Shovel Night or Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D?

  • I'm sick, so I want to curl up in bed with a game on my 3DS. Choosing between these two. Will likely play both eventually, but am having trouble choosing what to go with first. Thoughts?

  • @naltmank

  • Look at both games then flip a coin.
    If you feel that you want to re-flip the coin then go with the game that didn't win the first coin flip.

  • I simply adore Donkey Kong, but you'll be happy either way. DK games are some of my absolute favorite games in any genre, and Returns is a wonderful entry. However, I played on Wii, so I don't know how the port stacks up. Whatever you decide, you should definitely go back and play the other eventually.

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    I would go with Shovel Knight, only because I can't really fathom the idea of playing a platformer as precise as DKCR on a tiny screen with a shitty D-pad at 30 frames per second.

  • I think Shovel Knights might be just a bit better but both of them are good games.

  • Purely game wise I would choose DK, I don't enjoy Shovel Knight much tbh. But I don't know how either plays on 3DS so yeah.

  • For what it's worth, I can play DKC Returns in longer stretches than Shovel Knight. Both great games. But I've always loved DKC's pacing of varied level designs to keep things interesting.

  • Donkey Kong Country Returns is the greatest platformer ever created imho. It does everything perfectly. Although the Wii version is the ideal way to play the game, the 3DS port will do.

    Do yourself a favor. Use the analogue controls. Retro's DK games were designed for analogue controls and they play far better that way. It adds far more precision.

  • Tied at 3:3 in terms of preference, plus people who agree both are great. Thanks for the help! Good to know I won't be making a mistake either way. Will be buying one after work today and then not moving for the rest of the evening!

  • I'll toss in a vote for Shovel Knight. I've never played DKC and I don't know how Shovel Knight plays on DS, but SK is a really fun and solid platformer and in my opinion captures the look, feel and sounds of classic 8-bit platforming games better than most.

  • @Faaip Gah, you and your SNES-less self! DKC was my childhood! They are so so good.

  • @Billy Wait! Hold everything. I just remembered I had DKC for Gameboy Advance :D I might have to go find that.. its been forever since I've played any Gameboy games

  • I vote for DKC! What a good looking game. Plus I have never played SK...not yet anyways.

  • @Faaip's last minute switch means I'm getting DKCR3D! Thanks for the help everyone! I'll get around to Shovel Knight later this year, probably after I finish Pokemon.

  • @naltmank Just remember to give us your thoughts on it sometime. Hope you feel better!

    @Faaip Oh, I forgot they ported it to handhelds. I'd be curious as to how precise those feel.

  • @Billy Thanks! Will do. Still downloading though. Hoooooraaaaaaay eshop! :/

  • @naltmank Hope you enjoy it. It's a really great platformer. I loved the Wii game despite being forced to use motion controls. I really wish they had a fully tactile control scheme for the Wii. Even though I already beat the game, I wanted to get the 3DS version purely for this reason and also it's portable.

  • @naltmank Nice! Hope you enjoy it.

    @Billy I feel like it was pretty good, but I can't really remember. I was planning on grabbing all my GB stuff next time I'm at my parent's place so I'll have to give it another go

  • Update: just beat the first world. It took me a little longer than I thought it would to get used to the physics - I expected it to control almost identically to Mario for some reason - but man does this game have some good juju. I will say that I thought the initial levels felt a little same-y in terms of their aesthetic (and their soundtrack), but then the game hit me with that beautiful sunset level and all was forgiven. The developers also understand that certain things just feel good, and throw in moments like barrel blasting straight into a bop, or blasting through/destroying an ancient column just to give you some of that extra dopamine. I'm super glad with my choice right now. Only downside is that since I'm sick, I really should put it down and go to sleep. Can't wait to keep going tomorrow evening!