I like Nintendo's Switch, but...

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    @suplextrain Me personally, I'm not viewing this as a handheld device. I think it's a neat feature but mostly not all that useful to me. I probably logged most of my time on my handhelds at home. And if I can play on the big screen, I'd probably opt for that most of the time.

    The way they advertise it, makes it seem like they want people to think of it as a handheld/portable device. They want you to believe you can get on a plane and start skyrim and pretty much play on the plane ride, in the cab ride home, and then dock it as soon as you get home. If it can't really do this without the need to constantly park yourself by a power outlet or purchase external battery chargers, then people will be disappointed or turned off. Just my opinion on it.

    Well humanity hasn't gotten that far in the battery development. I really don't expect 5 hours of battery life out of the Switch with that big of a screen running the kind of games it advertises, etc.
    I mean the Vita is a quality handheld and even it struggles to run games for 5-7 hours straight.

    I personally just view the Switch as what the WiiU was supposed to be, but not as something I'd run around with as a handheld.
    Seems to be ok for families, like you give your kids in the backseat the Switch and they can each get one of those small pads to play games on or whatever. I honestly don't see the Switch appealing to the hardcore gamers.

  • Too many variables to have a meaningful discussion about the Nintendo Switch right now.

    Battery is going to make or break this device, but I fully expect it to have a "meh" reaction. Not a great battery life, but a number that half will argue is too low, and half will say is plenty-drawing comparisons to gaming laptops or smartphones that have 3-4 hours of screen on time.

  • I know this isn't an a straight forward answer, but I don't feel I can really offer say whether the Switch is a positive or negative thing because there are too many unknowns.

    Yes, the reveal was good and the concept was clear, but there are so many details we need to know still. And I think Ninty might be making a mistake leaving the extra info until January. These are just the main points that need details, at least for me.

    • Full hardware specs. We don't really know what this machine is capable of. It isn't the be all and end all necessarily, but it helps us know what the machine can do. This includes little things like screen resolution, card capacity, online functionality etc.

    • Battery life. This is a major one and is a potentially huge factor that could make the console thrive or kill it. If it has a low battery life it could seriously hurt the console and go against the message that Nintendo has already set-up.

    • First-party software. One thing I really wish Nintendo would do is create new IPs and gaming properties. A large part of this is letting go of the old guard and giving more power to their younger designers. They don't do it as much as they should and it's a huge problem that they don't seem to realise. Splatoon was the one recent example where people like Tsubasa Sakaguchi and Yusuke Amano could have a say. And you know what? It sold well, it reviewed well, and fans love it! In all honesty I'd be more excited by 3 new IPs that showcased fresh ideas over a new Mario, Donkey Kong and perhaps even Zelda.

    • Third-party software support. We need to know how this is playing out. What is the mixture between ports that already exist, new games releasing on Switch alongside other platforms, and games which would be exclusive to Switch? It's all well and good having a list of people who say they will support the platform, but right now that doesn't mean shit. It's the same case with every hardware launch ever. There are always those that say they'll support it, but that support disappears or becomes minimal. I remember Ken Levine bigging up the Wii U when it first came. Nothing happend. And then we have things like the Capcom Five where one game was cancelled and the main three went to other platforms. We need details, rather than a screen with corporate logos on it.

    • The software line-up. We need to know what's available at launch and also what will be available throughout the first year.

    • Price. This one is self-explanatory. It just needs to be priced at the same price or lower than other consoles. And that's the bottom line.

    The fact that we know next to nothing about all of these is a huge problem, and I can't honestly stake my claim one way or the other until it's cleared up. And with the fact that 2017 is going to start off with a bang, it makes it an even bigger worry for me.

    And as an extra point. Nintendo can play the game of "hey, we're not in competition with other companies." Well guess what? They are. If you are a games company, you are in direct competition with everything else. You are competing for time, attention and what people choose to spend their money on. They don't have to go after the other companies or be like them, but they need to realise it at the very least. Just a few things I've been meaning to get out.

  • I'm pretty psyched for the Switch, and as long as it's at least as capable as Wii U I'm fine with that. But the two things that I really want to know (aside from the games that will be on it, of course) are battery life and internal storage options.

    Battery is pretty obvious. If I'm going to take this with me on a business trip across the country, will it survive the trip without having to plug it in on the plane? Battery life is a big deal for a device with a portable option like this.

    The other thing is internal storage. When I can, I tend to prefer to download my games for the convenience of having them all the time. But if they're going to have huge games like Skyrim and Breath of the Wild on the system, even with a 128GB SD card, that's not going to go very far.

  • I agree with the sentiments here that say we don't know enough. Everyone seems mostly focused on battery life and what games will be available, but honestly, I think one of the 'make it or break it' opportunities Nintendo has is their UI and network features. Will everyone have gamer tags that allow us to easily connect, or cumbersome friend codes? How will the store work? Convenience is huge and Nintendo has yet to really nail online multiplayer. No headset apparatus was shown in the trailer, is this something they plan on adding? I'm not huge into multiplayer gaming (besides the occasional Overwatch match) but if they have no focus on it, it's a huge mistake in my eyes.

  • @Cypher
    Internal Storage needs to be atleast 150-250gbs.
    As for battery life another question is how quickly will playing VC games vs Full Retail games drain. And will we have to rebuy our VC games again, will there be any added bonus to playing them on switch, could we connect two systems together and get a 2 player game of Uniracers (as a example) going?

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    @DMCMaster Speaking of virtual console games, are Nintendo going to finally create accounts that span multiple consoles yet?


  • Honestly, I feel like the commercial makes a pretty strong case that Nintendo finally gets it. WiiU was amazingly tone death and like 3 years too late in so many ways. But the Switch commercial was very smartly put together, very much a 2016 way of presenting an entertainment product and from all we know the console itself seems to be well designed. I don't think Battery life will be that much of an issue. Honestly, if it gets 3-5 hours of pure playing time, that's fine. Everything above that is great. And I don't expect it to do less. In terms of success I really hope they can pull off a sub-350$ price point but I would probably buy it regardless.

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    Wasnt that kinda the point of making the My Nintendo thing, to create a unified account between systems?

  • @DMCMaster Right now it's just a downgrade of Club Nintendo, but I think that's supposed to be the plan. You're supposed to be able to earn coins on it by getting achievements in games eventually to incentivize you to hunt achievements. The idea is that you can then spend said coins on meaningful rewards or discounts on games, but right now it only works with Miitomo. I already have like over two thousand coins. There's nothing good to spend them on, just some crappy themes. All the good stuff is bought with gold coins, only earnable through purchasing games digitally.

    To make matters worse, coins expire after awhile, so you're supposed to spend them frequently. I think the regular ones expire six months after you acquire them while the gold ones got extended to expire a year after you acquire them. By comparison, Club Nintendo points used to expire TWO years after you acquired them. Hopefully, there will be more things to spend coins on once the Switch gets up and running, but right now My Nintendo is just a disappointing downgrade from Club Nintendo as there's no physical rewards you can earn anymore, even with gold coins. The digital only rewards do switch around about every month, so maybe those will get better too. It's at least worth checking back in on every now and then, and even if you don't play Miitomo you can easily earn a fistful of points by logging into Miiverse, starting the eShop, and clicking a coin on the My Nintendo site every week.