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    As most Gamers & Gaming media tend to mostly focus on AAA & Classic titles it seems that (with the exception of a select few) the literally hundreds of indie titles released each year get ignored or forgotten. My question has anyone discovered any tiles or got any recommendations that fit this bill. A brief game overview would be welcome. I personally mostly use PSN but suggestions from Xbox live, Nintendo store & of course Steam would be welcome.

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  • Ok, my short list:

    Walking Sims:
    Dear Esther

    Tear Jerkers:
    To The Moon
    A Bird Story
    Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
    This War of Mine

    City Building:

    These are the ones I can come up with right now that are obviously overlooked Indie games, or at least, ones that really need more notice. All available on Steam, I'm not sure about other platforms.

  • Undertale is so good that not even the overzealous fandom can turn me away from it. So much charm and heart, plus a killer soundtrack.

  • I recommend all of the below:

    Steamworld Dig Kind of a platformer/metroidvania hybrid set in a steampowered robot world where the goal is to explore, dig and mine.
    Steamworld Heist Somewhat of a sequel to Dig. This one takes place in space and is a squad based strategy platformer instead but still very much feels like a "Steamworld" game.
    Headlander A 70s styled sci-fi metroidvania where you play as the head of the last(?) human in the universe. The core mechanic involves you flying around as said head and taking over various robot bodies to explore and fight with.
    Livelock A solid twin-stick co-op shooter.
    Stories: The Path of Destinies A short but fun action game that kind of has a time travelling element to it. Your goal is basically to piece together the complete and best story.
    NOBUNAGA'S AMBITION: Sphere of Influence Not really indie but it's not well know. Basically if you like Civ or Total War type games then you should definately check it out. It's well made and has a lot of depth.
    Shadow of the Beast A remake/reimagining of a classic. Not perfect but does some really interesting stuff and the music is great.
    ALIENATION Great twin-stick sci-fi shooter from the creators of Dead Nation.
    Helldivers Another great twin-stick shooter with a lot of weapons, gear and upgrades to find. Has you travel across space to spread democracy for the glory of SUPER EARTH. Similar in style of a mix of Starship Troopers (the movie) and Warhammer 40k.
    Under Defeat HD: Deluxe Edition A solid shmup.
    Shatter A little gem with some amazing music.
    Victor Vran A diablo-like with a greater focus on action and humour. Very underappriciated.
    Malicious Sort of like a 3D "megaman" boss rush kind of game. You go to a stage, beat the enemies and the boss and then head on over to the next.
    Double Dragon Neon Fantastic co-op game.

  • A second recommendation for Undertale, it truly is wonderful.
    The Stanley Parable I feel is essential for anyone that digs narrative in games.

    A few of these suggestions are games I've seen played but haven't gotten my hands on myself:

    Superhot - a FPS where time only moves when you do. Super stylized and much more strategic than a normal shooter.
    Pony Island - Yeah, the name and the icon apparently are misleading and this is supposed to be a mind-trip, but I don't know much else, I wanted to save myself from spoilers.
    Oxenfree - (on sale on PSN right now) - The aesthetic of an adventure game combined with 'believable' dialogue, you're part of a group of teenagers on a mysterious island. Praised to death for its atmosphere, I'll probably end up picking it up in the sale.

    Edit: Can't believe I forgot this one, Darkest Dungeon is also on PSN. Great turn-based RPG that has a lot of layers to uncover. Plus, some great Lovecraftian vibes all over the place.

  • alt text

    I have said that Papers Please is one of the best games ever made, and I stand by that, I don't think I've played a game where all of its elements work so perfectly in conjunction to achieve its ultimate goal.

  • I have to admit, I haven't played as many indie games as I would like. I'll definitely be taking notes!

    A few I've played recently and would recommend.

    Firewatch - I get some of the criticism toward this game, but I really enjoyed it (even the end). My only complain was that it was shorter than I expected, I'd wait for a sale.
    Nidhogg - Weird and super fun fencing-type game. Best enjoyed with friends
    Towerfall Ascension - Another multiplayer game thats pretty intense. Again its best with local mp
    Binding of Isaac - I think everyone's played this by now. Addicting dungeon crawler, rpg type game..
    Kerbal Space Program - Does this count? I only played it a bit and need to buy it. Build rockets and stuff

    There's so many I still need to check out Papers Please, Undertale, Brothers, Stanley Parable.. the list keeps growing!

  • These are my recommendations that I recommend for anyone; true classics, living legends! SOLID. These are not hidden gems but games that you should really give it a try cos you are missing out on the sweet side of life, mon ami.

    • Undertale - the ultimate game that Bosman should play but never will; a game full of context and immersion

    One of those games that grabs you by the balls right from the beginning and you just gotta keep playing to see what the next ridiculous event unfolds to you.. Nonstop flow of curveballs and always being one step ahead of player's expectations. The vibes, the world, the dialogue, the character progressions, they are ALL there. Good stuff. Goddamn PC hating Kyle.

