Skyrim SE Looks to Rekindle the Hype

  • The Dawnguard quest is very much worth playing through, though. Wonderful characters and plot in that DLC.

  • @Haru17 The irony is that that's the only DLC I never actually finished in 333 hours of gameplay.

  • @Art I liked the story pretty well, but I liked the Fallou 4 storyline as well. I must just be a scrub.

  • @jipostus said in Skyrim SE Looks to Rekindle the Hype:

    I won't play this until it gets something like SkyUI,
    Since the standard UI is made consoles in mind.
    PC is my platform of choice for Elder Scrolls,
    and this holds true for most other games.

    (I Apologize, I'm not good at rapping or rhymes for that matter... But Yeah, I love Skyrim, but I won't touch SE until proper UI mod, such as SkyUI, comes for it)

    Nexusmods Skyrim Special Edition is already up and kicking. But I'm with you, I'll wait until my favorite mods are running before I jump in. Plus, Dark Souls has pretty much eaten my life right now.

  • @DMCMaster Oh man... how did i ever miss this 5 years ago?

  • Mmmmmm, Skyrim's DLC is so cozy. Both Dawnguard and Dragonborn are super cozy with breathtaking visuals.

    I just played through Bloodskal Barrow again, and damn if that isn't a perfect dungeon. It's just cool shit before cool shit and yet more cool shit — stacks on stacks on stacks! The aesthetic of everything with the dripping water and misty corridors, the build as you descend through the mine and enter the ruins it has broken into, and that incredible final chamber with the OG Zelda sword the game immediately teaches you to use and the priceless boss troll.

    It's just a masterful piece of level design. I still wish Skyrim had received yet another expansion — I love exploring new places in that world and those gameplay systems.

  • I never "actually" finished Skyrim, but Special edition was the perfect excuse to jump back in. I also puted some mods onto it. Wow! This game looks amazing. The lighting especially. Just what I needed, to go back. And I figure it will last me for a long time. Most suprisingly good release this year for me.

  • @Haru17 Too bad you’re playing on PS4. With fully voiced quest-mods like Falskaar or total conversions like Enderal, Sykrim basically never ends. My Steam account now says 1200h of game time and I never actually started the companions and civil war quests or the Dragonborn Dlc, and never finished the main quest. :smile: But with the special edition I definitively will.

  • @Ikataishou I'm not torn up about that. Creator's intent.

  • I've put over 500h into skyrim legendary and never touched the dlc, companions, civil war, thieves guild, or dark brotherhood quests. The game is just that good and with mods its the best rpg of two generations imo (tho i keep breaking it). I think you should consider this game on pc above all and i also think $60 is too low for the added experience of mods on consoles (its just fucking worth it damn it).

  • So with the Black Friday sale running on PS4 (still going strong this weekend at just $30), I decided to take the plunge. What I quickly discovered was... damn, this game is still great. Not a shocking revelation but hey. For the first time in any Elder Scrolls game, I decided to build a character focused on crushing things with an axe/warhammer and I'm having a blast. I always thought ranged scum was the best way to play but I may have just seen the light. Welp, time to dive headfirst back into this beautiful world.

  • @SabotageTheTruth One of us! One of us!

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    @SabotageTheTruth I picked this up last night and downloaded/installed whilst I slept, I now thinking of starting it up, yet I am worried I will play for like 10 min and be like "meh old" even though I invested over 400 hours in the PS3 version

  • @Lotias Yeah, I had that same fear which is one of the reasons I decided to build an entirely different type of character, which certainly helped relieve any notion of staleness. That intro alone was enough to remind me how well-crafted this game is.

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    @SabotageTheTruth Yeah! I will just finished the last 2 levels of Dishonored then Im in until I pass out

  • Seeing as Skyrim was on sale this weekend.......well pretty much everywhere I went ahead and bought it to give it a second chance

  • Pro tip: The Longhammer + Elemental Fury = a simply, ridiculously fun 2H build.

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    @Haru17 I have played a couple of hours now... by odin it feels good to be back

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    Someone else made a attempt at a rap.