• Hi everyone,

    I was wondering if anyone is taking part in Novel Writing month this year. It's my first time, and I'd love to connect with others who are also trying it out!


  • I remember editing an article about "NaNoWriMo" and wanting to gouge my eyes out every time I saw the acronym. Anyway, I'm not taking part, but I am into writing and such.

  • I'm in! I've been doing it since 8th grade, and have yet to succeed (school always gets in the way), but it's fun to try.

  • @michemagius Yeah it's going to be tricky balancing it with my job, my grad school apps, and my language studies, but I figured I might as well give it a shot. I think the big thing for me will be to stop editing myself in the early going, and focus on that stuff after the fact. That's always how I get discouraged, since I usually just get mad at my writing.

  • @michemagius Hope you got off to a better start than I did - I went back and re-wrote a lot of mine today because I decided I wanted a closer third person than what I had before. What's your NaNoWrimo username? We should link up over there!

  • @naltmank I got off to an OK start, I'd say. Mainly did outlining and some of the first chapter. My username on Nano is childofaeolus, so hit me up!

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