    • Braid - 2D platforming puzzle game that mends your soul and brains

    Lots of good feels in this game. The pure essence of "aha"-inspiration is present in this, iced with soothing artstyle. 5 cozy fireplaces on a rainy day out of 5.

    • The Stanley Parable - The best "walking" simulator game that simulates Stanley

    Give it a shake, theres the demo version out there you know?

    I'll probably post some actual discoveries later on (instead of giving out titles that the peeps here SURELY already know about), feeling too dopey at the moment, most probably the side effect from sperging too much about stupid good games on totally rad forums :camel:

  • Skullgirls!
    Youtube Video

    This is a great game for people new to the fighting game genre without dumbing anything down, not to mention it's beautiful. Seriouslty though, perhaps the best training system in any fighting game anywhere.

  • @Faaip said in Indie Game Discoveries & Recommendations:

    Towerfall Ascension - Another multiplayer game thats pretty intense. Again its best with local mp

    Towerfall Ascension is soooo good!

  • Definitely The Stanley Parable! The Beginner's Guide is great too!

  • Shovel Knight.

    A retro-inspired game that isn't retro for the sake of being 'retro'. Solid and precise platforming (screw ups will be YOUR fault, not the game's), fair but challenging difficulty (with a NG+ option if you want to go even more old school), a checkpoint system that rewards risk (you can actually DESTROY most checkpoints for a fair bit of money, the risk for doing so should be obvious though), and it's just plain old fun.

    And if you want a laugh and aren't afraid of being offended, can't really go wrong with Postal 2. Just do yourself a favor and leave any sense of decency you may have at the door.

  • There are a ton of great indie games out there, but my three favorite are:

    Undertale - Steam
    This game has quite possibly the worst fandom out of any video game I have ever played. That being said, this game is excellent. It's one of those games where every element is finely crafted for a single purpose. I highly recommend it, and if you play it, please do not use the internet at all. Not only will any spoiler ruin the experience, but also the fanbase will because they will tell you the play the game a certain way which is the antithesis of the game's story and UGGGGHHHHH THE FANBASE IS SO BAD

    Ori & The Blind Forest - Xbone and Steam
    This game is the best 2D Metroidvania game in generations. In a year of absolute juggernauts, Ori from 2015 still manages to capture my memory. The game looks and sounds beautiful, controls flawlessly, with a movement style so fluid and graceful it becomes hard to play other platformers for a while. Unlike other Metroidvania platformers which mix together platforming and shooting, Ori focuses purely on platforming, and every combat scenario, every boss fight, etc is just a test of how precisely and quickly you can move.

    To The Moon - Steam
    Aside from funerals, I've only cried twice in my post-childhood life, and one of those times was playing this video game. It is a heavy, emotional journey that is worth every second. While To The Moon has some light gameplay, it is closer to a linear interactive novel than the SNES RPG it looks like. If you are okay with a purely story-focused game, pick this up. Just be sure to keep some tissues handy

  • Yume Nikki: a bizarre surreal game where you explore dreams

    Astebreed: anime as hell shoot 'em up with mecha

  • Also, I can't believe this one slipped my mind: we cannot forget about the grandfather of all modern indie games, Cave Story! It's an excellent 2D sidescroller with a surprisingly good storyline, great replayability, and some awesome secrets. It's available for every platform under the sun, but just avoid the ugly 3DS retail version (the eShop version is fine). You want those glorious pixels, not ugly 3D models!

  • @Galaxy40k said in Indie Game Discoveries & Recommendations:

    Also, I can't believe this one slipped my mind: we cannot forget about the grandfather of all modern indie games, Cave Story! It's an excellent 2D sidescroller with a surprisingly good storyline, great replayability, and some awesome secrets. It's available for every platform under the sun, but just avoid the ugly 3DS retail version (the eShop version is fine). You want those glorious pixels, not ugly 3D models!

    I don't think you can consider Minecraft indie anymore considering the owner shift, it getting a Telltale game, etc.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Pony Island was one of the most surreal and mind-blowing games I've played in a while. Don't look up anything. Just jump in. I honestly can't say anything else. It's one of those games that describing it would ruin the experience. Just take a chance and give it a try. It is absolutely not the game you think it's going to be. You won't regret it.

  • Knytt Underground

    A metroidvania style game with a good sized map! Never finished it because I got lost though. There is some sort of story, but you want to play this game for the map and finding secrets, don't you?

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    Towerfall you say?

    alt text

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  • @parasitepaladin Towerfall Ascension. I have never been (un)fortunate enough to own an Ouya.

    Though I have to imagine there are some redeeming games on the thing, mayhap?