Monster Hunter

  • A new Monster Hunter game (or an ultimate version of Cross) will be announced in a 10/27 Japanese Nintendo Direct at 8 p.m. JST. For us westerners, that's 4 a.m. PST. The source is the tweet embedded in this article.

    The Switch will not be discussed (though that doesn't necessarily preclude it from being announced as a platform).

    Show me the hype, Allies.

  • I WANT to be super hyped here, but there's two caveats that bar my excitement.

    1. It's a japanese announcement, both nintendo AND capcom love not releasing things in the US. And if there's no news of region locking (Presumably until they drop the other shoe in january) I can't even consider importing whatever it is they announce, meaning it could be 2-3 years till I see it in the US.

    2. If it is a port of 4 Ultimate or Cross/Generations then why is it a japanese announcement? I'm guessing either a new project or a port of Frontier.

    New project would interest me, but we don't even have a US announcement for MH:Stories yet. So again this could mean anything they plan to give us after this announcement could be many years away.

    Trying hard to temper my excitement.....but I'd be lying if I said this wasn't huge news for me, I'm just gonna be sad at the end of it lol.

  • @ZyloWolfBane If it's Cross Ultimate (whatever the heck that would be — it's already a series compilation) I could see it not coming to the US until the Switch version of Monster Hunter 5. The XU monsters would get bundled in with 5's additions, or something like that.

    As for Stories, I think that's Switch or bust too. A port, though... I don't want to think about a straight port to the system. They're at least have to add something... right?

    Anyway, we just had a Monster Hunter release. It bears repeating, though, the Capcom promised their investors a new Monster Hunter title grossing at least 2 million by the end of March (which is probably just from a Japanese release). So, whatever it is, it'll be following that quick turnaround model. Monster Hunter 4 was a 2013 game, though, so it's about damn time for a new notch in the series' belt!

  • And then it's announced to be a MH-Cross expansion. Hype is zero now. I'm quite tired of playing MH on handhelds when we have so many viable home consoles they could do extremely better on.


    Be damned if I can remember where I saw it but when Cross/Generations came out they were swearing up and down that it was never going to add G-rank or anything, that what we saw was what we got.

    And then predictably as always with Capcom, they do it anyway. That said, because I'm such a MH fanboy...I'll still buy it if we get it, and I'm sure we will, it'd be quite foolish to skip us over on that release since we actually have generations out here.

  • Youtube Video

    "Double Cross." Ugh, what are they going to call this one over here? Geriatric Generations?

    Anyway, here's the skinny:

    • New "Brave Style" that acts like adept dodging, but only if you keep attacking? I'm not sure I get this one.
    • The yet-to-be-revealed "Free Style" is represented only by a hunter hefting a barrel bomb over their head. Who knows!
    • Felynes can now use aerial and adept style.
    • New gear? I think?
    • A new jet-dragon that looks like an online end boss, but perhaps not the only online end boss.
    • A totally new mountainous area.
    • A new airship hunter's hub for G-rank.
    • Two returning desert areas (No Volcano 3rd, No Buy!).
    • Barioth, Barroth (mah boi!), and Diablos return.
    • Diablos has a deviant form.
    • It releases on March 18th in Japan.
    • It will feature save migration from Cross and unlockables with Stories data.
    • There's yet-to-come-out new information.
    • The video had about 1/5 dislikes.
    • I really want a whole new Monster Hunter.

  • I just wish that Capcom would finally make a proper home console version that doesn't just re-use the same old assets since the PS2 era.

  • They're not the same assets... Everything may be low-poly, but the games have lighting and reflections among other visual effects, you know?

  • @Haru17 said in Monster Hunter:

    They're not the same assets... Everything may be low-poly, but the games have lighting and reflections among other visual effects, you know?

    My point is that if you have played the series for a while you notice that while some things have been incrementally updated some stuff is identical, even animations.

    I just want a Monster Hunter that actually feels and looks new, not like a 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, etc. update. I got burned out hard on the series because they're basically rehashing the series at this point.

  • I really love Monster Hunter. I really really do. But I'm drowning in it at this point. I would be excited for a different project, but it's hard for me to get excited for this when I've still got so much left undone in Generations (and even 3U/4U). It's really just extra stuff for Generations, but I have a huge amount of "extra stuff" I haven't done in the previous entries already. I'm really trying to be excited... I'm the furthest thing from a cynic. But it's difficult.

  • The animations are the basis of the whole combat system. I'm not sure how you could have rathalos, tigrex, etc without their respective animations.

    Anyway, I'd like another entry with mostly new monsters too. Apparently it's taking a while.

  • @Haru17 I know they are making that newer, bigger entry, especially since Nintendo is moving into a brave new world. This is simply a G version of Generations, which they have done before. We Westerners just got Generations before the Ultimate version this time around. It's a way to get something else out, make a little money, flex those development muscles in between large projects... Another title is in the works, I'm sure, and I am more than happy to be patient and wait for that beautiful thing.

    I would get this if there is a save transfer option, but I'm not dying to get my hands on it like I typically am for these games. Maybe that'll change before (if) it launches here.

  • There is a save transfer option.

  • Gaijin with the deets.

    Youtube Video