Your top 20 songs, games, shows, movies (Not what you think)

  • Okay Allies, I have a question for you all.
    If you were to seriously sit down and make a list of your top 20 songs, games, shows, and movies......

    Which list do you think take the longest for you to finish making? Why? And which list would take the shortest about of time? And why?

    For myself, I think the longest would be top 20 songs. Most of the time would be remembering and re-listening to what songs I like. Ordering them would probably be easy. Maybe. I doubt it.

    My quickest list would probably be games, since I have already honestly make my Top 10 list, I'd just need to find it, edit, and expand it.

  • Movies would probably be the hardest because they're the medium I'm the most familiar with.

    Even if I'm not a big music guy, songs might be tough also. Albums I could do pretty easily, though. Easiest would be TV shows because I can think of maybe 10 I like, and then I guess I'd just lazily pad it to reach 20.

  • Games would be the easiest to compile. I mean, there is an ongoing Community being unveiled! They are the medium I spend the most of my free time around, so naturally it would be the easiest.

    As far as the hardest, it would be shows, because of the inverse of games, I watch television the least AND have few interests to begin with.

  • Music would be the hardest for me due to working as a tester on a singing game for the better part of three years resulting in me hating all music. Also I don't really listen to a lot of music outside of older stuff and soundtracks.

    The rest would be pretty even in terms of deliberation I think.

  • Ordering my movies would be near impossible for me, but actually choosing my 20 favorite movies wouldn't be too hard. Books would probably be the hardest overall for me.

  • To me, it would be insanely hard to put top 20 best songs list, especially one I would be happy with after a day or two, since my taste in music varies on a daily basis. Top 20 artists/bands would be much easier. I have already made my top 30 games list, so that would be easy to turn into top 20. Top 20 movies would be somewhat easy. Top 20 shows won't be too hard, but would take a while to remember all the shows I want to put into it. Top 20 books would be relatively hard, as I would have to re-read some of the books I did read when I was teenager.

  • @jipostus That's why books would be the hardest for me I think. My tastes have definitely matured a ton since I was younger, and I definitely have a greater appreciation for quality writing than I could have possibly had as a teenager.
    Music would also be hard for the same reasons as listed, but there are enough songs that I come back to constantly that I think it would be somewhat doable. Top 20 bands/artists would definitely be manageable I think. I feel like music evolves at a much faster rate than just about any other art form, so the list itself would be pointless after a few years, though.

  • Songs would definitely be the hardest, I love music so much, and there are whole albums I could easily put on a list. Narrowing it down would be tough, Top 20 Anime/TV Shows would be the easiest since I already keep a list.

  • Top 20s are not hard for me. I've liked the same stuff for a very long time, and I have a clear view of what goes above what. Top 30s are a little trickier, but still manageable. I have an unsorted top 100 songs list, and even a proper top 40 of that would be hell on wheels.

  • I'm doing 2 top 25 for films and tv this year with a top 10 games (5 of this year 5 not). Tv has been the hardest to decide. Since i watch everything in every genre (only the best) the hard part is comparing a cartoon to a documentary, a 22+ episode season to a 6 episode mini-series, a 5-8 million dollar per episode or 1 million or less. At the end of the day consistency and how good is it relative to itself are the key factors, it's the reason Game of Thrones isn't even in the top 10.

  • Songs is easily the hardest for me. This is due to how many songs I've heard over my life, my varied taste in music and how songs fit my moods. Any top 50 I did would all be contenders for my fave song during different moods.

    I think games and tv shows are the easiest for me due to the time commitment. It's easier for me to know which things are contenders for top 10 or whatever if I've sunk 80+ hours into a game, or watched a 7 season show multiple times.

    Movies while not as hard as songs, is still pretty hard because it's easy for me to have watched a movie like 10 times, but not to count it as a favourite.

    And for what it's worth, books would be pretty easy for me as well.

  • Television is tough, because you forget a lot of shows. Especially obscure anime which are better than a lot of American TV, and even serials.