Red Dead Redemption 2 (PS4/XBO/PC)

  • @tokyoslim Good choice for radio. It's my favourite song in the game.

  • Damn, Arthur Morgan is just a great character. He's personally my favorite Rockstar character to date. His growth throughout the story is amazing, and you truly care about him and his struggle by the end. I didn't think it was possible for Rockstar to make a better character than John Marston, but boy was I wrong.

  • I think these are two different beasts so here's an own thread for Online.

  • hello please help my ps4's power stopped while i was playing. can't get it powered back up.

  • Was it an electrical surge?

  • Im on chapter 6 and I am so in love, cannot wait to finish it, this story is phenomenal and Arthur is one of my favorite characters now and would make my top 25 characters of all time

    The Veteran spoilers

    Finished that sidequest, very sad, fits in with the tone, I thought I was going to hate his missions after the first, but I grew to like him, and when I saw him on the ground, I knew what had happened instantly, really broke my heart

  • I'm putting the finishing touches on RDR2.. only a couple missions left. What an incredible game. I've really enjoyed taking my time with it and letting the story beats linger for a bit before moving on. I can't believe I got two of the most impactful games I've ever played in one year with this and GoW.

    @acardattack I love how they dole out the side quests a little at a time. That one in particular really fits perfectly with Arthur's story at that point. It was tough to make time for hunting/fishing missions that late in the game, but I'm glad I did because it was unexpectedly great.

  • I started this thread and am still in chapter 4, and haven't played in 2 weeks because of travel. Got a nice long bit of vacation coming up though, so hopefully I'll be making some progress around Christmas


    In my opinion the first 3 and a half chapters of the game are boring. Nothing interesting happens and the camp doesn't matter. I stopped hunting after everything I did. I fed that and they still complained. I was the only one putting money into the camp and I wasn't appreciated.
    This game isn't so smart. There was a mission where I had to kill everyone in the house and a cutscene triggered and the man killed himself. I then killed the remaining person. They asked Arthur if it was finished, he then replied with "I didn't have to kill the last guy, he killed himself". This pissed me off as he was the second last death.
    Once Arthur became sick, I was enjoying the story. Great game it just needed some editing. There was no reason it had to be 40-60 hours. The first game was less than half that.
    I didn't like SallySadie much. She was inserted into the game woman who wanted to be treated like a man. She has no experience of doing anything "manly" such as hunting etc. At least give her a back story that her father took her hunting or something. I didn't mind her later in chapter 6 but it shouldn't take someone that long to develop.
    I have some more critiques but I'll leave it at that. I loved chapter 6 :)

  • @iboshow >! I assume you mean Sadie? I'm pretty sure she makes a comment about hunting with her husband. So, I enjoyed her story arc. She really shows how devastating this world is, since even after getting revenge she is completely changed by this one terrible thing that happened to her. I also enjoyed chapters 2 and 3, mostly because those chapters were the ones I felt safe to fool around in and just explore the world. Once chapter 4 hit, I main lined that story.

  • @inustar

    Going hunting with an incompetent person who died doesn't make me think you're good enough to hunt but it did take time for me to like her.

  • Having not liked the first game which I played like three months ago and being a bit doubtful after the beginning I finally put a few more hours into the game today and in general I have to say I got a very good impression from it, that said I do think the action gameplay and some the mission designs are not great and very reminiscent of what I didn't like in the first game, but so far the good is outweighing the bad.

  • @iboshow >! A little unfair to the husband who was murdered by a gang.... he could have been amazing at hunting.

  • @inustar lol, true. It's just my opinion on when you first meet the character. She was the most developed female character in the game

  • Youtube Video

    Leaked PC version.

  • I wasn't expecting to receive this game as a present but here we are... About two hours in, so my impressions aren't anything special. Loving the Hateful Eight vibes going on and while I wouldn't call these opening hours slow, I would call them restrictive. Haven't had any issues with controls although I would say shooting bad guys never feels especially great. Really looking forward to the moment the game just lets me roam in my own direction.

  • So... I'm in a bit of a pickle and my searches online haven't proved helpful at all, so I figured I'd ask you all. I'm still early in the game, chapter 2 near Valentine, and while browsing the doctor's office, I found a secret back room. The game immediately gives me a tool tip that I can hold up the storekeep and shut down this illegal activity. I'm certainly not playing as a good guy but I figured the law would appreciate me busting up the activity and I could make some extra cash out of it, so I do my thing, bandanna on and all. Within a few seconds of the shootout, place is surrounded by lawmen shooting at me, I had to kill a few and ran outta there.

    My problem is this - my bounty is close to $300. Since it's the beginning, I've never even had a chance to save up that much. I keep reading online that you can pay bounties off at the post office but I doubt they're going to accept a 1/3rd of what is owed. I've tried changing clothes/hairstyles, no difference. I've let several days pass in game, even going on a hunting trip with Hosea, no change. I've let Arthur die, bounty still stands. I figured I'd just work on doing missions but now a lot of them are greyed out because of my bounty, requesting I come back later. Do I need to just grind killing people or something for money? I feel completely stuck so early on for doing what the dang game recommended I do, it's beyond frustrating.

  • @sabotagethetruth you'll get enough money to pay off the bounty just by doing regular old story stuff. A lot of the stuff is greyed out, but just do something else for a while. Ride around and hunt some animals, or go find some strangers to help or go hunt bounties in another area. Basically the only thing a bounty does to you is makes bounty hunters come after you in the wild in that state.

    Also, don't forget to loot corpses of people you kill. I have like 5k in cash, but probably another 1500 in belt buckles, rings, and watches.

  • Finally made it to chapter 6.

  • @tokyoslim I'm not sure if it's a glitch or intended, but the amount of bounty hunters coming after me is... something else. I had finished killing about ten of them, looking directly at my map and boom... ten more in the north, ten more in the south.

    After about an hour of searching online, I found a video that also said you can turn yourself in at a sheriff's office... but it's best to donate all your money beforehand. So I either gotta deal with the game sending small armies after me or lose all my money. Some... fun options ahead.