money beforehand. So I either gotta deal with the game sending small armies after me or lose all my money. Some... fun options ahead.

  • @sabotagethetruth if you looted all those bounty hunters, you'd probably have $300 by now. :p

    You're gonna kill thousands of people in this game. It's really the least realistic part of the game.

  • @tokyoslim I've been looting them, the most I get is 50 cents and four rounds for my revolver. I also wasn't able to survive that 30 man bounty hunter rush. It's hard out here for an outlaw.

  • @sabotagethetruth hold left on the d pad and open your satchel. You don't have any buckles, rings, watches, etc? You haven't found any treasure maps yet? Etc.

    Unless you literally haven't unlocked any way to make money in the game yet, $300 shouldn't be that hard to get. You can go hunt down bounties in other states, etc.

  • @tokyoslim No treasure maps, this is super early game stuff here. I have valuables to get rid of but the constant swarms of bounty hunters make it next to impossible to get anything accomplished without feeling like I accidentally activated horde mode. I think I'm just going to donate all my money to the camp and turn myself in, it's not worth the hassle of being shot at with reckless abandon. Looks like I won't even sneeze in the direction of the law until I have at least a grand to pay off bounties, that's the lesson I'm coming away with.

  • @sabotagethetruth maybe. I dunno, I think you're probably doing something wrong, not exploring enough or something. Like, ride to Strawberry or Van Horne or something and nobody will be chasing you?

  • @tokyoslim Not at that point in the story, I don't even know where those places are. My camp is currently in the bounty zone so anything I do to make progress in that area has me under constant fire. I have Valentine on my map and the place I went bear hunting with Hosea, that's about it. I could wander around aimless for awhile until I find another town but if money is as easy to make as you say it is later on, I may as well part with the savings I have and just be done with the bounty hunter army for now.

  • @sabotagethetruth you can go anywhere you want. Leaving the territory you're wanted in will lower your chances of encountering bounty hunters and allow you to do more side missions.

  • @tokyoslim I'd personally like to do the side missions that are available instead of wandering around aimlessly, just how I prefer my open worlds. Besides, maybe Arthur will learn some new tricks in jail, like how to make toilet wine.

  • @b-cell
    Could also be a convincing fake

  • @sabotagethetruth You won't have that mindset for long. :p

  • @sabotagethetruth That Doctor office thing has caused problems for a lot of people. There was an article on Kotaku about it, about how there is literally no way to do it without the law coming after you. Luckily I had enough money before to make sure I could pay the bounty, that and I ran without killing too many so it was only like 100 for me.

    But maybe just do the story missions? Those shouldn't be unavailable, and will sometimes get you money. Or you could go and catch the best horse in the game as a fun side mission.

    Or surrender to law after spending your money on guns and clothes like a good outlaw 😊

  • @inustar I actually had a pretty funny follow-up to my trials and tribulations. So I donated all of my money to the camp, got myself a few upgrades, and headed into Valentine to turn myself in. As soon as I walk in, a cutscene triggers and the sheriff tells me, "Well I know you're not here to turn yourself in, so I've got some work for you." I'm literally shouting at the screen that I am in fact here to turn myself in, please let me pay off my bounty in jail but nope... gotta do his mission, get paid, spend the money again, and then turn myself in. Woof.

    Hopped into online with my buddy today, I needed a break from Arthur's life for a bit. I'll post impressions in that thread once I feel more situated, still working on a lot of the tutorial type missions.

  • When the game says "go out and make money" and you're like "No".


  • @tokyoslim I mean, you're forced into doing that bounty because it's part of the tutorial, I couldn't say no to doing it even if I wanted to but it still doesn't pay enough to free the bounty on my head though. It just set me back from doing what I wanted to do (turn myself in) while telling me it knew I wasn't there to turn myself in (I was). You'd figure the sheriff would be best friends with me and offer a discount or something on my own bounty but nope.

  • @sabotagethetruth I know. It's because you're choosing to swim upstream so hard. You chose the path of most resistance. I just find it interesting how much the game really WANTS you to RP and punishes you for not.

  • @tokyoslim it's one hell of a salmon simulator, I'll give you that. Today is the day I become a free man, I can feel it in the air.