Fiasconauts - Official Discussion Thread

  • @DIPSET I'm assuming it's Camp Death too but we can all hope for a Regina's Wedding follow up some day!!!

  • @logic__error Camp Death II: Regina's Return

  • I hope we eventually see a crossover Fiasco as well as this sequel Fiasco we are going to be getting!
    The Scoop x Midnight at the Museum or the Rock Band one but they're playing at Regina's Second Wedding

  • @DeweyDTruman We're not worthy of something so beautiful and unholy!

  • On the topic of hopes, I'd like them to return to the Fiasco High playset. They haven't done it since EZA. The playset lends itself to a more contained episode than they usually are.

  • Someday I'll finish my Wrestling Fiasco and send it to them... It's like 80% done too! Just gotta do the Tilt and fill in a couple locations/items.

  • @Rock That sounds awesome. I hope you finish it, I'd love to see it played.

  • @Rock That sounds like it would make for an amazing Fiasco. Hopefully they could get Huber and Brad in on that!

  • Amazing episode this month. Can't wait for part 3.

  • That was completely mental haha. Act II was hectic in the best way.

  • This one didn't really need to be a sequel, I feel. It was only at the end that they decided to do some tying together. Huber didn't get to show his best, and especially in Act 2 Ian pretty much stole his turns and/or told the story for him all the time, which was a bummer. And I get that he (Ian) tried to figure some connections out at the end, but it came out like it was either his way or no way, the way he steered the big picture. This happens every now and then in these, usually it doesn't stand out that much that I care, but now it was sort of too forced (in others' expense).

    Huber's Neil was great, really liked his tone and tiredness. Also his epilogue was spot on and salvaged of what could have been some more Operation Red Raccoon during the show itself.

  • @Sentinel-Beach Queen Assblaster and Tom Cruise though...lmao.

  • Youtube Video

    New Fiasco! Thought it wasn't until next week but next Friday is Nov 1st! Super early! Top tier Jones face in the thumbnail too.

  • @Rock December 1st. :p

  • I liked this one, but I'm not exactly sure why. It wasn't that special, but still enjoyable most of the time. Amanda was kinda either/or for me. The first time I heard the baby voices I was like uuh, maybe not, but then again the first time with the confession camera was top tier stuff. Ian's scenes seemed to wander the longest, but sure, there were others too that became kind of a blur of who's scene is it. So the focus wasn't on spot that well in many scenes. On the plus side I ofter like the locations the group manages to paint before me, it was again easy to picture this like a movie etc.

  • @Sentinel-Beach Agreed. I think that there was a lot to like about this one, but it didn't quite come together as nicely as it could or should have. I've found with the last few episodes that the first Act is top-notch, but the second isn't as strong or cohesive. I think if there had been more cut-aways like in The Office, it would have improved it a little bit whereas Amanda was the only one to I think use it. It also didn't help that they went off the rails a little bit when they said they would keep it straight this time. I would also have liked some more details about the pen convention, or scenes where they go around talking to various pen vendors and enthusiasts. Still, a decent episode. Look forward to the next one!

  • I don't know that they're capable of playing it straight, lol. With this crew it always gets weird. Maybe if Pen Witch hadn't been an option, haha.

  • One of my favourite Fiasco episodes.

  • I loved this month's episode. I was worried it was going to be so-so after the shaky start but it turned into 10/10.
    Really want Brad in the next one though. He's got great characters and voices.

  • @Olf_Himself There were some really good parts to it, and Kyle and Brandon had the best characters and some of the best one-liners (Jones, you can't do that!). I still felt that this episode was so-so like the last few we have seen. They have a tough time sticking to plot ideas that are actually quite good without abandoning them altogether. I don't mind Ally submissions because they are great ideas, just poor execution. Moving forward, I'd like to see them do the first few of 2018 from the actual play sets before doing Ally ones. Besides, we still need a conclusion to the White Hole trilogy.