What EZA video would you show to a friend to get them into EZA?

  • Either their Sony E3 reactions from last or even this year, or reactions during Ubisoft conference, particulary for Honor, and then showing E3 Huber syndrome.
    Also any episode of mandatory update would be great.

  • Old episodes of Pop Fiction and GT Time. Gotta go with the most professionally made content.

  • A few months ago, I extremely sick with the flu (it lasted almost 2 weeks). My mom was super worried (as most moms tend to get) and she checked on me frequently. I was watching Bos v Woz on Youtube one evening and it caught her attention. She used to play Tetris on the NES religiously back in the day. However, I didn't expect her to sit down and watch it with me, but she actually did! Listening to her comment on Kyle's strategies was golden! ;)

  • Game Sleuth or Brandon Plays Pokemon. Both have a wide arranging appeal

  • E3 reactions for sure. Most notable being FF7: Remake, Shenmue III, Last Guardian, For Honor, Resident Evil 7, and God of War 2016.

  • Well first off I would show the EZA launch trailer from four months ago. Then maybe a episode from Huber Syndrome, Brandon Plays Pokemon, and the latest Gaming Sleuth. Then find an edited video of the E3 livestreams of Easy Allies best reactions this year. But even with that I don't know how to get people into EZA other than just watch them on your own.

  • I'd say the EZA Podcast, Brandon Plays Pokémon, and Game Sleuth. That covers pretty much all the main bases. You get general discussion with the podcast, in-depth discussion with BPP, and with Game Sleuth you get a taste of the more produced style of video content with Brandon's smooth VO and that signature on-point editing from the one and only Don Casanova.

  • I did show a coworker Brandon Plays Pokemon, granted he is obsessed with Pokemon. He enjoys it, but I don't think he'll watch other videos from them.
    But I do love to show people the E3 reaction video from last year. Everyone gets a kick out of it.
    For me though, it was the GT Time that got me into watching them, that and loving to hear Brandon's voice over game reviews. Always were my go to reviews.

  • I think some of the E3 reaction videos would be great. It show how genuine EZA is. When I watched their coverage I felt like this is something me and my friends would do. I never felt like they were trying to make a game sound better than it actually was, but I never felt like they were being completely unfair to a game. They weren't afraid to straight up say that EA's press conference sucked and was rather insulting. Most media outlets I feel like are too afraid to do that for the usual business reasons.

  • @parasitepaladin Gotta be the e3 reactions to Shenmue. Stuff of legend.