How to build your own Gaming PC!

  • I think you can manage with a 580 but I would save for a 590 if as all possible, so you have some wiggle room to strive for High settings and still get close to 60FPS.

    Eurogamer has a great benchmark from June!

  • @hazz3r

    Wow! I didn't know 580 is as efficient as these results. I'm even more motivated now! Ahahah

    So for the curiosity, let's say I decided to buy ''MSI RX590 ARMOR 8G OC GDDR5 256Bit AMD Radeon DX12'' how much difference would it make between my current ASUS ROG 580 choice? Do you think would it be a good choice?

    Edit: I mean when I look at the benchmarks, there is just 10 FPS difference max(most of them are in situations with above 60 FPS and I'm planning to use V-Sync) and even less than that for half of the tested games. I don't know if I should save more.

  • @scotty Honestly, I'm struggling to find that model 580 in stock anywhere to do a Price comparison.
    You're getting an entire Terraflop more processing power with a 590 as opposed to a 580 and the prices aren't that much different.

    However, if this is just a stop-gap before a bigger upgrade in the future, I think a 580 will be just fine for your needs. Just be prepared to turn some options down for the likes of BFV and Cyberpunk.

  • @hazz3r

    I will think about it. Thank you for the answers.

  • @dipset said in How to build your own Gaming PC!:

    Considering you have an 8 core CPU and 8GB of RAM, pretty much any GPU upgrade you list is going to put you into the mid-high range. I wouldn't say consistent 60fps but probably enough.

    Well, you were right.

    I bought MSI Armor RX 590. My current system is FX 8350, 8 GB RAM and the GPU I wrote. There is definetely increasing in the performance. No complain about it but open world games usually below 60 FPS in high settings, even in medium settings they tend to go below 60 FPS and they stay in 60 and goes below again etc. I mean, it is not like 30-40 something but I can tell from the chuggings that they often go below 60 FPS. You get the point, inconsistent. I opened V-Sync in all the games that I tried but it isn't helping a lot.

    The games I tried are Batman-Arkham Knight, Mafia III and FF15. I will see the performance of GR: Wildlands tonight too but I am not waiting for a consistent 60 FPS. I don't know how much more should I spend for a consistent 60 FPS in high settings(1080p) with open-world games but for right now I'm thinking that I will probably won't spend any money for PC gaming any time soon if ever.

    Maybe console gaming is a better option for me in the next gen.

  • So, yeah. Like I wrote here months ago; I finally have a system like this:

    FX 8350
    RX 590
    8 GB RAM

    But I still can't get a consistent 60 FPS in AC: Odyysey or GR: Breakpoint for example(in High or even Medium presets). Why is it happening? I thought RX 590 would be enough for a consistent 60 FPS at least in ''medium'' preset for open-world games.

    Do you guys think, putting 8 GB RAM more would make a considerable difference for open world games' performance?(16 GB RAM in the end)