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  • I find it quite annoying when you visit a thread with a lot of posts and you have to wait for the rest of the posts to load. Sometimes I'm not sure if there are more posts or not since there is no indicator that's it's loading later/prior posts.

    Preferably I would ask you to simply "make it go faster", but I realize that that isn't always easy nor is it cheap. But thread pages could help with this. Say 20-25 posts per page, or have a small drop-down menu with few options to choose from. This way you could easily jump to the newest or oldest post in said thread.


  • admin

    I can turn on pagination if that's what people prefer. Would anyone else rather have pages instead of the infinite load?

  • Pagination is already an option, go to your settings and activate it, you can even freely decide how many posts per page you want.
    alt text

  • Oh damn, found it! Had no idea. It feels much better with pages.

  • Legit just came to suggest this, perfect example is to go threw the breath of the wild post. I could not get to the end. At one point the page when pure white. :/