Final Fantasy VII Remake: What do you want to see? (Spoilers)

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    I hope Toriyama's waifu shows up.

    Lightning is perfect in every game.

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    I hope that it keeps close to the original which is a brilliant game. However in some ways it also needs to be updated to fit into these times. Since it will most likely be something for newcomers to pick up, I suggest that they update the combat system a bit more and make it "faster" (but not crap like 13). Also a remake of the material system would be nice, the old version is a bit too... much.

    Keep the mini games (I spent hours on those!) but also don't be afraid to add in more! Other than that I would say to keep as much "in engine" as possible and don't be afraid to add more lore to each character and what they did before. I wouldn't mind adding a few hours to the gameplay :) Also... Trophies please xD

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    Like I said a battle coliseum, if there gonna throw here in, why not let us beat the crap out of her

  • I want to see it all because I never played the origina.

  • I'd say they're in a relatively tricky spot with this remake. If they change too much, what is the point of it even being FFVII related, why not another new Final Fantasy entirely? If they keep too much the same, why would I bother to play the new one? Fans are going to complain no matter what but what do I want?

    • (Mostly) the same story beats. Yes, a remake means you get to change things around but I truly love the story this game tells. There's all sorts of stories that can be expanded on, lots of strange localization issues that should be removed, but cutting out large segments of what makes the game special, ie. Aerith's death and how that affects the entire rest of the game, seems wrong. If you have to do a bunch of insane tasks at the end of the game to get her back in a non-canonical way, I'm on board but failing to include arguably the most iconic scene in all of gaming makes little sense to me.
    • Combat needs to be different. It looks like it'll be semi-similar to FFXV, which I'm not a fan of, but I understand why they're going in this direction.
    • World map. It needs to be there.
    • Expansion of Golden Saucer. The minigames in the original are a fun distraction but I want more. Give me triple triad, give me chocobo racing, give me blitzball. I want it all.
    • Focus on NPC building. Yes, the intro to this game is special for a lot of reasons - the bombing run, Cloud crossdressing (I hope this makes it in too), and motorcycle shenanigans, but I just loved walking around and talking to the inhabitants of Midgar. Such a beautifully crafted city.

  • ok this is what i want in the game im not picky i love the characters and story, there are tones of final fantasy that have way better gameplay then 7

    _ fix the translation and streamline the story to make it easier to follow for newcomers.

    • add plot points and references from other compilation entries.
    • flesh out the world and add more things to do (hunt quests and bounties are great starting points)
      -episode one should end with the battle with sephiroth/jenova and the junon ferry

  • @FF7Cloud
    Maybe my memory is a bit fuzzy, but wasn't the ferry after Nebilhime?

  • @DMCMaster nope it was before right after rufus's coronation

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    Ah that would be a much better end to EP1, depending on how many episodes they intend the remake to be (I'm assuming 3)

  • @TheOttomatic91 Ive always wondered what the difference between the combat systems were with versus and XV. Could you elaborate? I never really followed the development and changes of this game that closely.

  • They don't have to kill Aeris... But they should. It's such an integral part of FF7 and that whole universe.

    Honestly though I'm cool with pretty much whatever. I'm just really curious to see where they'll go with it. I'm not one of the many people who have strong opinions on how this game should be. I already played Final Fantasy 7. That game exists, you can go play it right now. Doing the exact same thing and just making it look prettier would be a waste of money.

    Battlestar Galactica had an amazing re-imagining, that kept the general themes and plot points of the original, but still did its own thing and told its own story in its own unique way. I'm hoping this might be something similar to that.

  • @CGamor7 Versus 13 original was more action oriented think KH combat but with more depth to it, or at least that's what Nomura promised. FF 15 kinda seems like an awkward half-way point of Versus 13 and Type 0 combat (at least to me) due to its more slower placed combat and more tactic like gameplay.

  • Odd request, but I hope that they bleep out Cid's cursing. It's part of the charm of his character, and I feel like if they avoid the issue all together by making him use light swearing it won't have the same impact, and if they go for a "hard R" with the cursing it won't be as....well, charming. Oh, and he still better smoke, kids be damned

  • @Galaxy40k What about Barrett? I agree with Cid, I think some sort of bleep (a chocobo 'kweh' perhaps) would fit him perfectly, but I almost feel like Barrett cursing without being censored is the way to go.

  • what SE should do is keep the game as it is, just improve it's graphics.

    what people love avout this game it's everything in it, nothing more, nothing less.

  • @holy_angel_mx Would improving the graphic and nothing else really be worth it to you and everyone else? I definitely thought that way back in the day, but I honestly think it would be very boring to play that game. Or your trolling :) You can experience that game already, do graphics matter that much? Can you explain why you think that would be perfect? Im curious.

  • @CGamor7 ok, in resume, no trolling, everybody experience the game, but would be nice to play it with the awesome graphics already shown? why change things like Cloud dress as a woman, aeris death, how barret loses his hand, the mako dream sequence when tifa rescues cloud, Barret cursing, gold sourcer and it's mini games, the weapons, that things were only a small part of the game but that's what the game is all about.

  • @holy_angel_mx Don't forget the summons, limit breaks, the Highwind... and voice acting. That's my big thing.

  • This approach would have been the ideal way for me
    Youtube Video

  • @Brannox oh jesus... the summons!! the hole cinematic experience of the summons... Knights of the Round would be awesome, voice acting is more than confirmed but in the hope that respect the original dialog.

    thats what i am hoping.