Battlefield 1 Comparison

  • Nope, I thought so and agree about EA with this game. I just honestly feel that they could have done better if they wanted to (with watching the comparison)

    The current PS4 and Xboxone is certainly no top end PC, but they ain't no slackers either.

  • I knew I should have bought it for PC.. all my irl friends are getting it for PS4

  • After gears of war 4, another great port for PC. Makes me really happy after all optimised versions of games earlier this year. And the game DOES look beautiful.

  • To me performance is always the most important, especially when it comes to MP. This is because once you get into it you don't really focus on things like the graphics. However if the FPS constantly dips, there's screen tearing and so on then that isn't exactly something you can phase out and quickly becomes pretty annoying, especially if it causes you to screw up in-game.

    So long as the FPS is solid that's all that matters i.m.o.

  • PC version obviously looks better.

    Many reviewers praise single player campaign. so i guess i will definetely getting it.

  • @Black-Cell If you know anything about WWI (or war in general) you will die laughing at the BF1 campaign. Campaign should've been gritty depiction of one of the most brutal wars but it's just another ridiculous super solider fantasy. Huge disappointment.

  • Banned

    @TheHorsecockexpress I didn't die laughing, but then again I didn't expect a realistic depiction of WW1 for obvious reasons. One being that it's a Battlefield game and another that DICE said several times that it's not a very realistic depiction of WW1.

    So yeah, if you're going in expecting some kind of WW1 simulator, you're gonna have a bad time.

  • I'm actually pleasantly surprised with the campaign. Obviously I wish they hadn't made so many compromises with authenticity (silencers, really?) but I get the feeling that the developers really had an interest in trying to tell the story and I appreciate that.

    But on the other hand I totally agree with @TheHorsecockexpress.. I don't know how they found that much optimism in what was arguably the worst war in history.

  • @BabyfartsMcgeezaks I wasn't expecting simulation but plate armored soldier mowing down thousands of enemy soldiers with minigun is just ridiculous.

  • I think of myself pretty knowledgeable and I find campaign to be very enjoyable. I don't take it as exact representation of WW 1, there are too many books for that and strategy genre would've been better if you really want game like that. While I didn't finish the campaign, all characters and stories so far have been enjoyable. And quite many of the story elements seem to be inspired by real events (Lost tank behind enemy lines, machine gun armor), so I don't know what a problem is. (Though the guy with armor usually wasn't able to run and jump IRL, that is ridiculous a bit)