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  • Another great episode.
    I spent way too much time on this.

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  • I'd hang out on the Goo Party Planet any day. I also love how Jason is tying story lines together.

  • The implications of the Home Invasion episode have me wondering if we have an accidental Expanded Fiasconauts Universe on our hands here.

    We have a direct link between Home Invasion and White Hole via the metaversal threat of The Third of The Three and those who have sworn to stop it at all costs. So we know we have an established multiverse of divergent timelines with an omnipresent threat. So is it really a stretch to say other episodes are set within parallel dimension of the Fisaconauts-verse or even on the same Earth?

  • The first scene with the HOA meeting was hilarious. The ridiculousness but probably all too accurate portrayal of a middle America HOA meeting was great. My favorite part for sure was when Mrs.Roberts/Mrs.Anderson slams the board for its absurd number of meetings and how they only tackle a single issue per meeting. I love when the crew jumps in with a random one time character with one liners.

  • Sadly, this was propably my least favourite so far. It started OK, but then we soon had some rubber aliens and goo portals and I don't know. Sure, I had laughs here and there, and I especially liked the repeating septic tank joke from Kyle, but in the end things were just too nonsense to my taste, which is saying a lot with this show.

  • It got a bit complicated towards the end, as someone said I would like to see a timeline of how all that fit together. All in all I enjoyed it though, the highlights being the Northern allies and the South Axis trying to change the rotation of the Earth for the purposes of real estate, Sillytaximus (what a name!), the Chinese clones.

  • @Sentinel-Beach I felt the same way about Fiasco at the Zoo. Started of great but then It took a wrong turn and got too silly. Still enjoyed it although it's probably my least favorite. So I can see why you didn't like this one as much. I had certain expectations after the setup/buildup and was a bit let down with what the hatch turned out to be, and the war with the earths axes was stupid... but then I embraced the sillyness and loved it regardless.

  • March episode, now with 100 % more Ian's Dad! Jones was on fire in this one, my God. The man had so much Batman in him it just needed to be let out, and this was a perfect channel for that. :D

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  • I was hoping it was Ian's Dad when I saw the thumbnail. My dreams came true!

  • This was a pretty fantastic episode. Gotta be honest, I was kinda worried when I heard Ian's dad was going to be in it but he was on fire.

  • @Tyler-Burns said in Fiasconauts:

    Hey Fiasconauts (and friends)! Here is another playset I made:

    Feedback/APs/Artwork all welcome!

    I don't know if anybody watches It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia but they had an episode this season where The Gang goes to a waterpark and the shenanigans were ridiculous, highly illegal, and hilarious (obviously). I highly recommend adding that episode to the required readings.

    As per the newest episode, I got a kick out of it, but I wish they stuck to their goals more.

  • @GoTaco I second that.

    The part when Frank goes down the dry water slide! D:

  • @logic__error

    "AIDS... I have AIDS!"

  • I don't think I necessarily laughed as much on this one as others but it without doubt had the most cohesive story so far. The quality of Fiasconauts is so damn good.

  • @tokeeffe9 Agreed! They did a pretty good job remembering their objectives and incorporating them into the story and still being creative without going hugely over the top. They did a great job remembering little details and comments from early game and bringing them back too, like The Fixer. Also, Mind Control Ray being a person is one of the most inspired things in Fiasconauts' history. I think this is the first time since Regina's Wedding that all the main cast survived as well.

  • @logic__error Yes. I couldn't believe everyone survived. It usually gets so chaotic. Which I love too as I am primarily watching for the comedy aspect but still it's cool to see other elements play out a bit more.

  • @tokeeffe9 Yes! It is nice to have a mellow episode every once in a while. I'm sure we'll be cranked back to 11 next month!

  • Can't have people dying with chill dad vibes everywhere!

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    yeah Ians dad was AMAZING! I really did get a little worried if it was gonna be "lets bring parent in for the sake of it". However, he really blew my socks off! So many great twists and so many laughes! 7.8!

  • The only thing that concerned my about Ian's dad (from listening to it, not watching) was his volume levels were a bit on the low side in comparison to the rest.

    Although, it's understandable considering the rest of the guys are a lot more comfortable with mics.