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  • This was funny, I liked it. All four had something good going on. Only Jones was kinda alone in this one, but it still worked ok. And after last month's show which I didn't really enjoy it's just clear again that Kyle is a key element in all of this. But nice twists from everyone!

  • I'd expect nothing less from our crew of professionals.

    That was great. I agree that it felt like Jones started getting sidelined a bit but the way they tied it in worked out perfectly story wise. He was the only character who didn't work at the studio, so it made sense that he wasn't prominent on that side of the story.

  • That thumbnail, by the way. Is that really Huber or was Ben booked first for this? That's somehow a weird shot on that smallest picture.

  • Have to say, "The Scoop!" has to be my new favourite episode.

    I am not sure if this is the right place to ask this, as I don't believe I am eligible for an e-mail question that would be asked during the Twitch streams and such, but has there been any discussion at EZA about making Fiasconauts a stretch goal moreso than it already is? For example, if you reach 48K, there will be a Fiasconauts movie bi-annually or even quarterly? I realize it would cost some more time and money and would ultimately be very low production, but I would gladly up my pledge if we had a movie production type of episode every couple of months. Just a thought, keep up the great work!

  • @Bookmaster84
    An actual movie would be hard to do since Fiasco is so dependent on improvisation.

  • @Olf_Himself True, but remember how great it was when they re-enacted scenes from Fiasconauts during the anniversary event? They could play a game, work out the general zany script through improv, then put some production behind it and flesh things out a little more. Think Be Kind, Rewind, just not parodies of famous movies.

  • @SabotageTheTruth
    It would be pretty cool if they made a Regina's Wedding remake as a movie.

  • @SabotageTheTruth This is exactly what I was thinking. Do the "script" ahead of time but not air it to us, touch it up a little if necessary, and then act it out. Since a few of the Allies have background in film/media, it would be a good fit too. And realistically, since the four Allies who appear play multiple characters, why not have some of the other Allies take on those roles? The inclusion of Don for example would be great.

  • @Bookmaster84 As cool as that sounds, I'm pretty sure that would be a logistical nightmare. For starters, it would have to be confined to one location - filming outdoors runs a lot of risks, both in terms of dealing with passerbys/cars/billboards and in terms of the actual legality of the matter. I know that at least in New York, you're really not supposed to film outside unless you paid in advance to do so. Obviously people do it a lot of the times anyway, but it is technically illegal. Restricting the movie to one location would be the only way I can think of to ensure that everything is "by the books," but doing so would stifle the creativity/improvisation during the "scripting" process. Then there comes the issue of budget, extras, the insane amount of time it takes to edit and export a video the length of a feature film, and I don't think it's really possible. Again, it would be sick, but not really feasible for a variety of reasons.

  • @naltmank All very valid and fair points. I never imagined that it would be something with multiple locations, and I do understand the limitations of just using one location (or in their case, using the garage and yard with different backgrounds/props). I agree that it would be time consuming, but even if it was twice a year, that would give ample time to do the scripting, editing, etc. Still, just a nice thought. Hell, I'd just as soon settle for a second video of them dancing with streamers, haha.

  • I also think you'd lose something when it's not improvised on the spot. I mean episodes of Fiasconauts are great and funny but if you look at the "scripts" themselves they aren't exactly Oscar material. I think you risk losing some of the spark if you record it after the fact.

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  • so Ian mentioned that they received more fanmade playsets. It could maybe be cool if we collected and shared those playsets, maybe in a forum thread somewhere.
    Does anyone know if someone made an EZA playset? because I'm kinda working on one.
    Also Huber and Brad would probably be happy to know that there is a wrestling playset called Blood and Ropes.

  • Loved the last episode of Fiasconauts. Especially Dallas Jessica Billings. I kind of want to make a playset for my friends and I.

  • @logic__error This is awesome! I'm kinda torn as to whether I should make a playset based on my town or based on music.

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    Just watched the latest episode! such a great one and I laughed so hard quite a few times! The more I see of these episodes, the more I want to gather some friends and give this a try myself! Playing a fiasco must be so much fun

  • I hope they have Luke Arnold on as a guest in one episode. Make it happen @IanHinck !

  • So on the topic of Ally made playsets, is it ok to make a thread? I'm nearly done with my first one and would love to share it with the allies. I'd also like to see what everyone else has made.

  • @michemagius
    You could make a new thread or just post it here, I'm sure either is fine.