Titanfall 2 Gauntlet Challenge

  • It's time for a competition!
    Post your best times and videos of the Gauntlet Practice in Titanfall 2 right here and try to beat the fastest time
    or just share your personal best for fun.

    Current best time on PC: 32.10
    Current best time on Consoles: 35.04

    Let's start things off with my current best time of 32.10 seconds on PC.

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    SWEET! :D Really happy to see this thread poking up! I have played this game pretty much none stop since I got home from work friday. I play on PS4 but will take this challenge! Going away this week though so wont be able to set a time until next.

    Challenge Accepted

  • Really need help on ps4 tbh...fastest I can get is 35.04...not nearly fast enuf. Anyone wanna shareplay?

  • Im geting it for SP. thats what highlight in review even its short.

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