Fiasconauts - Official Discussion Thread

  • I hope they have Luke Arnold on as a guest in one episode. Make it happen @IanHinck !

  • So on the topic of Ally made playsets, is it ok to make a thread? I'm nearly done with my first one and would love to share it with the allies. I'd also like to see what everyone else has made.

  • @michemagius
    You could make a new thread or just post it here, I'm sure either is fine.

  • @michemagius If you want to share it on the forums, I'd recommend posting it in the Blogs section.

  • @tokeeffe9 Sounds good.

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    which episode are peoples favourite so far? (in the EZA time, ignore the GT fiascos). I must say that I still think Reginas wedding are the top for me, maybe it was because it was one of the early ones, but I was in pieces laughing most of the entire episode!

  • @Lotias I honestly don't think anything will ever top The White Hole. There were some brilliant callbacks in that one and I dug the whole space/horror vibe they set up.

  • The touring band one was amazing, maybe just for the songs but Regina's wedding and the Heist one were great too. They're just a lot of fun.

  • I find it really tough to pick one. I think they all have stand out moments.

    I will say that I've really enjoyed both episodes with Jason Wishnov, if I'm narrowing it down to one, I'll also go with the space one.

  • My top favourite ones of all the episodes are: Camp Death, The White Hole, and The Scoop!

    Others such as Regina's Wedding, Biblical Proportions, Rock Band, Superheroic, and Heist are very good and I have very minor issues with them.

    I didn't enjoy Zoo, Invasion, or Old House. I feel that these are the weak episodes for me if only because of how the plot and characters didn't really gel or pan out properly. Not that there aren't funny or good moments in these ones, but they aren't as great as the others.

  • My favorite is probably The White Whole, since that felt like the most complete and cohesive story. Then, in no particular order, Regina's Wedding, Rock Band, Heist, and The Scoop. The Scoop would probably be higher if they were allowed to do a full third act; that was something really special, until the rules of the game forced a somewhat abrupt ending. In general, I tend to like the more "grounded" ones than the super weird ones, since I think they tend to run off the rails in different directions when they have full liberty to be as strange as they want. Still funny, but not as seamless as some of the others.

  • @Lotias
    Regina's Wedding, Touring Rock Bands and White Hole, with Camp Death at a close 4th.

  • July's Fiasconauts!
    Youtube Video

    This one had an excellent setting. I really, really liked it, and the episode itself as well. Good characters and lots of laughs. Huber's once again brilliant in the way only Huber can be. That small role as Dan for example made me laugh the most, I think. :D Really nice ideas all around, Brandon for instance worked really well with what he was given.

  • @Sentinel-Beach I enjoyed parts of it as well, though I felt it was more okay than great. Don't get me wrong, the premise and conclusion was fantastic. But I think there were too many competing scenarios to make it a great fiasco like last month's, or a coherent story. Then again, maybe it's just me.

  • This probably isn't the best place to put this, but anyone else wish that they would adjust the schedule so that Fiasconauts and the Gundam streams aren't on the same day each month? It seems to me like it'd be better for a number of reasons to stagger all their major monthly stuff as much as they can. I'm always anxious to see the new Fiasconauts as soon as possible, and streams are always better live than archived thanks to chat, but I end up pretty much having to chose which one to watch Friday and which one to watch later.

  • Really loved this episode. Probably top 3 or so for me.

    I agree.

  • I barely finished the set-up for the episode but I'm genuinely surprised/stunned the entire group forgot the reason why the museum was staying open at midnight and why everyone was gathered. "There's a fundraising event! Maybe tickets are buy one, get one free?". 150th anniversary guys, Jones read it in the intro, haha. I do love the premise/playset though, so let's hope the rest is good!

  • I got a good laugh out of the setup. Have to say, well done to the fan as it had a load of fantastic options to choose from.

  • @thisnameislame Agreed. I wasn't able to watch either on this past Friday but they are definitely competing with themselves now on the last Friday of the month with Fiasconauts going up and Gundam stream happening around the same time.

    I enjoyed this episode a lot! It wasn't my favorite but they did a good job with what they had. There were almost too many good options in the set up, and it felt like work to make sure their choices wouldn't be completely at odds, but I think the playset has a lot of potential because of all the options too. I like the dynamics we got and things played out really well. I think I was most impressed with the way things were wrapped up. It can get a bit stale when all the characters die and I enjoy hearing the fallout for the survivors more than a character's posthumous epilogue.

  • I just watched the Museum episode. New FAVOURITE!

    I love the archetype acting and dialogue that comes so naturally to Kyle. This is my favourite cast. They all have really good acting chops tbh.

    I also want to add that the fan who created this playset has a great imagination. It was so thorough and detailed, but at the same time, it was ambiguous enough for everybody to run in different directions. It was fantastic.