Red Dead Redemption 2 (PS4/XBO/PC)

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    Me vs a grizzly bear

  • I just finished chapter 4 and a certain part of chapter 5, and damn, it really picked up. Without spoiling anything, this game successfully made me sick to my stomach, not because of something gross, but from a mix of grief and surprise.

  • Someday I'll finish chapter 3

  • Spoiler My horse!! I didn't expect that to hit me as emotionally as it did....

    I finished chapter 6 and it was a satisfying end to the story. I think it worked better, for me, than the first game.
    I am curious though, has anyone played the game as a complete asshole bad guy? I'm not sure the ending would work as well if you aren't trying to do good.

  • @inustar As someone who has not yet beat the game, it was my understanding that there are different endings based on honor level.

  • @capnbobamous I can see that, but I'm curious how long they are, since I don't just mean an ending but those last two chapters would feel... odd if you were playing a bad guy. The story really works, imo, due to Arthur's conflicted nature. Doing bad things, but wanting to do better and seeing those bad choices as the way to help people. But that could be just my interpretation of my own story in the game, which is why I'd be curious to see the "bad ending". But I will wait until after I finish my epilogues.

  • Finally hit chapter 4. Feels like progress.

    I personally killed a ridiculous number of people in chapter 3, like, maybe a couple hundred people or more. And yet, I always give a quarter to homeless people, or a dollar to a wounded vet. I also wear a hat that makes everyone comment on my dumb hat in the game. I've shot people in the face for insulting my hat. I got my hat from a pirate ship you uncultured a- holes! I just paid off a 200 bounty with pocket change. Bought a new Arabian horse I named Echo, fully upgraded camp, and still have nearly $3k left in my pocket.

    Dutch is talking about how we need more money. I'm like "how much you need, boss? "

    I am still like 80% "good"

  • Two things

    1. Holy crap I LOVE the soundtrack of this game.

    2. What did everyone name their horses? My white Arabian I named Artax, which my BF said was risky when we came to the swamps. My black Arabian was Shaytan, the name of the Black Stallion.

  • @inustar
    I named all my horses "Jim the Horse "
    Don't know why tbh

  • I currently have 2 horses, Whiskey and Echo

  • Horse1, Horse2, Horse3.

    I had Horse1 most of the game but it got cruelly stolen by a guy that was begging for help.. never saw that horse again and the theft genuinely bothered me for a while. I bought new horse, Horse2, after a long walk to the stable. Horse2 was best of the best, bought all the upgrades. It got run over by a train and died in the next 10 minutes. Got a cheap random horse that lasted me rest of the game. Didn't really care for that horse.

    Death of Horse3 in the end of the story didn't really have any impact on me. Horse1 was my horse.

  • Just found out there are special cutscens and dialog upon returning to some Stranger locations

  • Horse 1(you get from the story) , named Mustang

    Horse 2 black arabian you can buy, named Shelby after the car mustang shelby died.

    Horse 3 same breed name Bullit afte the car mustang Bullit, my personal favourite and i had it tel the end.

    Horse 4 the dark grey Arabian you can buy named Shelby 2.0 still alive.

  • Buster was my main boy for a long time in the early chapters. I bought it from that mission with Hosea where stables are introduced. When I got to the city I bought an Arabian elite, named it Wanda. It was my most trusted one. Nowadays I have Eden, the same sort as its sister.

  • There's a two and a half hour Spoiler Moder up in Patreon now with Jones, Brad and Huber. It was really enjoyable to have this deep dive conversation into the game and everything in it like this, go check it out when you're finished with the story.

  • I finished RDR2 earlier today and have been digging into that spoiler mode.

    I think I definitely enjoyed the game more as it went along even though I still had the same issues. Like with Red Dead Redemption, I found everything around the game to be incredible while the act of playing the game to generally be fine, sometimes it felt good to do some dead eyes and a few standout missions were great but overall I was playing to see where these characters were leading to, hear the conversations on each journey.

    I felt very similarly about Red Dead Redemption however I do remember being very bored at times in that game while I never felt that way with 2. Sure, I've had my grievances and gripes but I never found it boring. It can be slow for sure but it's a very intentional slowness that I didn't have any issue with.

    And for a prequel, I do think it does a mostly incredible job and setting up the pieces for RDR without it being the main focus of the game and the epilogue is fantastic, it works so well due to what we know and probably makes RDR a better game to go back to now.

    Since finishing it, I've loved watching stuff on things I haven't found. That's the kind of thing that I think the game does insanely well. People following maps to places, finding other stranger quests I didn't do, etc. That's where the real beauty of the game is. I'm not sure if I'll properly go back into it, but I'll love hearing stories about it.

  • As someone who likes to hunt for old bottles, every time Arthur just smashes one on the ground, I cringe, haha.

    I helped a stranger in chapter 2, and later saw him in Valentine. Let's just say it's taught me not to ignore strangers, lol.

  • They played a song from RDR2 on the radio this morning.

  • @tokyoslim
    Which song?

  • @dmcmaster Oh, sorry. Thought I posted it.

    Youtube Video

    Don't read comments section, I think I was almost spoiled.