Gravity Rush 2 is looking really good!

  • Here's the latest gameplay out of Gravity Rush 2.
    And here's the new preview.

    If you look past the low image quality, this game is looking choice! The gameplay and art is of course cool, but the story is what shows the most promise. There were some derived spoilers floating around that have me excited. According to everything that's come out, this is the conclusion of the Gravity Rush story.

    A culmination, if you will.

  • Gravity Rush 1 is a super underrated game I'm glad to see it get some love here and even though it looks exactly like the first one (at least to me) I am still excited as someone who finished the first one and was dying to play more.

  • Gravity Rush is hands down my favorite Vita game, and this one is easily in my top 3 most anticipated games for next year. I'd be bummed to have it definitely end with this sequel, but at least we got another game at all.

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    Raven is best grill.

  • @El-Shmiablo said in Gravity Rush 2 is looking really good!:

    Raven is best grill.


    I just... have feelings about Gravity Rush 2. Most prominently the feeling that it's gonna be a really great and really tragic story.

  • I really liked Gravity Rush. The overall mood is so good (as Hubert may say :D ), the art really nailed it, the gameplay felt new and Kat is cute :3 And those comics-esque dialogues, so good !

    My only concern about it (I beat it on PS4) is that Gravity Rush is a handheld game and, as a handheld game, isn't technically and mechanically too ambitious. I wanted the animations to be more, how to put that, fluid and vivid. And maybe to make the world of the game less static. I just want Gravity Rush 2 to be more next-gen-ish :D !

    Don't get me wrong, I really liked the game and the second entries is sure on my wishlist, because I really want Gravity Rush 2 to be a hell of a game (and I don't worry on this point) !

  • @Browarr I played the demo, and let me assure you: Gravity Rush 2 is Technically...


    Haha, anyway there is a lot of verticality and destructible environments going on (just clutter for the throw ability, no buildings or anything). Kat's model is much improved from the first game, with defined lines, semitransparent elements, and an otherworldly blue-glowing outline giving dimension to her cel shaded appearance. I'm normally lukewarm on cel shading — especially when there's borders — but this is an iteration totally unalike all others. All in all, there was a reason they put in on PS4.

  • Can't wait for this game. Looks fantastic!

  • Gravity Rush is fantastic. What I find even better is that it's also directed by Keiichiro Toyama, who directed the first Silent Hill and the Forbidden Siren series. You couldn't get a more different game in terms of concept, control and tone.

    I got to play it at this year's Gamescom and it's definitely going to a buy for me next year.

  • Sony produced a prequel anime short that happens between 1 and 2
    Youtube Video

  • Still need to play the first one, waiting for the price to drop, I've only seen it at $30 or a little less on Amazon

  • Will Kat ever get to enjoy a skewer? Stay tuned in Gravity Rush 2! :p

    The series is a pleasant surprise coming from the unsung creator of Silent Hill of all things.

  • Oh man, Gravity Rush 2 is in just a couple weeks. SO HYPE.

    I'm gonna have to power through the game fast, though. Resident Evil 7 comes just a few days after.

  • I really wanted to like this game, I love the look of it.
    So I tried the demo... and man... this game is pretty, and also super not for me. I just could not get my head around the systems. It will be a game I applaud from afar.

  • @Inustar I could see this being the absolute worst game for motion sickness in VR (and thereby great), but what caught you up? The movement is really simple once you get a handle on it.

  • @Haru17 Apparently I just didn't get a hang of it then. I just never could go where I wanted to go, especially while fighting. I probably could figure it out with more time, but with Soooo many games I'm behind on, and coming up, I just won't have the time for it.

    But it is still probably the prettiest game coming out this year, except P5.

  • @Inustar Oh, did you turn off the motion control sensitivity? That can confuse your direction in the air if you're moving the controller while trying to aim with the analogue sticks.

  • @Haru17 hmm.... I did not. That certainly might have caused some issues.
    Maybe I shall try the demo again, though at this point I kinda want to still be crap at it. I just have too many games to add more >.<