Fiasconauts - Official Discussion Thread

  • @GoTaco I second that.

    The part when Frank goes down the dry water slide! D:

  • @logic__error

    "AIDS... I have AIDS!"

  • I don't think I necessarily laughed as much on this one as others but it without doubt had the most cohesive story so far. The quality of Fiasconauts is so damn good.

  • @tokeeffe9 Agreed! They did a pretty good job remembering their objectives and incorporating them into the story and still being creative without going hugely over the top. They did a great job remembering little details and comments from early game and bringing them back too, like The Fixer. Also, Mind Control Ray being a person is one of the most inspired things in Fiasconauts' history. I think this is the first time since Regina's Wedding that all the main cast survived as well.

  • @logic__error Yes. I couldn't believe everyone survived. It usually gets so chaotic. Which I love too as I am primarily watching for the comedy aspect but still it's cool to see other elements play out a bit more.

  • @tokeeffe9 Yes! It is nice to have a mellow episode every once in a while. I'm sure we'll be cranked back to 11 next month!

  • Can't have people dying with chill dad vibes everywhere!

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    yeah Ians dad was AMAZING! I really did get a little worried if it was gonna be "lets bring parent in for the sake of it". However, he really blew my socks off! So many great twists and so many laughes! 7.8!

  • The only thing that concerned my about Ian's dad (from listening to it, not watching) was his volume levels were a bit on the low side in comparison to the rest.

    Although, it's understandable considering the rest of the guys are a lot more comfortable with mics.

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    Oh this was good. Top tier Fiasco, baby. Especially the first half. Really nice scene endings and all, too. I could really see it all as a movie going on which was absolutely a blast. We had some Fargo and Justified there, some Better Call Saul vibes as well. Huber's such a good spice to this show every time. A true wild card on another level. :) But seriously everyone did super well, nice twists.

  • @Sentinel-Beach
    Agreed. I loved the episode. I think the fast cuts to different scenes in the past reminded me of the Guy Ritchie movie Snatch.

  • @Olf_Himself Yes! Those were excellent! :D Just a few words in and then back, so that you could almost see the cut happening in that cool way.

  • Huber was on fire this episode, could not stop laughing. Oh Kyle's 5 point plan was amazing as well.

  • The first act was the best they've ever done, I think. Some really amazing stuff this week!

  • That 5 point plan was great. And I thought Huber was gonna die, he was laughing so hard.

  • Been away from the forums due to computer troubles! First post back has gotta be for this episode! It was excellent, funny, and well thought out. I love that we got the actual heist in the first act and then they had to come up with a plan for the fall out from it. Huber took a different approach to his character which was a nice change of pace. I love how everyone else just kept up the schtick of him being a blabber mouth about the plan. Made it even more ironic when he made himself a mole. Beautiful. The 5 point plan was amazing!

  • I've been trying to find more Fiasco's online and just can't find anybody with enjoyable personalities. Ian really facilitates these very well by comparison. I watched one for a bit and the players were basically planning the goal of the scene and what they will do upon failure. Improv is the way to go. It's a goofy game with friends, I don't see the enjoyment in playing so goal focused.

    I still wish more people did them than the Allies. So entertaining to listen to at work.

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    This one's tough. I don't want to be mean, so I just say that I clearly seem to like the more grounded ones better. Still, nice to have two special guest stars. Although Kyle was of course then missed.

  • @Sentinel-Beach
    Yeah, I also feel this was one of the weaker ones. I enjoyed it but it didn't grab me like many of the others.
    Also I definitely could tell that Producer Kyle was missing. Lots of moments with no one talking during character creation, not telling the viewers what the categories are, forgetting to pick a die during scenes, etc.

  • Does anyone know if there will be a new Fiasconauts on Friday? It's not on the schedule right now :(